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  1. I have them. Most of them are for specific NPCs. Dudes often did not match up the paint jobs/figure to the description in the book. Looking at the were bear in particular who does not have a bear but the mini does. Some great sculpts though by some great artist. I highly recommend them if old school if your thing.
  2. CARNIVOROUS APE Great sculpt, one of my favorites of the apes (imo much better than the killer ape one out now). At $15.99 due to it being metal, could use the price break of being in bones/3d printed.
  3. Nice. I saw them at Adepticon but I hadn't gotten to the point in the adventure where I saw I needed jackals. Might have to investigate. Thanks!
  4. Still looking through Dark Tower and trying to figure out some easy 'wins' in terms of miniature painting. I got some giant rats done up but now I've got jacakls. I saw a set from Wizkids with a were jackal and a jackal and a were jackal from Reaper but not a lot of actual jacakls. Is my best bet to just go with hyenas?
  5. Went back Sunday and the Wiz Kids booth was tiny and they were out of the exclusive mini. No one was playing onslaught. I did pick up some AMMO paints under the Atom brand and the early release of Monumental Hobbies three sets of paint.
  6. I did snag everything on my list. Adepticon has a troll slayer dwarf for charity that's $25. Snagged him and some of this year's dice. Always need more D6's for exploding dice in Savage Worlds. The Kuma Dice, 2 with the burger, and an exclusive 6 pack that you can buy separately. Bombshell Miniatures has five minis, I bought the 2 I wanted. Reaper has Victoria Miniatures and I snagged the con exclusive for that. Games Workshop has the Rook so snagged 2 of him. One to paint just regular and one to try to paint good. Never works. Monster Fight Club: Snagged the Witcher. Very affordable at $10. Monumental Hobbies was doing gangbusters. They had a line for their new paints and exclusive paints. Snagged. Now I did miss that Wiz Kids has Minsc and Boo and I plan to go back on Sunday and see if they still have any but I went yesterday specific to try to beat the lines or sellouts.
  7. Is there a list of the new or exclusive releases at Adepitcon? I know that Games Workshop, Bombshell, Victoria, Infinite will all have exclusive figures. Monumental Hobbies will have new Signature Paints (2 new sets, 6 paints each.) Anything else going on?
  8. So I have the 5e Dark Tower from Goodman Games. Looking through the stat blocks. First thing is a bunch bandits. I was surprised that Reaper didn't have more minis that I thought could fit the below. Any recommendations? Let me know. (And it looks like the Egyptian themed Warlord faction Neskofar?) has been reduced in the amount of minis they have or I'm misremembering some of the packs they used to have. Which wouldn't surprise me, been a long time.
  9. Is there anything on the front page with the price increase? And just as a side note, with the new promotion going into effect the 4th, customers may be waiting till then to put in an order, but that's also when the price increases are going into efffect.
  10. So it notes on the front page that the Cyber Monday is live, but those prices look to be the same as when it said coming soon.
  11. I dig the company. They do small, hyper focused, few stretch goals, and quickly delivery. But sometimes the things they sell are of no interest to me so it's a pass. This is one of those times. For those who like it, I encourage you to support them as they are good peeps.
  12. The amount, if any, you'll need to thin you paint, will depend on a number of factors. The size of your needle is one of them. One of the reasons the Patriot 105 Badger is often recommended for starters is it's a 5 needle. People joke that you can shoot gravel through a Patriot. The second thing is the air pressure you're using. You may get dry tip or other problems, but higher pressure will push out that paint.
  13. I completely missed this which is weird as I've backed several of his kickstarters in the past. I dig the style.
  14. If you watch Ninjon on youtube, he just did a bit talking about 3d printers and had some discount links for Phrozen so might be worth a look.
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