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  1. Could be those very comfortable with their 3D printers aren't the target audience anymore. I have a 3D printer but I find it a PIA compared to just cleaning and painting a minis. "Load the file. Modify if necessary. Save. Print. Inspect for failure. Clean supports. Cure." All of that is the prelude to getting a successful print. My patience ain't what it used to be so if I can grab a physical mini from one of a variety of companies that fits what I'm looking for, hey, I'm good with it. There's nothing wrong with 3D Printing people who are happy with the process not backing Bones. There is literally no way Reaper can compete. The ability to reprint, to even say flip a model, to changes bases if necessary, to reprinted multiple copies, and the sheer depth of variety available means Reaper simply cannot compete. It wouldn't be wise of them to try if they want to continue to be a company that specializes in selling physical minis.
  2. Depends on how you like your zombies. there were a lot of naysayers against the tree sprouting zombies when they first came out.
  3. They have to save a bit for later kick ups of interest but I'm looking forward to the bigger pieces we'll be seeing like dragons and maybe some more siege weapons like we had in the last KS. and of course the 3-stage characters...
  4. That's what I'm saying. Multiple 5 stage expansions? Ain't nobody got time for dat. Here's the thing. Inflation has already crept up. One of the bones us promo figures from this year is $5.99. So pricing and all that may vary but as the Rolling Stones would sing "it's going up up up up up..."
  5. Seeing is believing. Still waiting for the black dragon from the beginner's boxed set. IMO this is better. I want to SEE what's in the set. Again I think 3 stages of revweals would've been better. And I see that skeleton is a giant. Good call on all those who thought so. I know I'm going to be in for the undead if it all unlocks. Maybe the Green Griffin too but it's up in the air.
  6. Overall I'm okay with the core. I like the smaller add ons. I do not like the add ons at the $50 point price range being broken up into FIVE stages and having multiple ones offered when the first once hasn't been fully revealed yet. I know some are going to go "Well, it will be!" and yeah, at that point I'll decide if I want any of them because without seeing all five reveals I'm not pledging for any of them. So for now it's the core and the smaller ones. I love the orcs as they remind me of Angus McBride's version of them.
  7. It's hard to have an OSR adventure with a small amount of ants and be true to the entry.
  8. Too bad. We never got the old Crocodile Games Ogres, which are some of my favorite ogres, in Bones material. OTOH I can't blame Reaper. Why compete with Wizkids Pathfinder minis for Paizo when you should've have to or something along those lines. I can't blame Paizo either mind yo uas there were a LOT of Pathfinder minis I don't think we would've gotten from Reaper.
  9. https://icv2.com/articles/columns/view/50789/rolling-initiative-critical-role-magic-the-gathering-miniatures Interesting observation on Critical Role miniatures being dogs in terms of sellers after the initial wave. Are they all prepainted?
  10. If this is the case I definately don't need them. Outside of white, black, brush on primers, sealers, it's extremely rare for me to run out of a paint so I'm not the target audience here.
  11. Oh agreed. The triads have been dead for a while. I've been picking up the sets mainly on momentum and to support Reaper but that's getting kinda thin now. It might be different if Reaper had a painting channel where they showcased how they are using all these paints. I appreciate that sometimes on the Twitch show they do some painting but I'm talking like a dedicated Warhammer channel. Duncan Rhodes didn't just start his own bit he came out of it after a long time of showcasing how to use GW paints in various combos.
  12. Great to see Pathfidner with Reaper. Pass on the Chibis. They have an audience but it ain't me. I could've swore I saw a 3-stage barbarian somewhere as well for the upcoming KS. If there are a lot of those I'm doomed. I absolutely loved the three stage characters from Ral Partha back in the day. Dragon will be a buy. Paint? I got two thin coats coming in plus speedpaints. Not sure if I need more 'random' paints. I liked the old triad system.
  13. When Zombicide Invaders was being funded I had zero interest in it since i dont' play sci-fi games. Of course my buddy decided to start running a Starfinder game not too longer afterwards.
  14. For the new line up coming down the pipe, I see more Deep Cuts, giant spider, zombies, and skeletons. I wonder if Wizkids figures' they're known enough on their own now that they don't need to do any licensing for generic bad guys?
  15. Nice. Which patrons have supportless models? I've been cutting back but supportless is a big sell for me.
  16. But are they supportless models? That's the big draw for me.
  17. So any recommendations for a human wizard no beard? Can be stl or physical figure. I've taken a few looks but most of the wizards are bearded in the 'Gandalf' fashion.
  18. T-Shirt I could do. Not a fan of patches or decals but if there's an audience for it, do it.
  19. Hell he could do a tribute to all the classic era ogres and I'd be happy. Not a fan of the big belly boys that came in later.
  20. I think there was a detailed explanation like that this was a 'surge' charge in terms of why it's so expensive.
  21. I'm hoping we see some wardancer style characters for stretch goals but I'll be in regardless. That tree dude is chonk!
  22. great stuff but not anything I'd be using in the near future. Dropped for next month.
  23. Anyone been cutting back on Patreons? At this point I probably have hundreds if not thousands of figures, most of which I haven't printed much less painted. The FOMO is starting to wear off for me.
  24. Not too shabbily prized for the size imo.
  25. There's a difference between being a month late, six months late, and over a year late. Trudvang was supposed to be delivered December 2020.
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