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  1. I understand! Sometimes I also forget, the guy who taught me to paint almost 30 years ago also did museum and commission pieces and taught me how easy it was to make foam, plaster and resin terrain. So I guess that makes more sense. I got into the hobby before there was literally any terrain you could buy at all. That's another thing I forget. If you had terrain back then..it was because you learned to make it...you could only make your own so everyone learned. Plaster and foil makes really easy rocky surfaces, and it's pretty easy to make foam ruins or create your own molds for resin ca
  2. Thanks for the feedback everyone. I just wanted to reiterate...as it may have not been clear enough in my original novel of a post, that I am not complaining or taking a negative tone here. I'm applauding reaper for the listening to the audience, providing the requested stuff, be it terrain and dressings, or Lovecraft and Hobgoblins. I'm truly seeking understand and maybe trying to see things in a new light. Of course, then again, no matter what you do there will be some people who, rather than giving positive feedback, will always say "no one is making you buy it" "don't buy it if yo
  3. I'm really trying to understand the large demand for these things...to the point they are now dominating a few of the core expansions and putting me on the fence about backing them. Just a little background on myself and the way my groups have played for 25 plus years. We use a battle map for role playing when needed, drawing out the rooms and terrain...furniture etc. Why? Because it quick and as things move we need to be able to rapidly adjust. Plus anytime we've tried to use terrain set pieces, props and such...they really get in the way of moving minis, they fall over, etc... Mini'
  4. Just adding another request for ShadowRun Style minis...seems very hard to find these, and the old ones...well 90% are terrible.
  5. Well I upped my bid by a multiplier of 5x, I hope it helps. I've kept tight lipped, I understand why Reaper did the $50 expansion packs this time (distribution must be easier that way) and I understand why more terrain (a lot of people were asking for it), but I must say, I wish I could just get the Bathalian, Kulathi and IMEF from that pack on its own. I know there's something for everyone. Congrats reaper, this is a fantastically successful campaign, and I know that 3 years ago, there is no way you could have imagined ever having this number of minis in your bones line today. I imagi
  6. LOL, I'm not complaining, but I will second the question. Can he stand up with that small base?
  7. But each of those after the KS closes dollars is worth a bit more to Reaper than those from the KS. KS charges a percentage fee - any funds picked up after the KS closes means that Reaper get's to keep the fee (and use it for more machines and molds of course). Good point! And to LittleBluberry as well; I thought of that right after I posted. No doubt, I already figured on this much, and it would be silly for Reaper not to allow it for that very reason. Plus I added quite a bit last time afterwards, because i was in the middle of upping my pledge when Cthulhu rose and killed
  8. Shakandara and Dan are right on point, it's the entire thought I had while reading the last few pages and catching up. Non-Issue, we are 3 days in and 20+ days left. Stay calm people, shipping estimates will come and no one said that your $10s won't be accounted for in the final RoW shipping costs. I was just wondering if reaper has hurt themselves at all on this kickstarter, momentum wise, by allowing additional funds after the close on the last one. I mean, there are probably a lot of people only in at the $100 mark, who will probably add another $100 or more in the last days once the
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