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  1. Delivery on the second one was fast.
  2. Where are people buying their accessories like the compressor and other items?
  3. I hope we see some video demos of it. A fan who was provided one did some work but I'd like to see more.
  4. I'll probably skip the mushroom folk but I do dig the orc pack and the adventurers themselves.
  5. There is a really old Greyhawk novel, not advertised as one on it's cover, called Night Watch, which is a city guard in Greyhawk. It wasn't bad.
  6. Anyone receive their yets? Broken it down? Checked the quality?
  7. BTW to resolve this I put in another order when Hasselefree had a sale and sent them a screenshot of their e-mail telling me they were working on fixing it. Took way too long to resolve and I'd never back a kickstarter form him or the company again. Only stuff that's in the store.
  8. Some nice figures here. Anyone in?
  9. I had an early bird but dropped. The s&h is a bit and with the lockdown, who knows when it'll actually be ready.
  10. Too many outstanding projects from them right now.
  11. Typically good communication and quickly delivered. I'm in.
  12. Looks like this one is doing much better. I may have to jump in for the new minis.
  13. This noe was a no-brainer for me. They deliver and these are some fun models.
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