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  1. I'm in Heroes Infinite for the Hercules model but it doesn't quite tell you which tier gets which models. Annoying.
  2. when you say that the pre-supports failed, did you then add the supports yourself or ?
  3. So if I was a street level super-villain, it would be the ox. I've had several successful prints that I've managed to break before removing the supports. In terms of advice for support removal, what's the best practices? Some I've heard, and the first one helped a lot: 1. Put miniature in hot water for a few minutes prior to removal. I have a Keurig and use it to make tea these days with hot water so this works out great. 2. clipping the support base into sections and peeling from there, sort of like an orange.
  4. I've seen some mention wash and clean stations. Can you talk about the specific ones you're using? The pros and if any cons? Like how much space does each take up? Is there a different one you would've bought given the spat of recent changes/udpates? Is there something specific to look for when buying such a device?
  5. When I first started 3-D printing, I was having some trouble with some failed print removal and just tore the FEP to pieces with my gloved hands.
  6. My stuff has arrived but I won't be able to inventory it till Sunday. Looking forwarded to it.
  7. What type of plastic razors? I'm use a metal scrapper. I've used plastic ones but I've had a few break on me.
  8. Okay, that's a great idea. I'd never considered it before. Mind you I dont hollow a lot but great idea. THumbs up.
  9. Vae Victus, Arbiter, Rocket Pig Games, and a few others, make supportless miniatures. I find it a huge PIA to get them off the plat that way so I use supports just to kick them up off the plate. Anyone else? Or do you use a razor or something to get them off the plate?
  10. So without posting links, what are some of your favorite supplies? For example, what FEP or non-FEP sheets do you use? What resin do you prefer? Do you have different resins for different projects? Low smell resins? What spatula style device do you use to pop your prints off the plate or do you use a razor?
  11. Nolzur's, the 'official' D&D one as opposed to the Pathfinder one. He's like a large dude instead of a large monster.
  12. I've been painting a few of the WizKids models. Did they bump the sizes? I did the minotaur, he's tiny compared to the bone golem, the ettin, and the blue slaad. Not a problem for me mind you, the larger the monsters the better.
  13. With the general roll out of the vaccine not expected to hit satisfactory levels until September, any chance Reaper will be doing more survival packs for 2021
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