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  1. It's basically Vallejo game colour "hexed lichen", shaded with black and highlighted with a little bit of Squid pink
  2. Who doesn't want an assassin in their warhammer army? Assassins alone are reason enough to play Dark elves.. :D I'm continuing my red/purple colour theme that I used on Malus Darkblade, I hope you like it! Vote for him here!
  3. Are you sure you want to see the severed head any closer? It's pretty disgusting, so close your eyes if you're sensitive! Thanks for your comments, btw! Enjoy the gross head:
  4. Malus Darkblade for my Dark Elves army! He's the first miniature of the army that I've painted.. :D Vote for him here! http://www.coolminiornot.com/87155
  5. I have converted this shaman a little bit. I think that the original's head and weapon are too small and look silly.. I wanted to give him a bigger and meaner head, more orc-style, and I wanted to give him a decent melee weapon, instead of that weird shaman-staff he had before. I don't want to use him as a shaman in my O&G army, but as a Black Orc Hero instead. I used an old squig model for his head, and dwarf mace to replace his old weapon. I hope you like him.. Vote for him here: http://www.coolminiornot.com/86147
  6. Thanks for the comments everyone! I appreciate it..
  7. I think that this is a beautiful sculpt and I've always liked this miniature. I've had him for a long time though without painting him, but now I finally have gotten around to painting him. He's kind of the kind of warrior I would regularly imagine myself playing when I was younger and still played RPG fantasy games. I always liked to wear plate mail armour and wield two handed swords (don't ask me why, perhaps I was making up for something! ) I've used vallejo game colours for everything except the metals, where I used Citadel Chain mail. I don't particularly like Vallejos metal colours, and I don't particularly like NMM either, especially not on a miniature like this one! I wanted to paint him in an autumn theme, that's why I've been using red, green, orange and a bit of yellow.. I hope you like him! Vote for him here: http://www.coolminiornot.com/83470
  8. @Vikinglodge: Sorry I don't listen to the radio very often.. :) Is Gothenburg the town you come from originally? I have lived there most of my life Thanks for the comments everyone! Personally I'm happy with the cloak, because it's the first time I've done such a dark cloak that is almost black..
  9. Meet Fitch the sneaky halfling thief. He'll sneak in and steal all your money while you're sleeping, and you won't even know what hit you!
  10. Hello! I started this one two days ago and finished him tonight. I think it's a great sculpt and it's fun to paint.. I've painted it with vallejo game colours and model colours.. I hope you like it!
  11. I haven't heard of comic book noir before, but it sounds interesting I've never really been into comic books, but I like to paint comic-book-style sometimes and I agree that this one looks a little cartoon-like in a noir kind of way Thanks for the comments!
  12. I love this mini and I had a lot of fun painting it! I'm pretty glad with how he turned out and I think this is my most successful NMM so far.. even though I haven't done it many times
  13. Hello! Do you ever feel 100% happy with something you've painted? I feel totally pleased with this Dark age miniature I just painted.. I normally don't do much NMM, but I think it came out okay here. I really wanted to use green and purple, because I've never tried that before, but I think it looks good together.. I hope you like it This is certainly one of my favourite scults, by the way.. sorry Reaper-people :devil:
  14. Hello! Here is my finished Griffon with Tyrion on top.. let me know what you think
  15. Hello everyone! I'm really looking for some honest critique here. If you've got any comments of any kind, positive or negative, please tell me. I haven't seal-sprayed this yet, so if you can tell me any way to improve it please let me know Anyway, I'm going to put Tyrion on top of this Griffon. That's why the griffon has a silly saddle with a pin sticking out of it on his neck. Tyrion didn't fit on the original model, so I built a simple saddle out of green stuff. I've painted the griffon in a pretty simple colour scheme, because I wanted it to look realistic and lion-like. I added a dead chaos-warrior to the base because the base is so large, I felt that I had to add something interesting to it to or it would look very empty. The dead chaos-warrior is made from bits from a plastic Marauder as well as some added green stuff. The head that the griffon has got in it's talon is meant to look bloody, like it's just been torn off. I hope it's not too gruesome for your tastes.. I apologize if it disgusts you I intend to paint Tyrion on top of him in yellow, white and a bit of red, or maybe some green or blue, I haven't quite decided yet.
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