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  1. 19 hours ago, Iridil said:

    I am reaching a point of real excitement! Not quite Bones V level... but that one had 3 expansions I loved every figure from. But I'm happy for the ride!


    PS. I think a future of smaller, more frequent KS would be great! Indeed, the world keeps getting more specialized as we have access to so many options

    Could be a way to try out new lines.


    I felt cheated when I saw the Barbarian backer figure wasn't the first of a series of 3-Stage Characters but doing a 3-Stage Character KS could show if there's any interest in that.


    Doing something similar for an Encounters series ditto.

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  2. 5 hours ago, Glitterwolf said:

    Heroes Infinite has a new theme, Plague City...Lots of Female Landsknecht / Battle Nun types and Plague Demon things.

    Looks nice.









    I've visited the Zealot Shop.

    It's the other way around, Zealot Miniatures prints minis, from what I can see they also have a lot of Bestiarum prints in their range.

    I think they are Merchant Tier Patreons from Bestiarum and others and sell the prints.

    It said Print to Order on their shop.

    I also noticed Claybeast Creation and Artisan Guild minis there.


    Other physical stuff is also from other Brands.

    Like Minimonster Studios ( resin terrain/props)

    The minotaurs were from a KS years ago.  https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/zealotminiatures/twisting-catacombs-the-minotaur-horde

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  3. 16 hours ago, PaganMegan said:

    At least AG is consistent in scale. Figure it out once, and you are okay.


    The only problem is the supports.


    Lychee makes that SOOOO much easier!


    Are you talking about the Lychee option to resize supports automatically?


    Unless that's greatly changed, it's garbage.  It puts supports through the model and then you have to spend time rearranging them.

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  4. 2 hours ago, Sirithiliel said:


    i'm still waiting on things from bones 4 and bones 5 to hit retail =/




    Raptor pack from bones 4 has been out of stock for 2 years 

    Asian dragon 


    honestly at this rate i kind of figure what i dont 'get in the KS, i just won't get sadly


    on a more positive note, i'm hoping for more interesting encounters like the Owlbears, and for more dragons and big beasties


    It took months for the ogres from one of the KS to get a restock.


    This is one of the HUGE problems with having overseas manufacturing.  The boat/container/etc... probably has to hit a certain threshold before it makes sense to make an order.  You're not going to want to order 1 ogre.  I can't imagine the havok that plays with the demand system though.  At my old gig we'd have to manually go in and check those anomaly's out to figure out if something wasn't selling or if it'd just been out of stock for a long time and to be prepared for it to be a huge seller and may need more picking face space when it was back in.

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  5. I just got in Bard Sung the other day.


    Prior to that the expansions for the Conan boardgame.


    Prior to that Warcry's new edition.


    Prior to that Dominion.


    etc... etc... etc...


    This doesn't count the ones I'm currently waiting on.


    I would love to back it but I'd need to buy a house first for all the board game KS I buy just for the minis.



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  6. 2 hours ago, kristof65 said:

    When I first heard the expansion names/themes, Hakir was the one that least interested me. But seeing the first part, it may be the one I'm most interested in now. 


    Bones 1-5 all made $950k plus in the last five days.   I don't think it's a stretch to reason that Bones 6 can't do the same. 


    I did say ambitious but not impossible.   


    Bones VI 1 mill and change right now. 10 days to go.  Let's say we get a mill in the last five days.  That still puts it at 2 mill.


    Bones V 3.3 mil

    Bones IV 3 mil and change

    Bones III 2.7 mil

    Bones II 3.1 mil

    Bones I 3.4 mil


    Things can always turn around.  There may be some more encounters or they mad add somethings to the core or they may break out things from the core.


    On FB there's been a daily breakdown.


    It's not looking good by the numbers.


    But things can always turn around.

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  7. The stretch goals are... ambitious.  Almost double what the campaign currently has.


    I'd already pledge for several things that weren't unlocked, hellborn heroes, the dragon, and something else so no additional funds will be elicited from me this round.


    Know when about the 30th anniversary dragon is weird because it wasn't' clear to me if THIS year 2022 is the 30th anniversary and it's going to be available in the stores of if they made it for the 30th and you can order it now and in 2 years you'll get it for the 32nd anniversary...

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  8. Over on ye old FB, one of the sculptors mentioned offhand that he preferred physical spun/cast etc... miniatures to 3d printing because 3d printed figures will become more brittle over time and threw out a 10 year mark as the durability stage.


    Anyone have any data/information on that?  Any ideas on how the various tenacious/etc... resins increase/decrease that?


    It's not something I see talking about.

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  9. 2 hours ago, Lidless Eye said:

    So I have a question regarding the claims of too many Adventurers:


    Do your parties never fight Bandits?  Plenty of those named in the Core set could serve as such.


    Do they never encounter rival adventuring parties?  They're a common theme in pre written Adventure paths.


    Any Wizard can be the Evil Warlock in his Tower with the right paint.


