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  1. They're still shipping at a pretty high rate. I'm impressed.
  2. I actually had a sort of paint party today, in fact. 2 of my friends already got their bones kickstarters. One of them actually worked on his Descent 2 minis, but the other one had never painted before. I gave him a beginner's tutorial and loaned him my DVD of Anne Forester and Jen Haley. It was a lot of fun. We're going to try to keep doing them.
  3. ... and then I read the article. makes sense. It actually occurred to me that the fast evaporation of alcohol might be an issue. I think I'll stay away from it for now at least. I did some research, and it looks like the mix from the vid you linked is pretty standard in one form or another. I'll give it a try. Thanks!
  4. As I've said, I'm not much of an airbrusher (yet), but my airbrush is solid metal. I can't image "dry tip" is going to be an issue. I guess it's still possible that it may cause problems as it interacts with the paint as it goes through the airbrush though.
  5. Hah! I think that finding a girlfriend who also likes to paint is thinking precisely inside the box :)
  6. I have been an order picker, packer, and shipper for years now, and I don't actually expect the higher-order items to slow down things that much. I think most of the time spent picking involves moving from location to location. Grabbing three vampire boxes takes a bit longer than grabbing one- same with packing, but the amount of different stuff matters a little more. If the packers have a ready supply of boxes, tape, and bubble, they can pack almost as fast, and as long as the label printers are working and they have enough room to maneuver, then the shippers should be good too. Or, maybe I'm just being optimistic (on your behalf- mine arrives Monday).
  7. I know Reaper can recycle a certain percentage of Bonesium back into the mix, but I think they fill that quota with miscasts and so forth. If you're talking about the minis you already own, they can definitely be reused! Just stick 'em on some zombie's base or something. It would be nice to know that at least some of it can be melted back down and reused, or at least tossed into the recycling bin. If any of mine aren't usable as-is, I'm sure I can find a new purpose for them :)
  8. I am not sure if I'm going to set as a goal painting the entire Vampire set. I painted all 174 Descent minis from all the expansions and it took nearly a year: Barring any unforeseen life changes, like having a girlfriend :), I expect I could paint the 240 minis from the Vampire package in about that time, but I also just recently got into Hordes, so I have more to paint...
  9. It very well might be that some of these will have to be exchanged, and that some people might be SOL, but it sounds like the majority of figures have some increased flexibility, but that it's unlikely to be a real problem. I, for one, see the shock-absorbing quality of Bones to be a bonus feature for someone like me who tends to knock around and drop things with my gorilla hands. Just as long as it doesn't bend dramatically with normal handling or under its own weight.
  10. Are you saying you dilute your paint with Isopropyl Alcohol? I've barely used my airbrush, but I'm planning to get it out for some of the bigger dragons and such or for any major basecoating.
  11. I will be very surprised, honestly, if we don't get a big announcement early in the week.
  12. I'm a little sad to hear this, although I'm withholding judgement until I get mine. Even assuming that loss of detail is a real problem, I'm not going to sweat it because 1) the Kickstarter was such a good deal, I can afford having a few with poor detail, and 2) I think that having them cast by Reaper instead of in a factory on the other side of the world will likely eliminate much of this going forward. Bones were still pretty new when this Kickstarter started, and it's possible with the vast majority of them being put into consumers hands in the span of a couple weeks will identify some real flaws, but it still looks like Bones, overall, are still a good product, especially for the price. At least quality control will stop most of the flawed minis, and buying them off the rack at your FLGS will give you a chance to have a look before you put your money down. Heck, with the price of these things, I bet Reaper won't feel bad about scrapping a few out of the mold. Anyone know if the plastic can be reused or recycled in any way?
  13. I bought one of these today, to prepare to sort them out: http://www.amazon.com/Stanley-Removable-Compartment-Professional-Organizer/dp/B001G1CUK0 Pretty sure it won't hold the entire Vampire set, but for getting the bulk of PC hero options into one place, maybe. Anyone with their Vampire set have insight?
  14. Got my yesterday evening. I'm a little surprised, actually. I have a 17-line order. :D
  15. I recently started playing Hordes and am amassing my Circle force. I plan to eventually pick up the Woldwrath. For some reason, I was never thrilled with the pic on the package, but I've taken a look at some painted versions of it, like this one, and I'm feeling better about it now. Looks like you have a fair amount of freedom in posing it. I'm looking forward to working on this one. Thanks for sharing!
