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  1. It's hard to tell. I haven't looked at the inside of my pipes, and I'd rather not. (Ignorance is bliss.) People claim that hot water heaters develop lime deposits pretty fast here. I'll pick up a little bit on glasses now and then, but otherwise it's hard to tell. I think by numbers, the water isn't particularly hard. (Low 100s ppm calcium ion according to the water report.) It's the only theory I've heard so far, and it sounds possible, so I'll give using distilled water a shot. If anyone else has alternate theories please chime in! I suppose the only real cost is stripping the few minis that have been ruined by this with Simple Green and starting over. Well worth it if the problem gets solved, a real headache if it doesn't.
  2. Oh, sure. I realize that distilled water is basically free for this purpose. Just didn't realize that hard water would form deposits so easily with mini paint. Thanks. :-)
  3. I have moderately hard water. So maybe distilled water is the way to go here?
  4. So, I'm getting back in to mini painting with the Bones Kickstarter. Prior experience is GW minis and paints, was quite some time ago, and I was not particularly good anyway, so now I'm trying to learn again. I basecoated with undiluted paint as per forum recommendations (after washing the mini). How well this worked seemed to vary between paints and/or minis. I then diluted Black Wash (MSP) 1:2 with water. When it dried, it had formed what looks like a lot of white haze. I'm not sure what this is and what I'm doing wrong here. Any thoughts?
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