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  1. DOes anyone use an ultra sonic for their Reaper Air Brush? If so, what model? How often? I've heard some people just leave their a/b in the thing so that it doesn't 'dry'.
  2. Are you manually doing the spreadsheet? That sounds super useful. Some vendors are BAD with their naming conventions like 'body left side' or something. And then do that with multiple files. Argh!
  3. Harddrive? Dropbox? BY vendor and month? Something else?
  4. Damn, I thought Reaper was coming out with some rattle can primers specifically handled to work with the bones miniatures and instead it's just a good question. Glad to hear the TTC is solid. I've been wanting to check them out but I don't think they have a US distributor.
  5. I snagged the dragons and did an add on for the minis. Not interested in actual terrain at this time.
  6. I'm in. I didn't get either of the first super-early birds but did get in on the 300.
  7. So Reaper has several paint lines at this time. Do you prefer the original traid organization? The new Bones organization? The Pathfinder boxed sets? Something else? When not using the triads, do you experiment with the colors or check out how other companies use similar colors, including the other line of Reaper paints, and try to follow along.
  8. What do you want in a Patron? What's a must? What's a nice? For me: 1. Supports. I remember before they were 'standard'. I'd rather not go back even though some slicers are getting good with the auto supports. 2. Distribution. It doesn't have to be MMF. It doesn't have to be Gumroad. But it needs to be somewhere and it needs to be forever. As there grew to be more and more patrons, I stopped supporting those that don't offer anything but a dropbox and a promise to give it to you if you lose it or they make an update in the next month you're not a patron but they promise to update you anyway. That's pretty much it for the 'must'. Nices? 1. 28mm scale or maybe multiple scales? Some of the guys are doing stuff in like 35mm or just no standard scale so every miniature has to be scaled and if you're pulling from 35 down to 28 with supports already in place, even with lychee it's problematic. It annoys me that many of the ones I directly support are deliberately aiming at me as a consumer because they're making D&D models. No ifs, no and, no butts. It's a D&D model. But then they don't use the standard scale. 2. throwback. Again not a make or break but I do like it when companies put a throwback up. Mind you if you've been with a patreon for a while they're not useful to ME personally but they're good for others to have. Cast & Play is a good example of this. 3. Show what you're selling. This is an edit because I didn't think it needed to be said but someone was like "This dude has an awesome Patron and I went to the page and it's apparently all locked behind the paywall. Seriously guys and gals,, you need to show what you're selling. 4. Supportless Models: This is another 'nice'. Fat Dragon, Rocket Pig Games, and Vae Victus often have these models. Arbiter has Kickstarted three of them like this now and I like these models because I can scale up or down usually without worrying about supports failing eh? This was another edit as I forgot it. 5. Partnerships. This is not necessarily with another company but with say a Youtuber or something along those lines. Having someone actively out there painting and sharing your models is a huge thumbs up. Several guys doing KS know this and hire people like James to do Twitch streams painting their miniatures. Again, another nice but not mandatory. That's about it. There are some 'nice' things that I don't want to say I don't care about but they're not a make or break for me. 1. Welcome pack. Most companies don't update their welcome pack so if you were a member a year ago, it's the same stuff. It's nice the first time but rare it's not going to get me to come back. 2. Loyalty Program. Some companies have some great models in ye old loyalty packs. Again, not a make or break for me. 3. Discord. I'm unhip. While I do suggest for engagement companies hit up all the social media they possibly can, I'm personally not into it. I see several channels that are VERY busy which is a great tool for engagement. Might be something I'll have to toe-dip into later. I know Instagram is popular as well. 4. Crossovers. Again another 'Nice' but not something that's going to make me jump into a sub. How about others? What are you looking for? What is your must-have, nice to have, don't care about or actively dislike?
  9. Damn, I fully missed him. He's a great looking figure. Great paint job too.
  10. And PrintMyMinis went live today. Pretty quick too. Your files are held on MMF but you pay through their site. This month its 'The Frost'.
  11. I managed to make my Wisdom saving throw even with Didsavnatge. I figure if I'm still waiting for Bardsung I dont' need to get into the waiting game AGAIN for that.
