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  1. and the 48 hour notice went out. Still debating this one. It's not like I have any need of dwarves but I am a fan of the heroes and some of the options.
  2. Surprised I didn't see this one here. I'm in because of the Book of Fiends. A great resource I used back in the day when it was originally printed. Blue Rose Adventurer's Guide 5E The world of the Blue Rose RPG comes to 5E! We are Green Ronin Publishing. You may know us from such Dungeons & Dragons books as Out of the Abyss and the Sword Coast Adventurer’s Guide, or as the company that brought you the Critical Role: Tal'Dorei Campaign Setting. Now we’ve got a new book for your collection: The Blue Rose Adventurer’s Guide. It gives you all the 5E rules you need
  3. Anyone here supporting Signum right now? Those look pretty bad broccoli but I haven't supported them before. What's their default scale? Do they have supports? Are they using MMF, GUMROAD or is it a download or it's gone thing?
  4. While they are awesome I'm not a dino fan so I'll be saving a few $$$ unless I'm really didgging the Igorot.
  5. Yeah the 3d modeling can often times accommodate some of these types of requests easier than physical models.
  6. Thanks. Exactly what I was looking for. I did the Townsfolk and Dragons add in but sounds like the VIllage is where it's at.
  7. It might also allow them to retire some physical skus. Not every product needs to be stocked eh? And damn good call on Kallidrax, they could sell BOTH versions eh?
  8. Yeah the PrussaSlicer is pretty solid. You should make a request on the removal of the symbols of Chaos etc... If they're separate modeled objects it shouldn't be a problem.
  9. Oh hell, I had minimum 'enthusiasm' in the first place. I was in for cheap minis.
  10. Yeah, no brainer for me. I'm in.
  11. What specifically doesn't seem like a good sign? Sounded like it'll be here July?
  12. Printable Scenery Late Pledge for Shadowfey Ending Monday No links and not a cheap one but I thought it might be of interest to the crowd.
  13. Thankfully the supports levle was hit. I would've hated to have to cancel an early bird but supports are kinda important for me as I'm lazy. I want slice and go.
  14. SO if you want minis, is it better to just order the specific packs of minis or are there exclusives or better deals in ordering a terrain set and swaping out some for minis?
  15. and well, that restock ain't necessarily going at full speed either eh? Some of those ogres from the Bones III I want to say Kickstarter have been out of stock for a month or more since I started trying to order them.
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