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  1. 14 hour drive from Minneapolis. Good thing I am in wave 1. It was nearly a year ago now. I remember I set an alarm on my phone. I wanted to check it out, but wasn't sure I was going to back the KS or not. I went to my desk at work, logged in to KS, and saw the number of early-bird slots quickly disappearing. I had to make a decision. I made it. At least I was locked in. I still added another $100 or so of add-ons. This will bury me in bones. I probably won't need to buy another miniature as long as I live. In will. But, I won't need to. Now I'm looking into a glass storage cabinets...
  2. Yes, the research seems to have paid off. The colors look great. Whenever I decide to attach a mini to a base before painting, there is inevitably a hard-to-reach spot that I end up creating. :(
  3. At first glance this is really cool. The ikea cabinet isn't too expensive, either. I may have to consider this.
  4. I will agree that the rules for the Show-off thread seem to make a lot of sense. I've never posted in the WIP thread before. From that point of view, using the same rules for the WIP sub-forum seemed to a make equal sense to me, but some of the arguments here have made me re-consider. I tend to avoid the WIP forum particularly because it's hard to nagivate. As I've stated before, I don't have time to wade through a ton of pics for the ones I'm interested in. Of course, this might just mean the WIP forum isn't really for me. Sticking with one mini/group per thread might solve this problem, but create others. It just needs to be decided whether it's worth it. Also, maybe some people are over-reacting. Finding a happy medium might not be possible. I don't have a dog in this race, so I'm fine with whatever gets decided. It'll only effect how much time I spend in the WIP forum. People whose long-running threads that will actually be affected have more to say than I do, but thought I'd chime in again with an "outside" perspective.
  5. I've been paid cash a few times to paint stuff for a friend. Followed most of Dr.Bedlam's rules and it worked out well enough. Most of my "commision" work has come from a guy who works for Fantasy Flight Games, and pays me in FFG products. With his discount, it's a great deal for him. As long as they continue to sell stuff I want, it's a good deal for me, too. I talked to a guy a while back about painting an army of space marines. I seriously considered trying it, but he ended up moving to Canada. I'm not sure I was quite ready to paint up to his standards that many minis for what he was willing to pay. Now, a few years later, I think I might be able to pull it off in a reasonable amount of time to make it worth it, but I would have to consider the details of the deal.
  6. So it's been so long since I backed the KS, I just checked to see if I even bought this one. Huzzah! I did! Now I'm on the KS site re-familiarizing myself with what I'll be getting...
  7. I really want to back this. I will likely wait until the last moment. It all depens on whether I will be unemployed or not 6 weeks from now :( On the positive side, it's about equally likely I'll be making more money. Waiting to see...
  8. Still haven't heard anything official yet, so pure speculation, but my feeling is that the answer is yes. It looks to me like what they are trying to avoid is long threads where it's unclear from the title what is inside. It's more useful for people to either a) search for a mini or group of minis they want to see or b) skim the show-off forum and easily determine from the titles whether they want to look at a particular post. As much as I enjoy seeing all kinds of work from all kinds of painters here, I only have so much time to browse, and I'd rather not waste any time digging through threads for something in particular or waste a lot of time looking at irrelevant posts. Hope you undstand what I mean, and that doesn't sound too harsh People who are interested in that won't be affected by the new policy.
  9. Getting a bit personal, here. I have always handled stress very badly. Much of how my life is right now is a result of my avoidance of stress. I am a sever introvert and suffer from a bit of social anxiety. I'm sure a lot of us here can relate to that. Since I'm single, I don't have anyone to vent at or to comfort me when I'm stressed out. My friends are there for that a little, but I really hate dumping on them. In fact, I can tell they're getting tired of my negativity lately, as a few of my life situations are causing me a lot of grief right now (mostly employment-related). So, I have to de-stress by myself. "letting it out" can be helpful to an extent, but that can also go too far. "bottling it up" is a limited metaphore when it comes to stress, or for that matter; anger or sadness. Sometimes ignoring it is actually the best way to deal with it. For me, I find that finding several things to do in moderate amounts is the best way to ensure I don't go too far. Venting enough not to annoy my friends and family. Distract myself with TV enough not to stop cleaning my apartment, treat myself with food or gifts enough to not go broke, etc. I haven't had a good cry in a long time (I get stressed, but I am actually otherwise not an overly emotional person). I've found that crying usually only made me feel more sad, and thus led to more crying. Despite that, you should *never* feel ashamed of it, especially if it helped and you felt better afterwords.
  10. I'm very happy with how this one turned out. I kept it pretty simple, brass and steel. I decided I really wanted the wings bent slightly. It looks nicer and reveals the engine on its shoulders. I will probably redo the shields without the colored borders and instead add some sort of symbols.
  11. Good to know. For this particuarly large mini, I'd need a larger background to cover it. I think I have a big piece of foam board somewhere. It's my phone's digital camera, and I think the zoom looks terrible. I pulled out the light box again last night and snapped a few pics of newly painted smaller minis. I made sure that I only used the Reveal bulbs, and set the white balance for incandescent. I'll have to experiment with the ISO and see if that helps, but my latest pics turned out pretty good: Thanks again!
  12. I have a light box with wax paper (didn't have tracing paper on hand), and it worked pretty well early on. Now that I have things figured out, I think I'll try it again, but I might not have enough wattage. Honestly, I'm not that worried about the shadows. These aren't for a museum- they're probably good enough for my purpose, but I'll keep tweaking it here & there if it isn't too much trouble.
  13. They seem like something I'd rather use than my large roll-up mat. I'm broke right now, but there's a chance I'll have some money before the KS is over. Crossing my fingers...
