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  1. JoeGKushner

    Dragon Frog

    Huh, thought I saw this one. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/806737090/dragon-frog/description Up to six freebies with it now. Certainly a unique monster with some oddball figures. I've backed him before. Good stuff.
  2. JoeGKushner

    Zombicide 2nd Edition by CMON and Guillotine Games

    If they do a Zombicide Black Plaque 2nd ed, I'm in.
  3. JoeGKushner

    Stonehaven Dwarves Vol. 2

    I thought it was a halfling blademaster. Nice work on the green stuff on the base. Roller, stamp or ?
  4. The animals are a nice addition to the colleciton.
  5. JoeGKushner

    MOMminiaturas: Mercenaries

    Oh yeah, still waiting.
  6. JoeGKushner

    Unpainted Minis from Wizkids

    Wizkids did announce a lootbox.
  7. JoeGKushner

    Chaos Cultist

    It's a Reaper figure.
  8. JoeGKushner

    CMON Time Machine

    I originally passed on Hate but I've seen some phenomenal paint jobs. If I can get the original Zombicide Black Plague as well, it's a double win. Maybe some terrain from the Hate set too.
  9. JoeGKushner

    ArcWorlde: Second Edition

    Could always use more halflings and undead.
  10. JoeGKushner

    High Elven Army [28/30mm] DAVALEMINIATURES

    Yeah, if it was 'generic elf' GW might let a few 'not X' go but those are the LoTR elves. DOA.
  11. Wound up in for the turtle warriors
  12. JoeGKushner

    Unpainted Minis from Wizkids

    I was going to run the Waterdeep Dragon Heist and it has a weakened troll with 4 stirges. I bought the Reaper packs.
  13. JoeGKushner

    Myth Explorers III

    My not Gandalf broken staff, not Strider broken torch, not Legolas two broken swords and one of the random ladies a broken leg. 21 miniatures with 21 bases stuff into what amounts to a pillbox. I'm surprised I don't have more broken figures. I think I'll be able to fix all of them except the not Legolas. The connection points between his hands and the blades is very small. Well, maybe some pinning or something but damn, compared to the box set and foam padding you got with another set I recently backed, the Adventurers, this is damn pitiful
  14. Agreed. Great old school look and feel to most of them.
  15. Not too fond of the ducks but the turtles would make great tortles from D&D. The crows might make good Kenku too. Shared!