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  1. I'm not sure what you mean by the phrase "skirt vice separate human legs." You might be saying "instead of human legs", I suppose. This is one idea I had. A long skirt, at least to her knees, would perhaps look a bit more natural, but given the relative nakedness of her upper half, it would seem mor appropriate to leave her bottom half as uncovered as possible. I might need to cover her almost to her knees, though.
  2. I'm working on an interesting project. I have this mini here, from Anima Tactics: https://www.dropbox.com/s/vza81vos0ei2yd4/2013-04-21%2020.50.27.jpg She's called Morrigan, and she's not sitting mounted on that critter, it's actually part of her body. The story is that she's a shapeshifting demonic entity that can go take on either humanoid or "monstrous centaur" form. The model is only of her monstrous form. It came in several pieces, including the seperate human torso: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ezbx7jn5sepr2zf/Morrigan%20Torso%201.jpg I have finished painting the model, as you can see. I have attached a short piece of wire, glued only onto her human torso, that fits into a hole in the monster body as well as a small magnet in the back to hold it there. My next project is to sculpt a set of human legs that I can attach to her human torso for her humanoid form. The first step was to make a mold of the "saddle" where the human torso meets the monster body. I filled that with green stuff and now I have a piece for the human torso to fit into. The unique situation is that there is a bit of the monster's armored hide that is attached to the human torso at the bottom, sticking out quite a bit from hips, as you can see in the first pic. My idea is to use that as part of her "costume" for her lower body- some sort of wrap or loin cloth that resembles the monster's hide. Also, I had the idea of possible scultping a tail for her humanoid form, since there will be plenty of room to attach it, but I don't know how that would look. I tried actually sculpting legs directly onto the new "saddle", but it is quite difficult. Instead, I am thinking it might be better to instead sculpt a pair of legs seperately (or make a mold from another mini if I can find an appropriate one- she's going to end up very tall) and just cut them off and attach them to the new saddle. Any ideas, advice, suggestions?
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