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  1. Looks fun. I'll have to check the funds after Adepticon to see what level I can back at.
  2. The paints are interesting. Not sold on all of them but I am impressed with the reds that I've used.
  3. Honestly not impressed. Not easy to naviage. Not a lot of options. I'd have to price compare between the various sites (Gumroad, Minihoarder, DriveThru, and of course MMF) but I'm not seeing low low prices or really ANY reason to use this site.
  4. I wound up snagging a big old Moth style monster. May have one of my friends print it up to sub for a carrion moth from Frog God Games.
  5. Anyone ordered from Lucid Eye? While I don't need Hobgoblins in the same number I previously did thanks to Next Level having 5 in their set and the order from Tomb Guardians (regardless of the quality), I see that Lucid has a nice range of them. Would like to know peeps experience though before I take the plunge if there is anyone whose ordered from them.
  6. https://www.lucideyepublications.com/product-page/hobgoblins-iii Lucid Eye has a fair range of Hobgoblins.
  7. They gave me a $10 credit. Any recommendations? It's not an easy site to search and I'm still not sure why one would use it instead of MMF.
  8. https://gamefound.com/projects/next-level-miniatures/next-level-miniatures-dragons-hoard-miniatures-vol-1?ref=creator#/section/miniature-add-ons-3221 Oh one other thing. On the KS I told them to fix the miniatures on your various ad spots. For example, on Gamefound for this campaign, you have the ogre clearly on a 40mm and some of the other models look like they're on a 20mm instead of the 25mm. This will give a bad indication of the model's actual size to anyone looking at them NOW as opposed to the people who've gotten them and see they don't match how they're displayed. Not sure if those are computer graphics or physical products where the models have been placed on smaller bases but that should be fixed so it's clear what size the models are in relation to the 50mm/25mm bases.
  9. Good call on the alternative history bit. I know that Northstar has been selling that one for a while. I think there are a few others out there that use something similiar but I'm blanking on a name. I think by the same people that did Dwarf Wars? Ugh. Don't get old.
  10. I see Mierce Miniatures and MOM Miniatures have come to Patreon. Undead on the former and orks on the later.
  11. A little disappointed that this month's free 3d printed miniature is again one that's 'close in'. Not a good sampling of what the printers can do if all the miniatures look almost supportless to begin with. Need some dynamic poses to showcase how 'okay' it's going to be IMO.
  12. I'm unhip with AoS. What are they supposed to be?
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