    It seems like just because they're given a name and title people can only see them for a single use.  It reminds me of, I believe it was Ron, who told the story of someone looking for a character mini that was exactly like "Human Ranger Mason" but then not wanting it because it was labeled Ranger and their character was a Fighter.

    image.png.0c9378322b0ee8941ad6ab3980c9555c.pngThis guy is the perfect example of that.  Is that a human wizard?  No, he's listed as a half-elf monk.  So... who buys it right?  Well, me because I always need hooded characters but yeah, buyers are strange.

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  10. 8 hours ago, Jeronimus said:

    It does make me wonder; how many owlbears are too many owlbears? In D&D encounters, they strike me as a monster to use in isolation for a low level party. Like, bears are solitary hunters, which is probably where the "mama bear and her cubs" idea comes in as an excuse to have more... It's not an encounter I'd be likely to run (I don't want to force my players to orphan these poor cubs), but an added benefit of the encounter sets is that they're ready made for dioramas.

    I did get the Bones Black Owlbear, and then got it again in the Dungeon Dwellers set. I think there's another owlbear in one of my orders somewhere.

    Same for the Ogre, had that as a promo figure and also in Dungeon Dwellers. But beyond that, there's an ogre in the Bardsung set, there's an ogre in the Next Level Miniatures kickstarter... all with similar features but slightly different design. Ogres do seem like they could form a small society, so they seem more likely to show up together in games. 

    Apparently six is too many.



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  11. 13 hours ago, msfnc said:


    I think there’s still a great deal of value there. Especially considering what retail pricing is going to look like when it delivers. 

    I'd just like to hammer on this point.


    Retail pricing.


    The Bones figures when they first came out were a revolution in pricing.


    One of the rogues from the recent freebie of the month is $5.99 if you order him.  He's more expensive than some of the metal figures which could just be an indicator that Reaper needs to update it's entire catalog's prices.


    I can't imagine in 2 years things are going to get cheaper.  Even if covid goes away, even if Russia resumes being a 'partner' or whatever you want to call it in world markets, even if the logistics issues are completely resolved.  Things long term only go in one direction.

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  12. Like the idea of a three stage unlock.  In most cases Reaper will unlock if we're close so my assumption is we're going to get them all.


    Dislike that we're not getting more 3-stage characters. Mind you I'm old and the Ral Partha 3-stage bits were great for the various multi-class combos that were standard in the 1st and 2nd ed days.


    I hope we start seeing some more pieces like more dragons and whatever the 'encounters' are going to be.



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  13. A little disappointed they dropped the whole 'Encounters' naming convention.


    I can't be the only one who remembers the old Grenadier 'Encounter At XXX" with a few terrain pieces, heroes, and villains? They even had gaming stats.  With Reaper doing things like the Green Griffin PDF, they could add actual 'Encounters', PDF and game stats with maps.


    And no three stage characters?  If true, that's another sigh and missed opportunity to hit that old nostalgia spot. 

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  14. 8 hours ago, Smokestack said:

    The giant crayfish is cool. I will proxy it as a giant lobster... If i can get multiple at retail, I will have my party go to an all you can eat giant lobster buffet... where the lobsters rebel and fight back...


    There is an all-you can eat lobster buffet in CT (about 6 hours from me... The Nordic. Its $125 per person and a 2 hour limit... My wife says "no!" as it would be $500 to eat with our 2 kids... so I will make my players pay for me not getting to go there!!!

    Dependong on how expensive the set is, you might be better off buying multiple in the KS and selling the excess.  Some of those price bumps have been HUGE.

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  15. On 4/4/2022 at 12:21 PM, aku-chan said:
      Reveal hidden contents


      Reveal hidden contents

    Stonehaven Dwarf Adventurers:- Received with no issues. Have backed again.


    Reaper Bones 1:- Slightly late, but no real issues. Didn't back any of the subsequent Bones Kickstarters (not a fan of the material).


    Stonehaven Gnome Adventurers:- Also received with no issues. Have backed again.


    Super Dungeon Explore - Forgotten King:- Late, but no other issues. Did not back any further Kickstarters from them (lost interest in chibi-style minis).


    Wolsung:- Very late, but no other issues. No plans to back any future Kickstarters (I have enough at the moment).


    Carnevale:- Late, I considered the postage charges excessive and the mini I received was very poorly cast and sculpted. Will not back (or buy) anything from them in future.


    Basius 2:- Late, but no other issues. No plans to back any future Kickstarters (Don't use the 2 I got as much as I thought I would).


    Minion Miniatures - Monsters of Underdeep:- Received late, but with no issues. Would recommend them.


    Corvus Corax - Outcasts:- Received early, no issues. Have backed again.


    Corvus Corax - Dawning:- Received early (again!), no issues (again!), would recommend them.


    Kingdom Death - Monster:- Final expansion was cancelled and received a refund, so is now officially completed. Despite being VERY late I did back their latest project in the hope that lessons were learnt.


    Song of Blades - Hammer and Forge:- Received on time. Looks good, would recommend.


    Infamy - Goblin Chief:- Received 3 months (!?!) early. Lovely mini, would recommend.


    Wild West Exodus - Unfinished Business:- Received on time. Pretty disappointed by the minis in the end, they seem to have been cast on the cheap, would not recommend backing anything of theirs again.


