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  1. The archway from the Blacksting Wyvern available as its own piece.
  2. Alternative heads for the skeleton dragons. The blue dragon has that huge horn, the black has those front facing horns, the white that long crest down the cneter of it's skull. The horns are okay but also only applicable to say the red standards. Maybe a seperate piece? Not sure how that'd work.
  3. IMO this is a huge problem. Several companies have it but that's a good example of it being almost silly. I appreciate that need to drive the monthly sales as 'in' profits but I can't imagine that those exorbitant prices aren't a barrier to actual purchase in the Aftermarket side of things outside of extreme sales.
  4. Looks like they've already blown through all the stretch goals.
  5. Interesting that they're offering bases. I hope they do them in bundles. $3 for a single base in the era of 3d printing probably isn't going to fly. But I've been wrong about many a thing before...
  6. Any chance we'll see Reaper hit the below? 'Artist' Paints: Similiar to AK's 502 line or Scale 75's Artist line or Kimeria's line? Contrast Paints: Scale 75 has 'instant' paints but right now GW is still the best here. Oil Paints. AK has another 502 line that's oil paints and oil paint washes have been a standard for a while.
  7. I'm in. The foxes are pretty unique and I could probably run a few encounters based off what comes in it.
  8. I'm in. I'm a sucker for 'not Beholder's. Maybe paint 'em up like a Nurgle spawn.
  9. A little too cheeky for me. I'm safe from this one.
  10. This is starting to be my problem as well. Even when I have time for printing the minis, the time to then clean and pull supports/prep is starting to become smaller. And of course Bones V and the convention bits hit and I picked up the Games Workshop 3.0 AoS and some other goodies. Might be time to cut back on some Patreons. Problem with that is the Aftermarket sales for many of them are just stupid prices. I really wonder how many sales in the AM these companies are making. If it's a higher number, awesome. If not, I wonder if any of them are bothering to do any research into what their pricing models should be.
  11. The real question is did you print the Necromaner with the two fingers up in the V sign. I of course snapped those right off. Sigh.
  12. Yeah, I'm in for the Stonehaven. They are almost always easy to paint. Detailed but not loaded with belts, buckles, straps, daggers, etc...
  13. Most awesome. I can't even remember how I got him.
  14. If you're planning to support a patreon, do you look and see whose doing the supports? Look for re views? Or just figure "ah, it says it's supported, it'll be fine."
  15. I was inspired on the should shield by Warmachine's Cygnar forces.
  16. Might be based on Paul's art but the trolls in Confrontation are usually a bit different in composition, pointy ears for example, more normal proportions as opposed to squatty here.
  17. Finally filled mine out. Should've done it earlier, had several things with rapid response. Alas. That's okay, Bones V and Dominion will keep me busy.
  18. Any ideas? I thought it was from Stonehaven from their Trolls but doesn't appear to be.
  19. So if you didn't see this coming, I don't think yo uwere paying attention. I saw The Lion's Tower Adventurers post about it and they'll be an 'early bird' company trying it out and offering feedback. Makes sense to reduce the # of outsiders you have to interact with in terms of not only saving time but reducing the number rof outside hands who are essentially just hosting/providing a face for your service. I hope that other companies and Patreon itself are paying attention. Perhaps better interfaces, reduced fees, etc... which might result in lower TCO for both the creators and the consumers in the Aftermarket.
  20. Well, guess I can pat myself on the back for this prediction back in January.
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