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  1. Still waiting on another project from them so no.
  2. Nice to see them doing some Thunderbolt models. I'd back it if they ever redid the old limited edition ones from way back in the day. I have the adventurers, dwarves, and elves but not the kings of the north I think it was?
  3. Did I misunderstand that paint early bit? I thought the extra shipping charge was ONLY if you weren't just getting paint?
  4. Ah, I can safely skip this one. 0 interest in 75mm figures.
  5. I picked up several but how they're working out? Sitting on a shelf for now. I have a lot of Reaper minis already primed. I opened the human fighter and the ghouls (ghasts?) to look at. Very fiddy. Will have to have a towel or something under me when I'm sniping them for sure.
  6. Games Plus, a Mt Prospect store in the 'greater Chicagoland' area, had all the frameworks in this discontinued section. It's a part of the store they mark down things not selling or that they don't plan on ordering again. About 30% off. I picked up a few of the frameworks. Was never going to buy them at full price. Not a fan of the 'true' 28mm size for one thing and the prices seemed out of line.
  7. So I just finished a Star Spawn from Bear's Head Miniatures and went to tag them on Twitter. No such user found. Went to the old KS. Checked their FB page. No longer there. Checked their webpage, 404. Anyone know what happened?
  8. ah the 48 hour notice just went out. I thought someone said these were cast resin? Thought I saw it say printed though? Will have to check and report.
  9. Is it a specific service you're using or just a friend? I'm an apartment dweller and I don't think 3d printing is for me after doing it for a while. The smell is a real problem with no where to really vent it. Not as bad with some of the 'eco' friendly resins.
  10. Maybe they'll update their page? Dark Heaven Legends 25mm Heroic Scale Fantasy Miniatures Hasn't been 25mm Heroic Scale for a long time.
  11. Made it as one of the 300
  12. Does anyone have the third one where she claims they're boobs and invites him back and eats him?
  13. I'm also not a fan of the scale. They're more 'true' 28mm as opposed to Reaper's 'Heroic' 28mm. Kinda of like Hasselfree or the old Red box Games. Bigger. Especially for for those prices. these color renders should die in a fire and be declared illegal for selling purposes. The models often don't look like the renders. Lots of small differences. False advertising.
  14. That's hilarious because I told them to cancel my membership for next month. The not 'Modenheim/Crused City' got me this month but zero interest in steampunk.
  15. Who thinks the next 'big' thing in 3d printing is some type of centralized service that shows you where to get your stl files printed and shipped to you? Something where you can upload your own files or take files form an existing company like Gumroad, MMF, Mini Hoarder, etc... and link it to the printing service and have them print it and send it off to you.
  16. How about a link to that Reaper Challenge League on discord?
  17. I think one bit not mentioned is online game play. Thanks to COVID, many people discovered Roll20 and Fantasy Grounds and other bits. We probably have more active players than ever before but if I'm playing on Roll20, I don't need physical miniatures. There's also 3D printers which allow for a ton of options in the market. None no single publisher could ever keep up with. I know Reaper changed the were bear to a void looking too much like one from Arch Villain Games for example. And what type of 'horror' theme? For example, let's say you have 1920s Pulp. I'd pass on that. But let's say it has a bunch of monsters in it. Now I want the monsters but not necessarily anything else in it. Ditto for sci-fi. Monsters of sci-fi? Absolutely. Alien species? Not so much.
  18. I have this one on my table and was looking over some art for inspiration. I think that cape is actually chain mail armor based on the illustration and the prepaint. I do like what you've done with it.
  19. Some do it right IMO. Like One Page Rules when they do their 70% off or companies who aren't charging more for a single model than a month's worth on the Patreon. Like I said, maybe I"m an outlier but I'm not paying more for a single model than a month's worth of releases that I didn't support. We'll see if more supply drives down the prices as there are quite a few Patreons/Tribes out there.
  20. Thanks. I like 'art porn' as much as the next guy but I'm not in the market for it at this time. If it was more 'here's instructions' next to the step by step for the majority, I'd be interested. Thanks again!
  21. The aftermarket prices post Patreon are not going to convince me to support all patreons I may think have an interesting sculpt. I just stop buying. Either those post Patreon prices will come down or they'll go unbought by me. I've supported enough Patreons long enough that it's highly doubtful I'll ever print everything I already have a stl for. I appreciate that there's some fantastic art and style coming out of these but the prices are just not worth it IMO. I hope that they are doing SOME sort of post Patreon business because if too many other customers are like me, well, you might as well NOT sell them after your monthly Patreon.
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