  12. There is more talent than could easily be supported. I do wonder if that's going to start to have an effect on the Aftermarket Sales. I saw one company that had a 40% coupon so was like okay let me check out some of the older releases. Prices weren't bad. Checked out another and the 'monthly' release was like $65 or something like that. As the talent pool continues to increase and the backlog grows, are we going to see Companies doing collections for Kickstarter like RNEStudios just did or Rockpig Games is doing now on INdigogo?
  13. Last few hours and they've sadly only hit two stretch goals. I think it would've did better if they put the 'antagonist' style models first as opposed to the 'scenery' style animals.
  14. Congratulation we, liberate the second stretching goal INDRICOTHERIUM, the greatest mammal terrestrial of every time.
  15. So... if you were listening to the public ask about files to be made, what would you request? While I appreciate that specific games may be under represented and sci-fi trails far behind fantasy, I think I'm getting to the point where I'll cut back on Patreons not because there isn't a ton of talent out there but because I don't necessarily need anything. It's starting to become about the style or stance as opposed to just general availability. Others?
  16. I was hoping we'd get a stretch goal with supports but it's a low enough cost that I'm in.
  17. Could also be a good place to put things you'd like to see Reaper make for the air-brush. Several companies do some primers and Reaper already has a brush on, having air-brush style primers would be good. Such a forum could be a wishlist palce like we have "things you'd like to see for Bones" for example.
  18. Good question. I was looking for some Bones Ogres and two of the ones I was looking at are out of stock at Reaper's own website. Is it a matter of weeks or months or does someone need to crank on the on site machine and get 'em going?
  19. My thought process is as more people get the Vex and use it, having more resources available, and as more options come out from Reaper directly, such as the compressor, we'll see more bits. I remember not too long ago suggesting the 3-D forum and it was like "No we don't need that" and yet that's bown up. Much different product/process here I get but making it easier to find all the information'tips/products/etc... can only help.
  20. Looks like it's the last two days and I don't think it's going to make it unless a large number of people just watching decide to back it now. Some of their wording in the initial landing page may strike the wrong cord with some people. "We aint' re-launching" etc... I've seen multiple campaigns re-launch. It's not necessarily a bad thing.
  21. Thanks for sharing. Good stuff to see.
  22. A little price compared to a monthly Patreon (not after that month as MMY prices will attest to_) but it's a specific bit, very Mordenheim. Anyone in? https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/dogsofwar/dogs-of-war-free-companies Dogs of War: Free Companies brings to your 3D printer a full mercenary warband ready for your skirmish or role-playing games. This campaign includes a core set of seven digital pre-supported models ready to plug and print, to expand with more freebies and models based on funding! The Free Company is a group of hired swords that have been fighting constantly throughout their lives. To show this, each of the characters have their own style and weaponry so you can create a background for each of them. We have been working hard to ensure that each of them fits in the same warband without forgetting to give them their own unique look. In addition to the basic models, we have a series of stretch goals lined up that we believe will add even more depth to the warband. Those stretch goals will be added to All In pledge at no additional cost as goals are unlocked.
  23. I'm in for the terror birds, sloth, and saber tooth cat. There are some great stretch goals but I don't think it's going to hit some of them. Antediluvian Beasts http://kck.st/2OklTxc Hello everyone, this time I bring you "Antediluvian-beasts", prehistoric animals that managed to develop after the great extinction of the Late Cretaceous. Sixty-five million years ago. The impact of a colossal meteorite on the planet's surface ended the reign of the great dinosaurs. Enabled this the development of other animal groups that occupied bacchante. The birds and mammals evolved, reaching great size. Terror birds, giant ground sloths, saber tooth, countless animal species came to dominate the planet and coexist with the first human beings. The species represented in this campaign lived several million years ago, some species surviving until about eight thousand years ago. The miniatures I have modeled respecting current paleontological knowledge by study fossil remains and take into account recognized paleo-artistic recreations.
  24. So with the two boxed sets and individual colors, are there guides to using them with the triads, are they meant to be completely used on their own or mix and match? Are there any Reaper videos showcasing them and showing them in use?
  25. With the 5K screens around the corner and the bigger printers coming into their own, unless I had to have a printer I'd wait. The prices are just going to keep coming down for the existing ones and the new ones are going to debut at those prices in most instances.
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