    Bombshell Babes 2:- Received slightly early. Very nice minis, but would have appreciated some better packaging, they've all been a bit bashed and bent during transit. Would recommend.


    Heroines in Sensible Shoes:- Received on time. Very nice minis, would recommend.


    Going Native - New World Monsters:- Received late, but the quality is very nice. Would recommend.


    Stonehaven Halfling Adeventurers:- Received late (but for good reasons), minis are up to the usual high Stonehaven standards. Would recommend.


    Norsgard - Second Wave:- Received early, Very nice minis. Would recommend.


    The Pantheon Of Chaos:- Received late, but was very pleased with what I got. Would recommend.


    TGG2 - Light and Darkness:-  Received late. Decided to go with resin minis in the end just to get it over with, despite the minis being decent a lot of little things about this one annoyed me no end, would not back any more of their Kickstarters.


    Shadows of Brimstone:- Received late (est. delivery Aug 2014). Finally arrived in early 2018, however it did look like they had spent the years putting a lot of work into the game, wouldn't back another one though.


    Twisted:- Received late (est. delivery Nov 2016). Even taking into account that this was a two man team running their very first Kickstarter this one was extremely late, I would back another campaign though (I really like the minis), but I wonder if the delays in getting it out have killed any chances the game had.


    Heroines in Sensible Shoes 3:- Received early (est. delivery May 2018). Straight into the completed column, why can't more Kickstarters be like this? Highly recommended, even if I personally probably won't be backing any more.


    Carnvale:- Received late (est. delivery Feb 2018). This one got held up by rule-book issues (And considering I wasn't getting a rule-book was somewhat annoying), minis were nice but in quite a few small pieces. Would still recommend them though.


    Daughters of the Burning Rose:- Received late (est. delivery Oct 2018). A fairly well run Kickstarter, they were very upfront that it was a lot more successful than expected and so would take a lot more time to fulfil. Unfortunately soon after I backed this one, the minis I wanted were superseded by (IMO) superior versions from another company, so this one was kinda a waste of money. Would recommend. 


    Unbroken:- Received late (est. delivery Dec 2018). A decently made if not particularly good game, certainly not worth all the drama it generated. Would not back any further kickstarters or have any dealings with Golden Bell Studios in general, they're just not a particularly competent company.


    The Stygian Depths:- Received slightly late (est. delivery May 2019). No real problems beyond a few communication issues (despite my griping), minis were nice and well packed. Would recommend even though I am unlikely to back any more of their Kickstarters myself (I have enough).


    Stonehaven Dwarves Vol. 2:- Received slightly late (est. delivery April 2019). Not as well run as previous Stonehaven Kickstarters I have backed and the minis were rather poorly packed. I personally won't be backing any more and I'm not sure I'd recommend them to others either.


    Twisted Monstrous Marvels:- Received slightly late due to understandable Covid/Brexit stuff, very snazzy minis. Probably one of the few companies I will back on Kickstarter at this point.


    Middara:- Received Wave 1 a year late, looks great but I'm not going to up my pledge for the rest of it.


    Reaper Bones 5:- Received slightly late. Great minis but I had the same reaction I've been having with my Kickstarters for a while, get really excited when it's shipping, get really excited going through all the cool new stuff, then pack it all away and paint something from Games Workshop . While I can't recommend the Bones Kickstarters enough, I probably won't be taking part in the next one.


      Reveal hidden contents

    Imbrian Arts:-  No updates in years, I'm officially calling this one dead. Considering the on-line store is gone now, I'm not sure if I can even trade in my remaining pledge for existing minis anymore.


    Mierce Miniatures - Savage Hordes 4:- While this one isn't officially dead, I'm no longer expecting to get anything else. Not a total failure, I did get all the existing minis I pledged for, but there's been no mention of the ones I'm waiting on since the Kickstarter ran.


      Reveal hidden contents

    Etherfields:- Got my Wave 2 stuff refunded. They looked like nice minis but I've barely touched the ones I already have.


    The Isofarian Guard:- Full refund. I kind of regret not sticking with this one as it was looking like a nifty game.


    Batman - The Animated Adventures:- Full refund. Wasn't too happy with how this one was going any ways.


    Kingdom Death Monster 1.5:- Partial refund. Was just taking too long and I've pretty much lost interest.


    Dawn of Madness:- Looked interesting, but it was another big board game Kickstarter I was never going to do anything with.



    Recently Received:-


    The Elves Of Inneath:- Received late, but for understandable reasons. Very nice minis and would recommend.




    Aeon Trespass: Odyssey:- Late (Due Jan 2021), still chugging along slowly, should get it later this year.


    Mork Borg Miniatures:- Due Sep 2022, bit too early to tell how it's going but they've done a few, so hopefully it goes well.


    Colostle - The Roomlands:- Due Aug 2022, seems to be proceeding nicely, too early to tell really.

    The Elves are great.  When he does another KS I'll back.  I've backed his other projects and he's usually pretty clean with communication.  I really need to get working on actually PAINTING some of those.


    Looking forward to the Mork Borg.  Reliable company with the usual ups and downs.

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