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  1. what would be great for that would be a class taught by one of the historicals painters, say Doug Cohen or Dan Tisoncik
  2. have a happy from another 10/19-er.
  3. it has been a good day (upper 60s here in SW Wisconsin). Just finished the tiramisu phase of the evening. Soon it will be time for the single malt Scotch portion.
  4. When I was a kid, I would have loved to have a Hot Wheels track half as convoluted as the Dallas area interstate highways.
  5. The MMSI show started the open system judging for figure shows in the USA. Developed by the Legendary Shep Paine, and later picked up by World Expo and many other Historical Shows. Anne learned about the open system after attending an MMSI show years ago and made the change to Reaper Con. The open system (rewarding all work for its level of quality, instead of "First, Second, Third, LOSERS" is very different from the environment of IPMS shows (aka Rivet Counters), where the goal in judging is to look for flaws to disqualify each piece. This year was the 43rd annual Chicago show. The 44th show is October 19-21, 2018.
  6. I seem to recall RCon 2005 being in the upper 90s/low 100s for the weekend. At least in Spring I was in TX out of phase with allergies (not the case in October).
  7. Next year, the MMSI Chicago Show is the 19-21 of October. I'm hoping RCon and MMSI won't overlap (like they did in 2016). Much better to be able to attend both this year.
  8. You say that like it would be a bad thing
  9. I used them to pack all the blister-packed minis for the trip home. The fins in the Mage case should be good for people who play the Clix games. I'm going to see if the Wings of War planes will fit.
  10. yes, the antlers make it hard to conceal your secret identity
  11. Turns out there was an error with the hotel, so ReaperCon and the MMSI Chicago Show ARE in fact the same weekend. Depending on the dates, maybe I'll be back for RCon in 2017.
  12. I would clean the blood off first and apply paint to a clean fresh primer surface. It may take a wire brush if the blood has really dried on and started to pit the metal.
  13. Since ReaperCon decided a few years ago to follow in the enlightened ways of the MMSI Chicago Show Open System, it is mostly not a competition, but instead a juried exhibition. Yes, there are trophies in the categories for best Reaper product entered. For most painters, the show is about judging against a standard and awarding the number of medals based on the quality of the work displayed. If 20 people displayed Gold Medal level work, then 20 Gold Medals would be awarded. No one "wins" a medal at the expense of another. Where it does become a competition is competing with yourself to improve.
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