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  1. So any chance we can get some new bases on the regular Dark Heaven figures? Nothing too fancy, but how about tile or wooden floors? I think that the brocolio bases have done their time and should now be honorably retired. Heck, I'd settle for plane square bases so I wouldn't have to use up so much green stuff when I do decide to frock 'em!
  2. So while talking about flow improver, I get directed to MrArt. Now I've ordered from them before. Over on another board, one of the guys was talking about the Rinse Well and how useful it was to his painting. For those wondering what a Rinse Well is, check it out here. So anyway, if I do order the Flow Improver there, what else should I pick up? Any good recommendations?
  3. One part to twenty parts water? Man, that's a huge amount of dilution. Is that accurate for miniature paints? What's everyone's experience with it?
  4. Reaper has it's own Painting Kit for this subject. Two figures, two brushes and nine paints with insturctions that are a little more detailed than the previous two-boxed sets. Nice thing about it though, well, outside of the price, is that all the paitns you need to cover the figures, are included so you don't have to have any outside paints.
  5. * Ivory triad, yay! * Bone triad, yay! I'll second those yay! White is one of the harder colors to give depth to so having many options for it always makes me happy.
  6. I'm too lazy for that. I'd probably just take some lizardmen with the shell shields and snip them or something along those lines.
  7. Brotherhood of the Wolf style characters would be great. For the wolf though... you might be able to do it with the Moor Wolf and some bits from Games Workshop, some Orc bits... I'm thinking that big metal skull used for their banner maybe?
  8. So who else things it's time for a painting guide? Not one of the Painting Kits, just a painting guide like Citadel has? It could cover all of the Master Paint series and go through the standards. 1. Baseline Equipment. 2. Advanced Equipment. 3. Miniature Selection. 4. Realistic Goals-time setting, skill level required, etc... 5. Definitions and examples of drybrushing, washing, ink use, layering, non-metallic metal, strippling, mixing paints, and other painting techniques. 5. Examples of at least one of each (Warlord) army member painted 6. Conversions.
  9. Are there any figures with arm mounted crossbows? Any semi-cybernetic fantasy characters? With iron Kingdoms and other 'steam' tech settings, it'd be a good style of figure to have.
  10. This may sound like a strange question, but while MrArt is cool (got my Rinse Well from them!), isn't this something that the miniature companies should have their own secret sauce of too.
  11. So any links to places that sell flow improver? Is it available by Reaper?
  12. That's a good set, but how about another set with one riding a dragon? How about one with a leader in a heavy armor with an even more wicked sword? How about one with two-weapons? How about a spellcaster? They've come a long way since the days of the Fiend Folio.
  13. Howard Hues & Regal get the best thumbs up eh? I haven't heard of 'em before this. Anyone here using them? Any weblinks or other more detailed reviews? And did he say Citadel Paints are too thin and runny? Man, I must have a whole different batch them him as these are the paints I have to often thin the most.
  14. I love the forgotten soul. It's not really detailed or anything, but it would be perfect for ambiance or something along those lines. The grave horror is a solid min that I can easily see using for a grave elemental from Ravenloft. Eh... I'll pass on the Leprechauns though...
  15. So how do you discipline yourself to set aside time to paint? Like most people, I work full time, have a girlfriend, have other hobbies. I love miniatures and have many, many, many unpainted figures and sometimes it's a bummer knowing that I'll never get caught up, but I can't figure out how to set aside more time to paint. How do others do it?
  16. Well, at least I know that I'm not crazy or anything.
  17. http://www.reapermini.com/gallery/2900s Look at some of those figures on the bottom. Mole men eh? I love the Blue Orchid Assassin and the Paladin who looks like he's got some giant blood or something in 'em.
  18. http://reapermini.com/?nav=Models⊂=Greens doesn't show me any Reptus, but stuff like the half-orc monk and the warbride.
  19. I was at Games Plus in Mt. Prospect the other day and they have them in. Now if only I wasnt' there buying supplies like bases and sanding, I could've bought some. Ah well, next paycheck it is!
  20. Reaper did some figures based on illos from the Tome of Horrors, as well as having the Exalted line. Are there any other plans in the near future for other figures from licensed products? I see that Magnificent Egos grabbed Oathbound and that Iron Wind has Arcana Evolved.
  21. Well, like I said over at En World, "Yawn. Wake me when you have some news George, or at least shut up about your political stances being a prime reason you're unable to complete you're work." How would this guy survive in the real world if he wasn't financially secure? "Gee boss, I'd love to come into work today, but gosh, with W as President..."
  22. The half-orc monk is one figure that has long been underrepresented. I'm glad to see this one and with no funky weapon either. The warbride has got to be one of the best female warrior style figures I've seen. Good stuff there.
  23. What size brush did you use on the shield? I'm even less of an artist then you so expect that I'd be doing it for a lot longer but it does add a lot of character to the figure.
  24. Thanks for the posting Jester. Some great tips and details there. Love the website.
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