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  1. 1 hour ago, CashWiley said:

    At this point, if being late (from a company that has been delivering consistent quality projects for almost a decade) is a deal-breaker, I don't know why you're still doing KS. I personally prefer companies to push past fake deadlines and take the time it takes (my utter love for KDM is proof enough of that).


    I have zero worries about MD2 coming in and being awesome (I like MD best of all the CMoN miniature games thus far). CMoN isn't exactly Low Life or Imbrian, nor even a Mierce.

    There's a difference between being a month late, six months late, and over a year late.   Trudvang was supposed to be delivered December 2020.



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  2. 5 hours ago, TaleSpinner said:

    Plus, you have to ask whether Reaper would even own the rights to sell those STLs (this is a debate going in the sculptor community).  Reaper doesn't buy the mini from the sculptors, they buy the copyright.  That copyright may not, legally speaking, extend to mediums that were not in the original agreement, or maybe it does.  The thing is this is a question they will have to answer before going down that road.


    Personally, I think they do have the right to do so, at least they do with mine from the assumption I made when selling them my sculpts; though I know that not all sculptors agree with me on that.


    Now that's interesting.  Imagine Reaper selling the physical model and the sculptor selling the STL.

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  3. So what do you think Reaper will be doing with 3d Printing?


    1. Their own 3d Printer.  Similar to the Vex Airbrush, not necessarily their own thing but their own brand from a trusted source.  Same with Resin.


    2. Old Models Taken Out of Physical Circulation and Made into stls.  There are several companies that currently offer the scanning service.  It would be a good way to test the market and allow the physical means of retention to receed a little.  How many retailers are carrying the whole line of stock anyway?


    3. 3d Primters/Paints.  Some self-leveling bits that may already exist or be useful under the current lines.


    3. Patreon:  I don't see this one too likely as it might interfer with their Bones Kickstarters but if tied into #2 could be possible.


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  4. 15 hours ago, emmagine said:

    So, this is a complicated question.   The short answer is: It depends.    Island detection is based on your layer height.  Most pre supported models are done at 35 or 50 micron layer height.  If you are slicing at 20 microns, you're going to pick up 2.5 as many islands.   You probably don't actually need  to support those.   If you are slicing at 60 microns, you're goin to pick up totally different islands than the 50 micron guy.   That's the same concept though.  It's just one layer, and you probably don't need to worry about supporting those.   You can use a program called UV tools, to prep the model at your layer height and remove any islands that it finds.  This will ensure no problems from those little pests.

    Now as to if I trust files from patreons,  that 100% depends on the producer.   How many models they churn out, and who is doing the support work for them.    RainbowSculptor uses atlas, who do a good job and are fairly well known in the community.  They also test print everything they support.   Those models will still have those layer height based islands.   How you address those, and IF you address those, is up to you.    Atlas tend to slice at 35 microns, we slice on ours at 20.   I usually find 5-8 islands they miss in my slicer. But they are always only "technically islands" for the reasons described above.   I'll run the supported model through UV tools and delete any islands found if I have time.


    What are the UV tools?  Do they have a website?

  5. On 1/22/2020 at 6:35 PM, Darsc Zacal said:


    Oh. You want this dragon.


    Man, I'm not trying to dis Reaper but that Dragon from the board game is highly detailed in comparisons.  Mind you this might've changed with the latest Bones updates but damn that's solid.  LIke one of Todd's old dragons.

  6. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/rocket1/rocket-1-worlds-fastest-and-most-accurate-dclf-3d-printer?ref=1hhryd



    Slow, frustrating processing times seem to be an inherent and unavoidable characteristic of today’s 3D printers. But now, Rocket 1 arrives as the new game-changer. Today, we proudly present the fastest consumer resin 3D printer in the world - Rocket 1, which is able to print at an unprecedented 380mm/h. You don't need to spend hours or days waiting anymore. With Rocket 1 you can have your designs completed within minutes.



