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  1. I did say ambitious but not impossible. Bones VI 1 mill and change right now. 10 days to go. Let's say we get a mill in the last five days. That still puts it at 2 mill. Bones V 3.3 mil Bones IV 3 mil and change Bones III 2.7 mil Bones II 3.1 mil Bones I 3.4 mil Things can always turn around. There may be some more encounters or they mad add somethings to the core or they may break out things from the core. On FB there's been a daily breakdown. It's not looking good by the numbers. But things can always turn around.
  2. The stretch goals are... ambitious. Almost double what the campaign currently has. I'd already pledge for several things that weren't unlocked, hellborn heroes, the dragon, and something else so no additional funds will be elicited from me this round. Know when about the 30th anniversary dragon is weird because it wasn't' clear to me if THIS year 2022 is the 30th anniversary and it's going to be available in the stores of if they made it for the 30th and you can order it now and in 2 years you'll get it for the 32nd anniversary...
  3. Over on ye old FB, one of the sculptors mentioned offhand that he preferred physical spun/cast etc... miniatures to 3d printing because 3d printed figures will become more brittle over time and threw out a 10 year mark as the durability stage. Anyone have any data/information on that? Any ideas on how the various tenacious/etc... resins increase/decrease that? It's not something I see talking about.
  4. Looking at the new April releases, the front page has the Nobelwoman painted. Getting to the individual model, no paint job. Searching and seeing both the Bones and the Metal models, no paint job. ? Is there an easy way to find the painted models? I find them very useful for inspiration and color selection.
  5. and the pdf came in. Not sure if that's because of this campaign or others.
  6. This guy is the perfect example of that. Is that a human wizard? No, he's listed as a half-elf monk. So... who buys it right? Well, me because I always need hooded characters but yeah, buyers are strange.
  7. I'd just like to hammer on this point. Retail pricing. The Bones figures when they first came out were a revolution in pricing. One of the rogues from the recent freebie of the month is $5.99 if you order him. He's more expensive than some of the metal figures which could just be an indicator that Reaper needs to update it's entire catalog's prices. I can't imagine in 2 years things are going to get cheaper. Even if covid goes away, even if Russia resumes being a 'partner' or whatever you want to call it in world markets, even if the logistics issues are completely resolved. Things long term only go in one direction.
  8. Like the idea of a three stage unlock. In most cases Reaper will unlock if we're close so my assumption is we're going to get them all. Dislike that we're not getting more 3-stage characters. Mind you I'm old and the Ral Partha 3-stage bits were great for the various multi-class combos that were standard in the 1st and 2nd ed days. I hope we start seeing some more pieces like more dragons and whatever the 'encounters' are going to be.
  9. A little disappointed they dropped the whole 'Encounters' naming convention. I can't be the only one who remembers the old Grenadier 'Encounter At XXX" with a few terrain pieces, heroes, and villains? They even had gaming stats. With Reaper doing things like the Green Griffin PDF, they could add actual 'Encounters', PDF and game stats with maps. And no three stage characters? If true, that's another sigh and missed opportunity to hit that old nostalgia spot.
  10. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/blacklistgames/street-masters-aftershock/posts/3460524 Hmmmm... not the same game but....
  11. Dependong on how expensive the set is, you might be better off buying multiple in the KS and selling the excess. Some of those price bumps have been HUGE.
  12. Got mine but will have to wait until the weekend to inventory it.
  13. This one might have some conflicts with Bones sucking all the air out of the room.
  14. The Elves are great. When he does another KS I'll back. I've backed his other projects and he's usually pretty clean with communication. I really need to get working on actually PAINTING some of those. Looking forward to the Mork Borg. Reliable company with the usual ups and downs.
  15. Thanks! I have some FIreforge stuff that was on the Northstar scale and pretty much stopped buy it after that. I prefer the larger scale. Hell, I'd be okay with 32mm becoming the norm.
  16. Unless things have changed, both the Frost Grave and Fireforge figures are 'true' 28mm while Reaper is Heroic 28mm. I'd also note that one of the Bones US figures from last month, two months ago? is selling for $5.99. I think we'll continue to see prices rise. Current oil issues are not going to cause anyone to suddenly jump up and shout "Damn I've got to decrease prices immediately!"
  17. Could be those very comfortable with their 3D printers aren't the target audience anymore. I have a 3D printer but I find it a PIA compared to just cleaning and painting a minis. "Load the file. Modify if necessary. Save. Print. Inspect for failure. Clean supports. Cure." All of that is the prelude to getting a successful print. My patience ain't what it used to be so if I can grab a physical mini from one of a variety of companies that fits what I'm looking for, hey, I'm good with it. There's nothing wrong with 3D Printing people who are happy with the process not backing Bones. There is literally no way Reaper can compete. The ability to reprint, to even say flip a model, to changes bases if necessary, to reprinted multiple copies, and the sheer depth of variety available means Reaper simply cannot compete. It wouldn't be wise of them to try if they want to continue to be a company that specializes in selling physical minis.
  18. Depends on how you like your zombies. there were a lot of naysayers against the tree sprouting zombies when they first came out.
  19. They have to save a bit for later kick ups of interest but I'm looking forward to the bigger pieces we'll be seeing like dragons and maybe some more siege weapons like we had in the last KS. and of course the 3-stage characters...
  20. That's what I'm saying. Multiple 5 stage expansions? Ain't nobody got time for dat. Here's the thing. Inflation has already crept up. One of the bones us promo figures from this year is $5.99. So pricing and all that may vary but as the Rolling Stones would sing "it's going up up up up up..."
  21. Seeing is believing. Still waiting for the black dragon from the beginner's boxed set. IMO this is better. I want to SEE what's in the set. Again I think 3 stages of revweals would've been better. And I see that skeleton is a giant. Good call on all those who thought so. I know I'm going to be in for the undead if it all unlocks. Maybe the Green Griffin too but it's up in the air.
  22. Overall I'm okay with the core. I like the smaller add ons. I do not like the add ons at the $50 point price range being broken up into FIVE stages and having multiple ones offered when the first once hasn't been fully revealed yet. I know some are going to go "Well, it will be!" and yeah, at that point I'll decide if I want any of them because without seeing all five reveals I'm not pledging for any of them. So for now it's the core and the smaller ones. I love the orcs as they remind me of Angus McBride's version of them.
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