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  1. Nudity warning! Fairy1 Fairy2 Fairy3
  2. That's the way I do it too. It's nice because it lets you be messy with your basecoat on some of the large areas (like the skin) which makes it easier to get a good, smooth coverage.
  3. Maybe you can take a look at this website: http://www.findaminipainter.com/ I don't know if there is anyone from AZ there, but it's worth a try
  4. Well, I only like it because it LOOKS LIKE BLACK
  5. I absolutely hate to say so (used to using black for lining as I am), but I love the new Reaper Brown liner. It's a very very dark brown (almost black). I've only used it on one mini so far, but I think I might actually used it instead of black from now on....
  6. I dunno... I own the complete set of GW paints, the complete set of i-Kore paints. the complete set of Reaper Master Paints, about half the Foundry paints and half the Pro Paints, as well as a good number of Vallejo and Coat d'arms. I also have a few paints from other companies (Ironwind Metals and some I don't remember). Honestly I don't use most of them. I have a few favorites from GW and i-Kore that I'll continue buying (actually I think the i-Kore stuff is OOP), but most of them I never use.... oh well
  7. You'd think that my pics would actually be good since it's taken me so long to post them... unfortunately it's not so. I'd like to apologize to everyone I took pics of. You all look way better IRL..... anyway: Jester: Anne Marike Lili Angela (Gus' wife) Amy's Ice Queen (and Amy's hand) The paintingroom (with Lili, Debbie, and Marike) The paintingroom (with Qwyksilver)
  8. LOL, I don't think it's horrible. I just don't want to pay more for lower quality
  9. GW: 12mL Vallejo: 17mL Coat d'Arms: 18mL i-Kore: 18mL Pro paint: Not sure, but a lot more than GW! Master Paints: Probably around the same as Vallejo nuff said
  10. I think I must be priming... it looks like I'm using my Evil GW Drybrush of Doom
  11. I still use a lot of my GW paints, but I'm not sure I'll be replacing them when they dry out. I don't think they are bad; they're just expensive, and there are better paints out there.
  12. Well, we've all gotta start somewhere, right I wonder if I was actually painting something (except for my fingers) or just pretending LOL
  13. hrm... Looks like I'm making one of my many noises... at Derek this time, eh? To me, it kind of looks like you're going to spit at him
  14. Yay! That would be cool I was very happy to see you painting again. It's always tough to get started when you've been away from painting for so long! I hope you'll keep it up.
  15. I'd highly recommend the MSP. I think they're a good choice for beginners because they are so easy to work with. You don't have to thin them as much as most other paints, and they're very very smooth. They did freak me out a little when I started using them, but after I've gotten used to them; they are very easy to work with. They don't seem to break down when tinned, and they don't suffer from aggregation of pigment (or filler) like many other paints do when mixed with lots of water. I do like the Pro Paints I own, but I prefer the masters, mainly because the pigment size seems smaller.
  16. Yay, I see pictures of my shoulders Thanks for all the lovely pics. I've got some in my camera (including a good one of Anne!). I'll see if I can find them. I had such a great time. It was really, really nice to meet all of you. I'm always surprised that people are so darn nice (but maybe that's just because I'm such a horrible person ) A special thanks to the people in my classes. You guys really made my day(s) and I hope you were able to take something away. I will be coming back next year for sure!
  17. They're very good. I've ordered from them several times, and I've always gotten my figures in a timely fashion!
  18. OMG, that is awesome! Especially the FAQ. I'm trying so very hard not to invest in the Performance Art Version of the Origami Boulder!
  19. Nice job. I like the runes too! I'm painting this one myself at the moment. He's a very nice sculpt!
  20. Sweet paintjobs! The NMM looks a litte flat, but it's understandable considering that you had to paint five of them! I like the bases a lot
  21. Looks great! I agree about the lining around the eyes. That would look good. I also think a few subtle highlights on the black would be nice.
  22. Hehehe, OK, I'll try... What I was trying to say was that if someone bought a painting (the oil-on-canvas type) for $800 it would be perfectly normal even thought the artist might only have spent an hour on it. If someone buys a painting (the acrylics-on-pewter-figurine type) for $800 people think it sick even thought the painter might have spent 50 hours on it. Makes sense... or maybe not
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