  14. I don't do a lot of props, exactly. I like aids, however. Obviously, I paint a lot of minis which I use on a grid or hex map. I like pretty character sheets that I custom-make using MS Publisher. Here's an example of a current sheet in my campaign: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/47455822/Shaintar/Rangers%20of%20Bearheart/Characters/Skoriss.pdf This is for a Savage Worlds setting (Shaintar). I also made small board-game sized cards to represent the various conditions the characters find themselves in regularly: fatigued, exhausted, wounded, shaken, incapacitated, bleeding out. I give them one of each of those that they can flip over when they come up. Each has a quick summary of what they mean and what you do to get out of it. I also have cards for permanent injuries, fear effects, and a bunch of other stuff the players can set out as needed. Here, if you want to see: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/47455822/shaintar/aids/Condition%20Cards/Conditions%20and%20such.pdf One of my more clever ideas, if you ask me, was to create an area-effect template for our druid's entangle power. I found an image, printed it on a transparency sheet, cut it out, and finally laminated it. Here's what that looks like: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/47455822/shaintar/rangers%20of%20bearheart/characters/Power%20Templates/2014-05-10%2021.15.48.jpg
  15. I've done some playing around and I think I figured out what I was doing wrong. First, I turned off my flourescent lamp and only used the 2 incandescent lamps with Reveal bulbs. I think this cleared up the blurring I was getting. I used to have 3 lamps, but one broke. I might find a cheap one at a thrift store and see if I can get rid of the shadows. Second, I turned the Exposure Value all the way up on my camera, since it just wasn't bright enough (having more light might make this unnecessary). And finally, I set the white balance for Incandescent. Apparently, it wasn't doing this automatically anymore. Maybe there was a software update that changed this. This got rid of the yellowing of the recent images. This is what I ended up with: The only other thing I want to do to improve this photo is get more light to reduce or remove the shadows and get a gray background. This was just on my desk with some white paper behind it.
  16. I really like Obsidian Portal. I use it to keep most of my campaign notes. Anything not on OP is either in my Dropbox folder or scribbled in my notebook. My players are not that into OP, but I still find it useful if for no other purpose than to keep my own notes. After every session, I write a summary, including whatever important loot and xp the players got, and then add entries in the wiki for anything I think is worth mentioning. Then I add or update new characters and if the party moved, I mark their current location on the map. I am not always that thorough, but even doing part of that is immensly helpful
  17. I live in Minnesota, where it's feasable to go outside and spray about one week out of the year. I've recently discovered the value in having an alternative. Lately, I've taken to using my airbrush to spray some watered-down gesso onto my minis. The benefit being that there are no fumes, so you don't need ventilation. Mostly I've been painting my Bones, so I added a bit of black paint to the mix so I can tell how well covered they are. I use regular white gesso for metal minis. I haven't tried brushing gesso on directly, but I hear it works fine.
  18. So here's the almost finished Wyrmgear. It just needs some touching up and the base needs to be done up. I'm going to put some sort of symbols on the shields. I am also considering putting some kind of patter on the wing membranes? That might be a little to crazy :) Once that's done, I'm going to stat it out and make my players fight it!
  19. The marathon went pretty much as I expected. People popped in & out. I would have liked it more if there had been more people involved, and particularly on the google video chat side. Maybe next time we can get more. It's fun to interact with other painters from around the world. My clockwork dragon is nearly done (minus the base). I'll have some picks up here tonight, probably.
  20. I've always thought a good game's rules should reflect the themes of the setting to some degree. If corruption is a major theme in a setting, then there should be rules for it, like in The One Ring. Sanity is in Call of Cthulhu, etc. I think this should even apply to things you might not expect. The controversy always seems to be in social conflicts. A lot of people believe that they can simply roleplay social conflicts. And, of course, you can. But, the reason we have rules is because they actually make the game for fun when peforming the sorts of things you want to come up in the setting you're playing in. So, if your game is about politics or social intrigue, then I think you should have rules for it. I think the opposite should also be true. If there is a very specific mechanic that rules how something works, you should be able to roleplay it like it's part of the setting. The way that magic works in D&D, for instance. A character should be able to say "I can only cast that spell twice today." If, in your setting, magic doesn't work that way, you'd be better off with a system that handles it more closely to how it works in the fiction, if at all possible. This is my very generic answer to the OP. I haven't played Skyrim, and Oblivion was quite a while ago now. If you plan to use a more generic rules system, you might need/want to create some house rules or additional mechanics to reflect the important aspects of your setting or even the mechanics of the PC game. I remember that in Oblivion, you would get new abilities as your skills increased. I really liked this and have seen it in some tabletop systems, like Arcanis. Good luck!
  21. ORLY? I guess this shouldn't surprise me. I haven't been following it. I own everything they put out for 1st edition. It had it's flaws, and it got a bit bloated, but it was a lot of fun. 2E looked solid, but was *not* fun when I played it. I am willing to believe this is due to the guys I was playing with, so I want to try again some time. Mostly I got it to be a completist, and planned to paint the minis until I realized I had hundreds of bones to work on. At least I got the 1E guys painted up before the Bones Kickstarter. https://www.dropbox.com/s/3mj6ovyb4bdph3r/All%20the%20minis.jpg
  22. I plan to be there as long as possible. After all, wasn't the video chat thing my idea? :P Now I have to clean my apartment.
  23. So, apparently it was said somewhere in the movie mythology that werewolves were nastier than vamps, but you'd never guess based on what you actually see in the movies. In the Underworld movie universE, I'd rather be a werewolf. I'm actually more of a night-owl, but the vampire lifestyle would drive me crazy. I'm already a big hairy dude. I don't look like an Abercrombie model, so I don't think the vamps would accept me. :)
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