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  1. I was just checking this guy out as he's in my tbp pile and man, your paint job is inspired. Thumbs up.
  2. anyone back the previous volumes? The preview looks to be heavily finished model as opposed to step by step model.
  3. So anyone here see the new shipping costs? Ouch..
  4. Seeing the issues with previous KS, and that the scale on these is heroic 35mm, I decided to pass on it. If I see them in person later and chance my mind I missed out on some KS exclusive and perhaps some pricing deals but that'll be at least a year+ down the road.
  5. What scale are these miniatures?
  6. I was going to ask about this. Seems like they are late on some projects at this time.
  7. According to the rules, a target can voluntarily fail a saving throw.
  8. anyone back Flesh Of Gods? Any opinions?
  9. Man, this one is just bad timing for me. And Goodman has their next OAR coming out soon too. Ugh.
  10. and I see they have an all-in. Rolls saving throw. Oh, that's bad.
  11. My bad, I thought you were saying the nightmare and wyverns were in the same expansion pack. In terms of restocks, i suspect this is part of the problem with the China boat issue. You can't get a repack of 'one' figure. I was waiting for the ogres for months before they finally came in. Might've been longer. And these were sold out at the local level first before I checked Reaper so who knows what those stock outs are doing to sales averages. "Wow, we sold a lot of this guy. Yeah, but then none for six months. Did we have invnetory for those six months? No?"
  12. Correct. I just thought it weird that on the preview page it's got the painted mini and not on the actual mini page. Like ?
  13. JUST IMO but by the time the Wyverns and Nightmare come out, they'll be almost or more expensive than getting the whole expansion now. A regular Bones US figure can hit $6.99 for a human sized figure. It's unlikley that the prices will go down in 2+ years.
  14. Anyone else backing this? Some great minis. Bones VI really beat on my wallet though.
  15. a lot of the fellow forum peeps are pretty cool and if you know any of them persoanlly, wil probably be willing to get an extra 1 for you.
  16. Back in the day, Games Workshop made some great Ninja. I also remember a Ral Partha boxed set of Ninja. More recently, Paizo had a ninja encounter pack with like 3 ninja, metal, in it. They were fun and quick paint jobs.
  17. I'm interested in the paint but with the Bones 6 KS going on right now it's not ideal timing.
  18. Could be a way to try out new lines. I felt cheated when I saw the Barbarian backer figure wasn't the first of a series of 3-Stage Characters but doing a 3-Stage Character KS could show if there's any interest in that. Doing something similar for an Encounters series ditto.
  19. The minotaurs were from a KS years ago. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/zealotminiatures/twisting-catacombs-the-minotaur-horde
  20. Those minotaurs look a LOT like the ones from Zealot miniatures.
  21. Are you talking about the Lychee option to resize supports automatically? Unless that's greatly changed, it's garbage. It puts supports through the model and then you have to spend time rearranging them.
  22. Man I wish Artisian Guild did 28mm instead of their 35mm scale. Very tempting.
  23. It took months for the ogres from one of the KS to get a restock. This is one of the HUGE problems with having overseas manufacturing. The boat/container/etc... probably has to hit a certain threshold before it makes sense to make an order. You're not going to want to order 1 ogre. I can't imagine the havok that plays with the demand system though. At my old gig we'd have to manually go in and check those anomaly's out to figure out if something wasn't selling or if it'd just been out of stock for a long time and to be prepared for it to be a huge seller and may need more picking face space when it was back in.
  24. I just got in Bard Sung the other day. Prior to that the expansions for the Conan boardgame. Prior to that Warcry's new edition. Prior to that Dominion. etc... etc... etc... This doesn't count the ones I'm currently waiting on. I would love to back it but I'd need to buy a house first for all the board game KS I buy just for the minis.
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