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  1. I had an early bird but dropped. The s&h is a bit and with the lockdown, who knows when it'll actually be ready.
  2. Too many outstanding projects from them right now.
  3. Typically good communication and quickly delivered. I'm in.
  4. Looks like this one is doing much better. I may have to jump in for the new minis.
  5. This noe was a no-brainer for me. They deliver and these are some fun models.
  6. Ugh. Spent way too much and still didnt' get everything I wanted. Oh well. I'm still painting the halfling stuff anyway so... More of a collector I guess.
  7. I'm in. Files are usually very 'clean' and easy to paint after printing.
  8. I'm a miniature painter and couldn't really figure out what to buy for the new Conan miniatures. Sigh. Hopefully the next one does it better.
  9. Still waiting for mine. They look fun, like the original renegade dwarves before they got the big Russian hats.
  10. Yeah the packaging was horrible. I had several broken figures and they were like "here's a 20% coupon for you to order more from us." Mind you I'm still backing this one as I'm a sucker for their not LoTR figures...
  11. I'm still not sure what I'll be getting. A lot of great unit opportunities and a TON of great monsters/painting pieces.
  12. Yeah, the Solomon Kane board game still hasn't come out yet. Noted that thep age had a late pledge option but that looks closed. Hmmm....
  13. I'm going to run some Savage Worlds Solomon Kane. Can anyone recommend some miniatures? Either 3D or traditional?
  14. One of my friends is getting read to run Starfinder. I figure I'll make an android soldier sniper.There's a section called builds. Has some recommended things you should take to emulate that build. Of the feats listed below, all classes get weapon specialization with weapons they have proficiency with. Soldiers have proficiency with sniper rifles so... wouldn't they get the special weapon proficiency and weapon specialization in the first place or am I misreading something?Deadly AimFar ShotImproved InitiativeSkill Focus (Stealth)Slippery ShooterSpecial Weapon Proficiency (Sniper Rifles)Weapon Focus (Sniper Rifles)Weapon Specialization (Sniper Rifles)
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