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  1. If there was one thing I wasn't thrilled about, it was that the highlight and the base are a little too similar. I got to a point where I was just a little too happy with it to risk losing what I liked about it. I may get another copy of this one to experiment with.
  2. That is two bases under him. One just wasn't going to do it. I didn't have any bases of a larger size readily available. Most of my stuff gets use at the gaming table, so I'm generally not afraid to jury-rig it for use.
  3. The sealant came out a little heavier than usual. The flash from the camera is combining with that to create a shine that you don't see from a casual inspection
  4. this was my test subject for Bones. Not quite the quality of other paint jobs I've seen for this one. But I'm pleased with it. If anyone has any suggestions for improving it I'm open.
  5. I was eager to show off my paint of this one until I saw this. Now I'm kind of embarrassed...
  6. I know they aren't supposed to need primer, but is there a wash-step maybe that I'm missing then? Because my first attempt was to just pull it out of the package and start painting. The paint wouldn't stick, so unless I got a dud, there's definitely a step I missed.
  7. How is it I've barely noticed the wait before today and all of a sudden I'm antsy?
  8. I've only painted one bones mini, but didn't have this experience. Maybe the specific primer you are using doesn't react well with this material?
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