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  1. I really like the second picture. There's just something about the stare of a raptor that appeals to me.
  2. That is an interesting bus. I do think that WotC is trying a bit too hard, though with the retro D&D look. Having looked at the contents of the new boxed set, I see some of the throwback to days past with respect to the "choose your own adventure" style solo dungeon. However, after all the changes in 4th I just don't particularly care for where things have been taken with respect to the game itself. The fact that things change is inevitable and find in and of itself, but using the old imagery seems to me a bit disingenuous. /Paul
  3. While I personally fit in the "don't understand the appeal" camp and also think it a bit strange, I just shrug and say to each their own. Strange is all relative. My gaming friends don't think it's strange that I spend hours playing games with little pieces of cardboard (Advanced Squad Leader and Federation Commander) but my wife just calls them "little bits of paper" or more commonly "all that crap". It's not her thing, nor does it have to be. Be yourself, and as long as you aren't hurting anyone or breaking any laws, do your own thing. /Paul
  4. Awesome! Thanks. I'm in the middle of painting up his female bard (can't remember her name) and Derek's sculpting of the eyes makes it almost a requirement to do something special to bring out the features. /Paul
  5. A while back there was an awesome tutorial by Derek about how he painted eyes. Did the forum monster eat the posts during the maintenance cleanup or is it still around somewhere? Like an idiot I didn't save off a copy of them. :( Thanks! /Paul
  6. What colors are used for the Bloodstone gnomes? Specifically I'm interested in this guy. http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/bloo...cragger_b_front There's just something creepy about pale bluish, subterranean aztec gnomes. :) /Paul
  7. Cool. Now the ones from Obelisk look ideal. Too bad I haven't been able to find any suppliers in the US. $13 just for shipping on a single blister of figs is a bit steep. :( They do look more realistic than the ones at Armorcast, though. I will either go with them or just sub out with some random stuff. Thanks! /Paul
  8. Hi, I've been trying to find some medium sized miniatures of baboons (or similar) for an upcoming game. Using the figure finder, I found a few, but none are quite what I'm looking for. While it might be entertaining to plop down Kabaka (0352) for a bunch of 1st level characters, I don't think it would be nice (or economical). Any ideas on where I might be able to find a few? Thanks! /Paul
  9. You might also look online for Excalibur or Merlin's Magic. Either one are pretty good. Check out http://www.clintsales.com/dental.htm for more info. I've used both. Merlin's Magic isn't quite as strong as Excalubur, but is easier to mix if you have kitchen scales as it is easiest measured by weight. /Paul
  10. Yes, it was to open up the second slot. Using my pin vice with a larger bit is doing the trick. /Paul
  11. I agree. Some of the painting boards can get a bit brutal, with a bit too much emphasis on criticism and not quite enough of the "constructive" part. Of the figures you posted above, the dual-wielding monk is actually pretty good. A few things to consider with him is to 1) use a wash to help bring out the contours of his skin and 2) work on the base a bit. For the base, use a bit of white glue (aka PVA) and cover the top of the base, then dip it in some sand. Let it dry, then paint it. Since his shoes are green, a "dirt brown" color would be good. To take it a bit further, after the paint has dried on the base, go back and drybrush a lighter color to bring out the texture of the sand. I think you'll find that if you base a mini, it will really pop more even without doing more shading or other techniques. /Paul
  12. Is there any plans on bringing back some more of the fiction that was released in the "world book" from the box? I always thought it was interesting that the CAV factions were pulled straight from the DHA factions. Though, it makes me curious as to where the magic went. I'm guessing it is an "alternate universe". I'd love to reread the fiction from the game, unfortunately my copy was lost in a move at some point. /Paul
  13. I like the color scheme as well, especially for the fur. The axe seems a bit bright, and the loincloth a bit green. Maybe add a bit more shading to the loincloth.
  14. Absolutely! For a while I had jumped on the "it has to be such and such way" but stopped enjoying painting the figures. Now I just paint for myself. Some stuff gets the best job I can do, some ends up getting a base coat then dipped. My advice is do what is fun for you. Also, like everything else, the more you paint, the more you'll find your own style and techniques that work for you. /Paul
  15. Lucky 10 year old! Very nice job on the shaded metallics. I also agree that the eyes are awesome.
  16. Drilling them got the job done. I'm just used to the old Rackham bases that are thinned down on both the horizontal and diagonal slots. Also, the Reaper bases are a much harder plastic (which I like, btw) than the Rackham bases. Honestly, Rackham's bases always seemed too soft to me. It would probably also help if I got off my rear end and bought another box of blades. The one I'm using is pretty dull. /Paul
  17. Good idea. Thanks. I've been dreading the next one. I've been pushing my luck, but one of these days the blade is going to break and go flying, hopefully not into me or anyone around! /Paul
  18. Hi, Does anyone have any special tips or techniques to trimming out the second, non-diagonal slot in the slota-base? I've been just using my xacto knife, but one of these days I'm going to slip and slice myself something horrible. Any other ideas for a more safe removal? I love the bases, but damn, they're thick with hard plastic! /Paul
  19. He's still listed in the online store and the latest CasketWorks, so I'm assuming that he's still in production. /Paul
  20. The last time I bought a S7 at the local art store the regular price was marked at about $14 each for a size 0. That was about 5 years ago. I actually bought some there when they were having a 50% off sale one day, but after the sale, they promptly went back up to the regular price. /Paul
  21. My almost 4 year old son is also always wanting to paint. I've got some old Ral Partha dwarves I found on the cheap 10 years ago that I let him go after. I make sure that they're well primed so that no lead is showing, but he does the rest. While I don't let him use my good W&N, Vallejo, or Raphael brushes, I give him a palette and squirt some Vallejo paints into them and let him go to town. While his color choices are, well, interesting to say the least, he really enjoys "painting with daddy". Another thing I'll do is give him some of the wooden flats you can get at Michaels or Hobby Lobby in the shape of trains, cars, and airplanes, then let him paint those with craft paints. He actually does a really good job with those, staying in each section pretty well. /Paul
  22. I concur, the canopy is really nice. The rest of the figure is good too, but I really like the detail of the canopy.
  23. This makes me remember back when I first met my wife. Her mom was deeply concerned about the state of my soul when she found out that I liked D&D, and even more so when she saw some of the stuff I painted for 40k and Confrontation. Luckily my wife, wonderful person that she is, dealt with any potential confrontation by telling her mom politely, but in no uncertain terms, to leave it alone. /Paul
  24. You're probably thinking about Hellbore the Assassin (02782). /Paul
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