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  1. Reaper did some figures based on illos from the Tome of Horrors, as well as having the Exalted line.


    Are there any other plans in the near future for other figures from licensed products?


    I see that Magnificent Egos grabbed Oathbound and that Iron Wind has Arcana Evolved.

  2. Well, like I said over at En World, "Yawn. Wake me when you have some news George, or at least shut up about your political stances being a prime reason you're unable to complete you're work."


    How would this guy survive in the real world if he wasn't financially secure? "Gee boss, I'd love to come into work today, but gosh, with W as President..."

  3. The half-orc monk is one figure that has long been underrepresented. I'm glad to see this one and with no funky weapon either.


    The warbride has got to be one of the best female warrior style figures I've seen. Good stuff there.

  4. No, not trying to pick a fight.


    It's just that I've seen people new to the hobby get quickly overwhelmed because they think that every miniature must be painted to top standards even when their going to be heavily handled and are rank and file.


    And for lighting, yes, a good lamp is essential. Bulbs that handle natural light are great as they can show you what the figure will look like outside.

  5. Sure, doing it correctly is going to give you the best figure, but it's not always the best investment in time.


    This is especially true if you're actually using your figures for wargamming and have to have X amount done by a certain time, as opposed to character figures or figures to be sold on e-bay no?

  6. So are there any painters in the Chicago land area? I've been meaning to try and kick my efforts up a notch but feel that as is, I'm about at the extent of my abilities and patience. I know we've got a couple hobby shops in Chicago via the various Gamer's Paradises and of course, Games Plus, which has it's own painting thing (on the day I can't make it), so thought I'd see if anyone else was around.

  7. Are there any painted examples of the Black Legionaire figures? I think I've seen one with the two-handed sword, but for a company of such characters, I'm surpsied that haven't been more.


    Is there any background on them? Are they the same figures as the Overlord faction in Warlords?

  8. 3-Stage Characters: This is an old thing that good old Ral Partha used to do and is now being done by Fenryll.


    Armored Mind-Flayer: We have two standard figures (the C'tk or something?) and an undead one, but how about an armored one with some type of metal edges on it's tentacles using a sword?


    Half-Giant: Something in between an ogre and human but not quite as crazy as the half-ogre done nto too long ago. Great figure btw.


    Alligator Men: We've got them in Iron Kingdoms and War Gods but so far, only one figure, Shrend. Need more!


    Berserk: Some figures based on the main character, Guts, the Black Swordsman. I've rarely seen a figure using an Exatled sized huge weapon and Guts would be a great version to go with.


    Black Legionaire Boxed Set: With the commanders and other unique characters of the Black Legion.


    Snake Men: We've got only the one set so far yes?


    Turtle Men: Well, if I'm asking for snake men, why not?

  9. It's still good advice.


    The thing to remember though, is that some of these techinques take time. Now for a skeleton or a mummy, I'm not really going to worry about it. Heck, even a heavily armored knight doesn't get my worry up because it's generally not worth the time investment to do massive amounts of blending and proper highlighting and shading.


    On the other hand, some of the more unique figures, tend to demand such techniques which is bad for me as time is always at a premium.

  10. In terms of Warforged and their originality...


    While the Book of Iron Might came out after, it has some metal men.


    Phil Reed did a Construct Book of Stilts and... I forget the other name's race, but their basically big bad fighter types.


    Fantasy Flight has a metal men in their web enhancement for Mythic Races.


    How about good old Box from Alpha Flight?


    The idea is a pretty old one but I can see the point in trying to play safe.

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