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  1. Just to make sure everyone can find the place - if you missed the meet and greet, as some people expressed difficulty today. Exit I-35 E at Swisher. West on Swisher. take it down about 5-10 minutes (or perhaps it only feels this long, but its a ways) there will be a set of warehouses on the left, and a sign out by the road that says Reaper at the bottom. Might want to write down the reaper number just in case you get lost though.
  2. god bless stale greenstuff, toothpicks, thumb tacks, and water. I guess i should go check out some sculpting pages and see how you're supposed to do it.
  3. Decided i was going to try sculpting with greenstuff for the first time today. I used up about four and a half hours converting this mid-nor dwarf. I started with the face, that's why its so bad. As you can tell i don't know any techniques, just tried to hammer out what i could. I'm quite happy for never using greenstuff for anything but sticking parts together before today.
  4. I'll second that. WN is a superior flow improver when it comes down to it - but golden will work and its much easier to find. Its actualy what i'm using until i run out. From what i remember the golden retarder is much thicker than folkart brand, and in a pinch it'll work, but i'm not going to set my watch by it.
  5. what i think would look best (which may be way too far in a direction) is a short whip. It would be simple to sculpt the tassle strands over the blade, and add a bit to the hilt. Other wise, you could add another fold of her dress to come over her hand completely. Then again, it could be a part of scenary she's holding onto (a bar she's chained to.)
  6. Winsor & Newton flow release = best.
  7. yes. mini skulls in the paints would be a must - its the only things that keeps me from drinking the stuff... and the better the paint, the more irresistable. Although putting flavors in the paint wouldn't be such a bad idea... My nose is still blue from those crayola scented markers in second grade. Those were GOOD. Oooh oooh. And black tops on the master paints! AND, and shiny stuff... like precious gooold. Muhahaha.
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