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  1. I haven't been around much around here but wanted to share that I have accepted a position with a company in Denver (Centennial to be exact). My family and I will be relocating early february... mixed emotions but very excited over all! See you Denvernites soon!
  2. Thanks for the tutorials, this is soooo helpful!
  3. Well, I've been busy playing EQ2 for a couple of days now. It's good, but I have a feeling WoW may entice me more...
  4. So if by chance, now that you live soooooo far away, you can't make it, can I still crash at your in-laws house?
  5. Yeah, I came up Elmo too. But you can ask Broodin Paladin and he will tell you that not one of these descriptions fit me very well... Where's the obsesive compulsive satirical characters? These are all waaaaaayyyyyy too feel good for my taste. While it is true that I will help a friend in need, I am far from optimistic and popular. Sure, most people that meet me like me, but I shy away from social gatherings prefering a hermits life... ah well, no one said this was science I have often equated my self more to the likes of droopy, the baby in family guy (forgot his name), or shrek!
  6. It will be 10 years for me on November 25... I quit cold turkey. Basically I beleive you have to want to quit. I had tried before and had failed, when I quit I remember that I got really mad at myself for being controlled by my dependency on a cigarrette. One thing that helped me out greatly was having someone to be accountable to. I used to call one of the elders of my church and leave him a message everyday saying that I had made it through another day without smoking. With all that said, even after 10 years, there are still days that wanting a smoke comes to mind. I just have to ignore myself Best of luck to all who wish to quit!
  7. Very nice! I loved the pillars with the "statues" on top... I didn't realize how big it was until I saw the other pics... wow!
  8. Hey! I saw a Vinny the other day playing CS: Source... wonder if it was you?! As far as the subject goes, I too do not comment much in the Show OFf section because I am not painting (just can't get into the groove), even though I will say things like: WOW THAT ROCKS, etc... I think most people here will agree with everything that is being said even if they don't necessarily voice it. A prof in college once said: Issues with heated passions on either side tend to lack general concensus; issues with large concensus on either side tend to lack passion. So if a few are passionately arguing against people who only post in OT you will probably find that there is no concensus in the comunity at large. In other words, don't worry, be happy
  9. Surely you jest... Kudos to Bobby on another fine skulpt. Congrats Jester on getting your concept done in pewter, great work.
  10. *** POSSIBLE SPOILERS *** I haven't finished the book yet but was thinking that something along those lines would be happening. At this point in my reading I'm thinking that Wulfgar and Cattie Brie will hook up once more (of course, for that to occur something needs to happen to poor Dellie). I am thinking that because I am liking what is going on between Drizzt and Innohvil (sp)... I'm at the point where they are getting to the frost giants cave... On to your point, it doesn't surprise me that he would end it in a cliffhanger as this surely means that in a year or so we will be seeing a new series... personally, I can't wait!
  11. I personally like Reuters as well. They tend to be as balanced as any news agency could ever hope to get... http://www.reuters.com/ of course, if you want unbalanced (leaning to the right that is): http://www.drudgereport.com/
  12. Margara: "Second frog from the left, ye be ribbitin' in C sharp one more time and by Moradin I'l be crush'n ye like them orc vermin cousin of yers..." hehe, I like!
  13. I only tried Thunderbird for like two days so correct me if i'm wrong but the reason I didn't stick with it is because I make heavy use of the calendar/tasks functions in Outlook 2003 and thunderbird didn't have anything comparable... Now if you want basic email functions then yes, thunderbird seemed far superior than say Outlook Express...
  14. I've placed my last two orders from Neal @ theWarstore and have been very pleased. I pretty much stopped ordering from Johnny @ Discount because at the quantities I usually buy, paying shipping on top of that sucks arse. theWarstore has been great and I always get free shipping...
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