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  1. Thank you :) And thank you for still looking at the site. It needs a major overhaul, and I'm a lousy programmer! Thank you :) Me too actually! It'll be interesting to see how rusty I have gotten. Missed you too, Gus! Glad you are still around :) Awesome to "see" you guys again. You still have the same avatar too! *waves* Thank you :) Yay, another one with the same old avatar! *hugs*
  2. Hello everyone It's been a while to say the least! I just recently got back to painting after having been ill for a very long time (long story that started with what I thought was migraines and ended up more serious). I used to use GW, Reaper, Vallejo, Foundry, I-kore paints, but the only ones that survived the 4 years since I last painted are the Reaper and Vallejos. I just ordered lots more Reaper Master paints, and I can't wait to get them and get to work again. I need to rework the website (thank you to those still visiting), but I have no clue how to work in php. *hugs* to you all - Inge
  3. jenova


    I did start off with a darker color, but I didn't really like the way it looks. Too transparent (and too darn NAKED). Also I think this looks better IRL. The supertransparent cloth looked a little wierd... a bit like some chrome NMM (nice in pics but bad IRL).
  4. jenova


    Thanks guys I wasn't going for completely transparent. I don't really like that look.
  5. I thought I'd try the transparent clothing thing..... Warning: In case the effect works (unlikely), the pictures might show some nudity... http://www.jenova.dk/imgs/gallery/crocodil...s/nnnbasti1.jpg http://www.jenova.dk/imgs/gallery/crocodil...s/nnnbasti2.jpg http://www.jenova.dk/imgs/gallery/crocodil...s/nnnbasti3.jpg
  6. jenova


    I think it's the colors... maybe... I actually painted her face during one of the classes at ReaperCon, and when I was done it was like...hrrrmmmm... this doesn't look like my painting... really wierd stuff, but I like how it looks
  7. Yes, I think I should have done that... The plant kind of freaked me out. I didn't like the way it was sculpted so I rushed it a bit.... Will remember next time
  8. They're not small The Rackham dwarves are bigger than the humans...
  9. I'm playing around with photoshop to make my pics look more like the actual minis, and I think I seen improvement...
  10. Another quick paintjob. This was actually one of the first Reaper minis I bought
  11. jenova


    She is very lovely! I'd love to see what you can do with the same figure now. Your lining/skintone/facepainting technique has improved so much since then. It's absolutely incredible
  12. I think it's a donkey, and no, I'm not going to post my entry
  13. Ohhh, very nice I really like that diorama! Well done, Michael!
  14. Very nice! I like them a lot And yes, they're all from Hasslefree. The strumpet in the CMON shop was painted by Angela Imrie.
  15. There were some really awesome entries in the contest. I was impressed Mengu's dwaves and Hal's Elise stood out as being especially gorgeous, but the rest of the stuff was also beautiful. Unfortunately (but not unexpectedly) my entry was crap but that's ok. I was surprised that I even got anything done.
  16. That's what you think....lille ven
  17. Hybrid is basically Confrontation in a spooky dungeon/lab. I pretty sure all of Rackham's games have been published in English by now. Confrontation is good fun. I've heard that Hybrid is less fun to play, but I haven't tried it myself....
  18. I've got the nymph on my painting table right now (actually I just finished her yesterday). She's a lovely figure, but, boy, is there a lot of little fiddly details on her! I think you did a very good job on yours. The skin looks very smooth. I think the hair and the green bits could you a few more layers of highlights to make them pop a little more. The fairy is very nice too. She appear to have a little bit of green on the yellow, but that could be the pictures. I think some more highlights on her hair would look great.
  19. This is me (from my Salute '04 painting demo)
  20. Ah, so that's why the treads are backwards
  21. Don't worry too much about it. It will all come back. It just takes time. When I haven't been painting for a month or so, I can't do anything right. The paints are all wrong, my hands are shaky, etc. You've been away for even longer, so it will take some time to get back. I suggest doing some basecoating until you get your brush control back. I know it helps me a lot when I don't feel my painting is working out....
  22. jenova


    I'm pretty sure the green is the olive triad mixed with some brown liner for shading and some linen white for highlights. I don't really think she looks evil either. I think of her an a (anti) paladin
  23. You know it looks good already, what I want to know is: Where is the nekkid lady?
  24. jenova


    Thanks The colors are a bit funny. I was experimenting! Enchantra, I think she's an anti paladin, not a viking. I'd actually planned on a classic red-and-black-evil color scheme (I did paint her eyes red), but decided to do something else instead.
  25. jenova


    *Snicker* Lili called me a painting machine I believe in quantity instead of quality LOL I'm a Lili fangirl. I do like how the face turned out, but I think I have to go back and highlight the lower lip a little more. I need to take new pics anyway.... Thanks for the comments
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