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  1. Jubilee, that is gorgeous! The teal is great too. Regarding the Olive Skintone Triad, I really like it. I find it very, very easy to work with. Like Jubilee, I'd recommend adding some darker color for the deepest shading and/or an ivory color for the final highlights. I find that most of the triads are like that. Not quite enough contrast by themselves.
  2. Yep, it's happened to me too. It's weird because it looks good as long as it's not dry, but then it seems very chalky when dry. It also happens with the Olive Drab triad and to some extend the triad with Peacock Green. I usually paint dark to light, but with these I've started basecoating with the lightest color and the shade with the rest of the triad. That has reduced the chalkiness for me though I still need to be careful. A light glaze of green ink after you are done also helps a lot.
  3. I really like both paintjobs. Awesome sculpts too. Are the bases from Microart? I really like how the snow looks.
  4. Thank you for the NMM recipe and the bigger pictures. I just found my bottle of Yellow Ochre so I will go play with some NMM! Now you may put the figure in a box and send it to me :
  5. The ones I've experiences have a space between the nozzle part and the rest of the bottle. Sort of like this: Not sure if you guys are having the same issue?
  6. She could look like a male elf, but definitely an elf, ears or no ears.
  7. I've seen it on a couple of mine. Brand new ones. There was clearly a rather large space close to the edge. Not sure if it's the molding of the bottle or the assembly that went wrong. It speaks volumes of my laziness that I just put it back and chose another color
  8. Ohhh, not bad! I really like what you've done with the cloak. Great color. I agree that it could use a little more shading in the deepest parts. The rune looks really nice, but not really glowing. I guess it's the absence of light right next to the rune that throws off the glow effect a little. The NMM is gorgeous. What did you use for the gold? Got bigger pics? Now, go paint another one!
  9. I've used several kinds of water effects, and I've never had any problems. Make sure you follow the directions. For a lot of water effect products there is a maximum thickness of the layer. If you pour out a thicker layer, it doesn't dry properly. Good luck with your project
  10. It effects the quality of my paintjobs a lot. For a long period of time after I moved I didn't have a good lamp, but my minis turned out much worse than usual. The blends were not as smooth and the overall look was not as defined. I definitely recommend getting a good lamp with daylight bulbs. The colors and transition look so different under different lights. If you can get natural light from a window that is great too.
  11. I do recognize the style now! *waves at Kyle (Gibson) *
  12. Very nice work. Love what you'd done with the snake tail. Maybe add some additional shading to the metallics. They don't seem to have the same depth as the skin (which looks incredible btw). The hair could also do with a final highlight to really bring it out. Excellent work. You paint beautiful faces.
  13. Thank you for the comments everyone Much appreciated. Thanks Derek! I had to take a mini painting break for a couple of years, but I've "restarted" a couple of months ago. Been busy looking at all the new stuff. I'm really amazed how far your sculpting has come! Going to pick up the gnome babe from the previews for sure! I agree with you on the depth. She's from right after ReaperCon back in 2005, and at that point I was using the triads as my only base/shade/highlight. After getting back to painting I've started adding darker colors to the shadows and lighter to the highlights to provide some more contrast. I think the newer stuff on my website (sorry about the boobies! ) has more depth than the old stuff which is a little flat.
  14. I recently found this mini in my carrying case and realized I'd never taken pictures of her. She's a pretty quick paintjob. I think the sculpt is very charming
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