    I'm not smart enough to understand where they lies between the different types of printers.

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  7. 2. Yes there are big issues in FS1 delivery. That is purely related to shipping though, and does not affect production of FS2.



    Uh.... the production of FS1 is actually done, it's the distribution that's a problem.  Awful forward looking to shrug and think that FS2 is in good shape at this point.  Dude's house is on fire and he's like, "Nah, it's all good."

  8. 14 hours ago, Olaf the Stout said:

    So what Patreons is everyone currently backing?


    I’m in big at the moment as I’m just getting started and several Patreons are tickling my fancy. So I’ve got:


    - The Dragon Trappers Lodge

    - Broken Axe Monthly

    - Titan-Forge Miniatures

    - Artisan Guild

    - Archvillain Games

    - Avatars of War

    - Prey Collection Studio (80’s cartoons and other pop culture minis)

    - SAWANT3D (terrain)

    - Gamescape3D (terrain)

    - Calaverd (Blood Bowl minis)


    3 of the top 6 will probably get dropped next month. Not sure yet.


    Artisian Guild

    Cast N Play

    Titan Forge

    RN Estudio

    One Gold Piece

    Avatars of War

    Print My Minis



    Loot Studios


    Probably going to drop some more in the future.  I'm not printing enough to justify having all of these.  Problem is the Aftermarket prices are so stupid I keep on when I should've quit a few a while ago.

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  9. 15 hours ago, Auberon said:

    If it hasn't been posted yet, the LOOT BF sale ended up being a 34% discount.  That would make their old monthly packs about $20.



    Which isn't really that good of a sale considering not that long ago they had a specific old Loot on sale for $15 for current members.



    10 hours ago, PaganMegan said:

    The burn really doesn't start till you get a $125 Patreon bill.


    I started cutting back on Patreons.  It's not that there aren't a lot of great stl's in the packs or that the value is too low for what you get, it's just too many.


    Was thinking of just cancelling all of them and doing a pick and choose every month but some I've got in the EB so don't want to lose that.

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  10. I wonder if they've managed to damage their reputation enough that people will stop funding their various Kickstarters and Indigogo projects?  If they're not going to even start shipping, in theory, until 2022, well, that could be a hella cash crunch unless they've got something else up their sleeves. "But wait, there's more!"

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  11. 17 hours ago, R2ED said:

    I've already late pledged on the Fantasy series 2 models.  Didn't realize at the time they're was this much of an issue connected with them. Bummer. 


    Now... sit and wait. 


    Similar boat. Wasn't going to pledge but peeps were all like, "Oh no, we've seen them!"

    And the fact that it appears to mainly be a US issue doesn't help things either.

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  12. One of the things to keep in mind when coosing a Patreon is in how comfortable you are with supports in YOUR size miniatures.

    While I could be grossly wrong, I suspect most buyers are D&D or other tabletop players.

    The 32mm they sell at usually tower over the Reaper Heroic 28mm.


    Those that make 35mm are of course even more silly.


    When reducing the size of the model, some presupports will start to fail.


    I know some like Artisian are probably closer to 35mm than 28mm.  Ask around for how big you should be printing and how the supports hold up when doing so or if you need to add new supports. 

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  13. Yeah still checking my own funding levels.  Been overboard on spending between Patreons and Kickstarters.  I did cut back on several Patreons last month and will probably continue that trend next month.  Not enough time to print much less paint a fifth of the things I'm supporting. 

  14. 15 hours ago, TheAuldGrump said:

    Mixed feelings about this - no real use for them, but being able to buy a good sized not-Eldar force at that price....


    We know Eldar players.


    Christmas is coming.


    We have the technology.... We can make it better than it was before.


    Better. Faster. Stronger....


    The Auld Grump


    I like the designs but have no use for it.


    Seriously dislike having to e-mail someone to cancel the account.  Got a rapid reply so that's not too bad but man, automate that broccoli.

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