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  1. How about a link to that Reaper Challenge League on discord?
  2. I think one bit not mentioned is online game play. Thanks to COVID, many people discovered Roll20 and Fantasy Grounds and other bits. We probably have more active players than ever before but if I'm playing on Roll20, I don't need physical miniatures. There's also 3D printers which allow for a ton of options in the market. None no single publisher could ever keep up with. I know Reaper changed the were bear to a void looking too much like one from Arch Villain Games for example. And what type of 'horror' theme? For example, let's say you have 1920s Pulp. I'd pass on that. But let's say it has a bunch of monsters in it. Now I want the monsters but not necessarily anything else in it. Ditto for sci-fi. Monsters of sci-fi? Absolutely. Alien species? Not so much.
  3. I have this one on my table and was looking over some art for inspiration. I think that cape is actually chain mail armor based on the illustration and the prepaint. I do like what you've done with it.
  4. Some do it right IMO. Like One Page Rules when they do their 70% off or companies who aren't charging more for a single model than a month's worth on the Patreon. Like I said, maybe I"m an outlier but I'm not paying more for a single model than a month's worth of releases that I didn't support. We'll see if more supply drives down the prices as there are quite a few Patreons/Tribes out there.
  5. Thanks. I like 'art porn' as much as the next guy but I'm not in the market for it at this time. If it was more 'here's instructions' next to the step by step for the majority, I'd be interested. Thanks again!
  6. The aftermarket prices post Patreon are not going to convince me to support all patreons I may think have an interesting sculpt. I just stop buying. Either those post Patreon prices will come down or they'll go unbought by me. I've supported enough Patreons long enough that it's highly doubtful I'll ever print everything I already have a stl for. I appreciate that there's some fantastic art and style coming out of these but the prices are just not worth it IMO. I hope that they are doing SOME sort of post Patreon business because if too many other customers are like me, well, you might as well NOT sell them after your monthly Patreon.
  7. I was just checking this guy out as he's in my tbp pile and man, your paint job is inspired. Thumbs up.
  8. anyone back the previous volumes? The preview looks to be heavily finished model as opposed to step by step model.
  9. So anyone here see the new shipping costs? Ouch..
  10. Seeing the issues with previous KS, and that the scale on these is heroic 35mm, I decided to pass on it. If I see them in person later and chance my mind I missed out on some KS exclusive and perhaps some pricing deals but that'll be at least a year+ down the road.
  11. What scale are these miniatures?
  12. I was going to ask about this. Seems like they are late on some projects at this time.
  13. Is anyone backing for the paint?
  14. According to the rules, a target can voluntarily fail a saving throw.
  15. anyone back Flesh Of Gods? Any opinions?
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