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  1. Hope that worked :) I'd love to try purple on a different figure. I believe I've got a couple of anime style minis somewhere. I believe her name is Melisande Wavecutter. Lots of fun to paint. I'd recommend picking her up if you're collecting pirates!
  2. Thanks for the advice :) I think I'll start out with brown and see how that works out.
  3. Any suggestions for hair color? The hat will probably be dark, but I'd be willing to make it another color if it clashes with the hair.
  4. Gah, went back and looked, and some of them ARE with the taped on labels. Silly me! Well, pretty much everything with flip top containers My GW, I-Kore, and Foundry paints didn't fare so well. I'm sort of sad about my i-Kore paints going bye-bye since I really did like some of them and they are OOP now, but oh well! Thank you! I'll read up on that stuff! That does make sense. I'm not sure I have the angelic patience though And thank you, Anne. I see you are still the bomb
  5. I do like the Citadel inks for glazes. Their color is quite rich. I've used flesh wash for skin and metal in the past. It also works pretty well for blond hair. It needs to be thinned a lot, and it does dry very shiny. I wouldn't recommend using it as a liner. Have fun with it
  6. Ahh, thank you. I think found the thread. That could be it. Mine don't have the taped labels though. They shouldn't have been exposed to that kind of cold. At least I sure hope not. The issues seems to be with the darker colors, Bone Shadow, Midnight Blue, Nighshade Purple, Muddy Brown, Deep Ocean. A few of the lighter colors are also grainy: Palomino Gold and Aged Bone aren't doing too well. The whole Dark Skin triad seems messed up too. *hugs* Thank you :) Even with a bit of paint trouble, I'm really enjoying painting again.
  7. Very sneaky I tried that though, and it doesn't work unless I have a lot of matte medium in the mix. Unfortunately that effects the viscosity too much. Yes, I might try the Reaper flow improver. I'm not sure how big a difference there is between that and the W&N flow improver.
  8. Hi all I recently got back into painting after 4 years of not touching a brush, and my MSP were the only paints that survived. However, I'm beginning to think that some of them did not survive, but are instead undead. One or two seem a little grainy and quite thick. I'm assuming it's just caused by evaporation. About a third of them don't behave well when thinned. The pigments seem to form aggregates (little grains) that look rather nasty on the mini. I've tried thinning with the following: tap water, de-ionized water (I assumed ions in my tap water was causing the aggregation), 50% de-ionized water + 50% W&N flow improver, Vallejo Matte Medium. The Matte Medium is the only one that doesn't cause aggregation, but it is a gel, and I really dislike blending with it. Any suggestions for a medium I can thin this with without causing these issues?
  9. Ohhh, very nice! I really like how you painted the glasses. Just perfect!
  10. I like it! Very realistic effect.
  11. She is lovely! It always amazes me how effective inks can be. Love her face! Evil and gorgeous at the same time. The stitches on her bodice look sort of flat. One layer of highlights or shading would help make them more 3D looking. The base looks fantastic too.
  12. He looks great! Pics are huge though (ARRRGH), so I tend to notice little details I would never see if I was holding the mini. The NMM on the sword looks a little rough and not quite natural. It's something about how the light would fall on a weapon like that. Something that helps me a lot is looking at images of real metal or 2D artwork (I often use Julie Bell/Boris Vallejo artwork). The transitions need to be a little smoother to really pull the effect off. Thinning the paints just a little more and using more "in between color" mixes might help. I really like the basing and his face. The shoulder pads don't quite look like metal, but they still look great! Thanks for sharing :)
  13. Love it, Sue! Very nice work. Absolutely adorable
  14. Very nice job for your first minis! I agree with Sanael, thinning your paints a little will give a smoother look. I really like the work you have done on the faces! That speaks of good brush control. I do think the bases are a little underdone. I suggest using some elmers glue to glue on some small rocks or sand and then paint it brown. I think you will really enjoy painting more minis. I recently started painting again after af no painting for a couple of years, and I'm really enjoying it!
  15. Thanks guys I really hope I will have a cool Reaper mini to show around here soon! After finishing a couple of minis it does feel like i'm getting the hang of it again!
  16. Q=Quite T=True I don't know where that F came from, or what it means... I believe QFT means Quoted For Truth (yes, I spend too much time on the intrawebz).
  17. *waves to everyone* I missed you guys
  18. Hi John! It was great to meet you too! Your site looks awesome! I'm going to have to commission you to update mine since it looks like a piece of trash
  19. I recently ordered around $500 worth of paints and minis from the Reaper website. I live in Denmark and it was around $50 to ship. I can image I will be hit with a huge custom fee when it arrives though, but these paints are worth it
  20. She is lovely! Personally I really like the face. On the back of her dress (Picture 2), it looks like there is a transition between the purple wash and the pink that is very sharp. I think that would benefit from being blended out a little more. I'd also consider adding some small white highlights to her hair to make it look like it's shiny and healthy. If you keep the highlights small, her hair won't look grey (example). To make the figure really pop, you could also add either some dark lining around details or an extra highlight of the raised parts of the figure. I hope that's somewhat useful! Thank you for sharing your work.
  21. Yes, that is bad timing! I'd love to go and meet you. Maybe next year My painting seems to be going ok. I was afraid I'd gotten really rusty, but is seems to come back fast. Right now I'm just working on finishing all the stuff I had prepped and half painting. It's quite a challenge since I lost more than half my paints. I hope I'll have something cool to show soon! Thanks girl :) Good to "see" you again! Thanks! I hope you will like the stuff I'm working on. I'm pretty excited lol. Thank you *hugs* *cheers* Yay! Thanks for friending me on facebook too!
  22. Thank you! I really want to update the site. I have a ton of paintjobs that were never posted. Thanks girl! Your painting is looking great!
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