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  1. Ok, so I went to my FLGS today, and I bought a Ironwind Metal's figure called female sabeccai, because I thought she looked cute. I don't really have any ideas for painting/basing though, so I thought I would ask if anyone knows what a Sibaccai is... I think she looks kinda like a half human/half fox, but my BF thinks she looks like a cangooro Any info out there?
  2. Ok, so I went to the store today and they didn't have him but they did order him for me, so I should have him in 1-2 weeks.
  3. I agree... that's the way I do it. 1. Pick a light source 2. Decide where the lightest point is 3. Blend towards that with lighter and lighter colours Voila!
  4. Actually I dunno if the shop has the fig yet, but I'm pretty sure I can get them to order it if they don't. If they do have it, then I can probably pick it up this weekend
  5. LOL. Yup, chick minis are so much fun. But that's why we have to paint this guy. We must make a sacrifice so that we'll get to decide the mini next time Anyway, he's a pretty cool fig and maybe I can give him eyeshadow and a bit of lipstick
  6. That looks awesome I often have trouble painting hair, because it's the last thing I paint (and I'm lazy). It often ends up looking a little flat, especially on i-Kore minis. Now on to begging someone to buy me those paints
  7. The only two brushes I use are the 0000 and the 00. I have lots of others, but I've never really found a reason to use them. Buy a couple of different brushes and try them out until you find something you like Oh and read this article about brush selection and care.
  8. Hmmm. Hmmm. dumdidum.... I'll check if they have him in my local store. If they do, then I'm in
  9. I for one would love to paint the witch queen. She is very cool I dunno about the samurai, but maybe it would be good for me to do something different than the usual chick minis
  10. I did a face painting tutorial not so long ago. Maybe you can use it for something A wash is when you dilluted you paint or ink with water (or some other medium) and allow it to run into the recessses of the miniauture. If you use a dark colour it will give you an easy shading effect. It can be very useful in some situations and it's pretty quick.
  11. Yes, that looks really nice. It would be good for a west African look, I think.
  12. Thanks I'm always a little afraid that I don't make them understandable, but I guess this one worked (wooohooo). Good luck with the project!
  13. Wops... looks like I have a broken pic there. Have to fix that. I have been wondering about how to do a darker african skintone. If you are using GW paints I would probably start with Scorched Brown and then highlight with Bestial Brown and maybe a little Snakebite Leather. Haven't tried it yet though. If you want a lighter tone, I have just tried a new version af my Egyptian skintone. I basecoat in Bestial Brown and highlight with Snakebite Leather and finally Desert Yellow. The result is something like this:
  14. Neat I would be very interested in seeing some of your paintjobs! Maybe it has something to do with the brand..... Even though I layer really thin, I can only get the right drying time (like when the paint is drying at the beginning of the brush stroke while it is still wet where the brush is) with very little extender in the mix.....
  15. Doesn't it take ages for your paint to dry with that much extender? I usually only use extender for wet blending, and even then I sometimes get annoyed because of the drying time..... I once tried just mixing paint and extender and that took about two days to dry I've also tried using more flow improver, but the paint starts to feel sticky and wierd. It might be because I'm using different brands of flow improver and extender.....
  16. Hmmm... guess I'm not very advanced, but I just mix it with the water I use for thinnning my paints. I use Windsor & Newtons Flow Improver and I just dilluted it the way is says in the instructions (1:10 or 1:20 IIRC).
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