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  1. I don't think $800 is too much for that one. I actually like it better than Fredy's (which is also amazing). If someone bought a painting for $800 everybody noone would notice, but when it's a mini people find it wierd.....
  2. I don't see any crazy scrollbars Works for me....
  3. Looks interesting! I'll see if I can manage to paint up the little guy
  4. Love the chainmail bikini chicks! Way cool
  5. Very nice paintjob! I agree with DA that the NMM needs a little more contrast to look metallic, but still an awesome looking fig.
  6. Those lions are great! Very realistic looking Stern is cool too. I love the sword. The highlights on the blue does look a little chalky. Maybe some thing blue glazes would help. Another highlight on the gloves would be cool too!
  7. I do think they look at them. If they're interested, they'll probably contact you
  8. I don't think you're going to feel out of place. All of us started somewhere, so we all remember what it's like when it's all new. I'll definitely be happy to help out
  9. It does work, but it's a bit of a pain. I also dislike shiny metallics, but I've started shading them with lots of layers of glazes. It removes most of the shine while still looking metallic.
  10. Don't know if this helps any .. but I ran one of your photos through Photoshop and it seems to be a leveling thing? OMG, that's exactly like she looks IRL. What did you say you did? I don't have photoshop. I use GIMP.... I think that I might have shaded the eye a bit too much giving the impression of no eyelids and too heave eyeliner. I highlighted the lip a little less than usual because people say my minis looks like they have too much makeup Thanks for the comments
  11. I love Frothers. It's the funniest forum on earth
  12. Dunno what's up with the pics. She's really not that ... orange ... IRL.
  13. Very nice job Love the colors. I'd probably have gone for some darker lining, but this looks great in a more natural way. BTW, if you want to get the fig, you better hurry. Steve's taking her out of production (at least for a while...)
  14. A little example of what happens to checked-in paints:
  15. Yup, yup, and definitely. Would somebody be willing to teach me how to drybrush. For some reason it never works for me LOL
  16. OMG, that is just the cutest thing. I wanna give it a hug
  17. That's cool! She kinda looks like a super hero.
  18. Thanks guys I think me and my new camera are finally starting to get along....
  19. Great job I love the arrogant look on his face. The cloak turned out really nice too. I've had problems with that particular green. It always seems to turn out grainy for me....
  20. I have a lot of the Inquisitor figs too. Most of them are pretty cool. They take ages to paint though......
  21. Nice work! I love the metallics and the blond hair
  22. I've showed some of these before, but I got some new pics: all four will be coming with me to ReaperCon + I'm working on a few contest entries. More pics in my new Reaper Gallery (warning, there might be naked miniature breasts somewhere in that gallery).
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