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  1. Great update! Do we know if the Fire Giant Jailer will be scaled to the old Fire Giants, or the new ones? I'm rubbish at estimating from the pictures...
  2. A motorized, 5 ft tall, 8 headed dragon...
  3. Hmmmm.... Release pics of a 2ft tall, 5 headed dragon... Big fan reaction to 2ft tall, 5 headed dragon... Announce delay on campaign... Is anyone else thinking there's a 3ft tall, 6 headed dragon on the horizon? (But not a 4ft tall, 7 headed dragon. That'd just be ridiculous.)
  4. Thank you for pointing out the commerce links. I have edited the links to now go to a picture of the cases. I apologize for my confusion. I've never seen an Ocean State Job Lot, but I'm checking out their website. Very cool, thank you!
  5. I've seen some great ideas on storage solutions hidden in other threads, but I didn't see a consolidated place to share Bones storage ideas. With many of us now having multiple Bones KS to keep track of, it seemed like a natural topic of discussion. A lot of IKEA solutions have come up for displaying the larger mini's (excuse the oxymoron). I don't know how or where I'll be putting my larger pieces yet, but I have become completely smitten by these containers from Harbor Freight for my smaller pieces: http://www.harborfreight.com/media/catalog/product/cache/1/image/9df78eab33525d08d6e5fb8d27136e95/i/m/image_23120.jpg http://www.harborfreight.com/media/catalog/product/cache/1/image/9df78eab33525d08d6e5fb8d27136e95/i/m/image_15143.jpg As a DM, I like that I can keep my monsters separated in a variety of ways. The yellow partitions in the cases aren't sliding dividers, they are actual, removable bins. This allows me to pull out two or three bins to have available on the table, without having to keep the larger case out while running a battle. It also makes for easy rearrangement of the larger case, such as keeping all my skeletons together on one side of it. The 19 bin case is shallow, suitable for medium and most large sized figures. The 8 bin case is about twice as deep, and it wonderful for the larger minis with wings (like the griffon and silver dragon) and the longer mini's (like the goroloth). I currently have two 19 bin cases, one 8 bin case, and one of the plastic cases from the first Bones KS. I keep most of my character figures in the Bones case, for easy sorting, and the other three cases easily hold all the rest of my Bones minis, from KS I and II combined (excluding the larger figures, of course. No mere plastic case can contain Cthulu!). There is some room for growth, but not much. Harbor freight also offers this case, which I haven't used, but that seems to be similar in form, just smaller: http://www.harborfreight.com/media/catalog/product/cache/1/image/9df78eab33525d08d6e5fb8d27136e95/i/m/image_22223.jpg Edited to replace direct links to product with links to images, instead.
  6. I kind of am, but it's a good kind of gibbering. Some of the angry e-amils we're getting over today's announcement are worrying, from a "Live on this planet anymore" perspective. Then I'll add my voice to those celebrating the news. I have 5 coworkers who all hopped in this KS, and every one of us is experiencing nothing but warm fuzzies and warm wishes at today's update. Keep up the awesome work, Reaper! edit: because English
  7. Montage, nothing, how about just a three minute video of someone playing with a random assortment of minis.
  8. Lol, I actually posted that on the Ice Age page about 5 minutes after the update. It was my first thought, and I laughed at the update. This is nearly gone full circle back into "amusing". I'm in the same boat as you, though: No chargeback. First really failed KS I've backed; can see the rancor others express first hand, and it sucks, to be so excited and then see it fail so hard.
  9. Sent in my refund request. I still need to look into requesting a charge back from the bank. Thanks, Aard, for all the sweat (and presumably blood and tears) you've put into this project, first supporting what appeared to be an awesome campaign, and now supporting the community you helped foster. Your efforts have been appreciated throughout.
  10. Band of Gnomes has been canceled. The cancellation message reads as follows: After evaluating the performance of the BoG KS Campaign, and analyzing the feedback from observers and Pledgers, ADWGames and Andrea Sfiligoi have determined that KS is not the correct venue for a new miniature wargame rulebook to seek funding. As the BoG Campaign was led by such a rule book, the Authors have decided to close the Campaign and develop the material in other formats (mainly Pathfinder), and develop an audience via more traditional face2face interaction and playtesting. ADWGames will honour the goodwill of the BoG Pledgers by offering the completed terrain found in the BoG environment (such as spell walls, giant fungi, Roots, and sewer features) in a separate, concise and targeted KS Campaign next week.
  11. My first thought when reading the comments were "Well, that escalated quickly..."
  12. You are encouraged to support any project you wish - or at least this is the atmosphere we usually try to encourage. Our community has a variety of reasons for choosing to back or not back certain projects, and no judgement is made or intended against you or any other member for making up their own mind. Thanks, Bryan! I didn't feel any reservations about sharing; generally speaking, I find this community receptive to differing opinions, particularly when offered genuinely and politely. Its one of the reason I "hang out" here, even if it is mostly lurking.
  13. Dina and her crew have started to add more artwork to the page, include a video, as well as more pledge levels. I'll be the first to admit that this one seems a little more hectic in its management. And I can see where some of the negative opinions here have been founded. However, I hope you will listen to my motivation in doing business with this campaign: The ADW gaming community, like the company itself, is in its infancy. The voices there at the moment are enthused about the projects. The few of us who spend time on the forums and comments have some pretty active conversations, and the ADW peeps are often involved in it with us. They have been very supportive of community suggestions, and meet them with the same enthusiasm as the supporters offering them. I think its a neat community. Getting to see the creative process is a treat, and since its such a smaller scale than what Reaper has accomplished, it has a different feel to it. ADW's frantic handling of the projects can be offputting at times, but in some ways its also refreshing, and often feels like a team effort, which makes for a more vested commitment for their entire bubble. There aren't millions of dollars at stake, or thousands of customers being juggled; its not necessarily better, as Reaper is IMO among the best at smoothly handling both the campaign and their community, but it is certainly different. I can't advocate for ADW as an investment, as I have no clue if they'll fulfill, though obviously I'm confident enough to back them myself. The company has appeared to be genuine and confident, which in no way translates to competent, but doesn't raise my hackles the way other campaigns have in the past. I'm finding value in the community of other backers, and stimulation in our interaction. Of all the new company/new production KS campaigns I have participated in, it has been some of the most fun to participate in the community. Obviously, this may not be appealing to everyone (or anyone other than me, for that matter). However, I have been trying to more vocally support the smaller companies that I enjoy doing business with, and this KS fits that description.
  14. The creators stated they had a misfire on launch, and are updating today. They have shared some artwork with the Ice Age backers as "sneak peaks", so I know that they have more than just those placeholders available.
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