  16. I pin as much as I can these days. I just put a unit of 8 troopers together and pinned an arm and head on each one of them. Some might find this tedious, but I do it. Things have a tendancy to break off when I don't pin them, and I honestly enjoy the craft anyway. I do all my cleaning & assembly in front of the TV and I spent an evening on these, ready to be painted the next day. I use the GW pin vice and I've gone through all of the included bits pretty quickly. I picked up a good one from the FLGS now and hope it lasts a while. I use floral wire. Honestly, any pressure strong enough to bend/break that wire will likely bend/break the entire miniature.
  17. I feel like also pointing out that you should take some precautions if you're undergoing this experiment. I'm no chemist, but I know that chemical reactions often cause fumes that could be harmful. Do it outside or by a window with a fan venting it outside. Plus, acetone is stinky on its own.
  18. The most people I've had in my apartment painting at once was 3. It was fun, I guess. I've had one friend in particular over a few other times for painting. I got him into the hobby, so I also spend some time giving him advice and showing him some things. I live near the FFG Event Center, however, and if you want to do group painting, you might as well do it there. In addition to their gaming tables, they also have a row of tables dedicated to miniature painting with lamps, water cups, tiles for use as pallets, etc. If you don't have any supplies or tools yet, you can buy them there. And there's always over-priced snacks :) When that nasty storm we had on Friday knocked out my power for 17 hours, I packed up my things and was going to head to FFG to take shelter in the AC and do some painting, but as I was walking down the hallway, the power came back on. :) I'd like to echo that while the socializing is great, I often don't get as much work done due to distractions. Generally speaking, that's okay.
  19. I, fortunately, have a foam & upholstery store right by my apartment. I bought some 1" and 2" foam sheets cut to fit my Battlefoam PACK case (15.5 x 12, IIRC) and have custom-cut spaces for my Circle Orboros models. Also, I plan to cut a tray or two in generic troop-sized spaces for miscellaneous minis. The cost of a sheet of foam from this place comes to about $5 per inch, + $1 for a 1/4" closed-cell foam backing. This is pretty much the same thing you get from Battlefoam, but quite a bit cheaper. You just have to cut them yourself. I've noticed, however, that once you get past about 4", it's actually cheaper to get a custom-cut sheet from BF. I'm not sure why their foam is so much cheaper at that thickness. I'm not sure I'll need any sheets that thick (unless I get a colossal/gargantuan model for Hordes/WM), but if I do, I can always ask for a deal from the store, or else just buy from BF. Anyway, I've had a Battlefoam Pack 216 for a while now and just out grew it, so I ordered a Pack 720. I like the idea that I can store all these minis fairly cheaply in their foam trays in the closet, and just pack them in either/both of my BF cases and go. I almost got the specialty Hordes bag, but it just made more sense to get the P.A.C.K. system bag. The 216 and the 720 even zip together :) You can do this all yourself for a lot cheaper, but cutting cheap foam to fit any case you want, but I do like the BF bags made specifically for gaming, I'm just saving a bit by making my own trays.
  20. I'm happy that I just moved to a new apartmen with a rental office that will sign for packages. I can come home to find it waiting for me instead of waiting until the weekend to pick it up at the post office! Unfortunately, some friends just got me into Hordes, so my bones will have competition for my attention.
  21. Also, I use cheap playing cards as disposable pallets.
  22. My experience has been similar. I only use it for very small gaps or for adding a texture effect. You can also brush it on in order to make a rough surface smooth, although that was a bit tricky.
  23. I need a pair of long, bare, human female legs for a conversion I'm doing. The figure should end up around 40-45mm, so the legs should be appropriate for someone that tall. Here is a pic of the upper half of the body: http://i769.photobucket.com/albums/xx339/TheDreadPolack/Miniatures/Anima%20Tactics/MorriganTorso1.jpg I've had a look through Reaper's stuff, and found a few ideas, but thought I'd throw it out here for any other ideas. the stuff hanging off of her hips I plan to work into some sort of costume, such as a wrap or sarong or maybe something more interesting. I might even add a tail. Any other ideas would be appreciated.
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