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  1. I was inspired on the should shield by Warmachine's Cygnar forces.
  2. Might be based on Paul's art but the trolls in Confrontation are usually a bit different in composition, pointy ears for example, more normal proportions as opposed to squatty here.
  3. Finally filled mine out. Should've done it earlier, had several things with rapid response. Alas. That's okay, Bones V and Dominion will keep me busy.
  4. Any ideas? I thought it was from Stonehaven from their Trolls but doesn't appear to be.
  5. So if you didn't see this coming, I don't think yo uwere paying attention. I saw The Lion's Tower Adventurers post about it and they'll be an 'early bird' company trying it out and offering feedback. Makes sense to reduce the # of outsiders you have to interact with in terms of not only saving time but reducing the number rof outside hands who are essentially just hosting/providing a face for your service. I hope that other companies and Patreon itself are paying attention. Perhaps better interfaces, reduced fees, etc... which might result in lower TCO for both the creators and the consumers in the Aftermarket.
  6. Well, guess I can pat myself on the back for this prediction back in January.
  7. Tempting. Put it on a reminder. I don't actually need any gnomes as they're rarely used as either PC or antagonists. IMO one of the smarter moves of 4e was moving them out of the PHB.
  8. So the amigos want to get back together at a physical location to play. Living in Chicago and Chicago's traffic and Chicago's parking and well, delta variant and other ongoing drama from COVID, I am less than enthused. Are there any good options for having some people play in person and some remote? If so, what are they? Not sure if I'm not asking right on Google but results coming back are quite a mess.
  9. Got mine in the other day as well. It was a nice surprise as I'd forgotten about it. One of the things about Midlam is they deliver no muss no fuss.
  10. Avatars of War Bears Head Hasslefree Hersey Games Workshop (go for the plastics when possible. Almost all are, IMO, fairly easy to assemble) Midlam Miniatures Ral Partha Europe Zealot Miniatures Spellcrow Northstar (plastics and metals) Reaper's original Warlord line has some great figures, all metal, and the older ones are as cheap as the bones figures. A great buy IMO. Black Scorpion Miniatures Black Hat Creature Caster (for experienced modelers IMO) Crooked Dice Games Stonehaven Miniatures Dark Sword Miniatures Note that there are some variations in scale here too. Hasselfree tends to be '28' while say Avatars of War is 'Heroic 28mm'. I'll let someone smarter than me go into what that means. Bigger question is what are you using the minis for? Just painting?
  11. So... am I reading this right? That if you didn't close out your order Reaper is rewarding you by letting you have Kickstarter prices but if you were a backer and did close out your order you are being punished by having to pay late backer pricing if you want to add anything?
  12. I usually use the alochol first as I'm used to it. Probably not something I need to do. But yeah, I could stand to clean it more. I tried the trick I saw of not necessarily skimming it but the pour to seperate the two. That apparently didn't work.
  13. So anyone have any problems with their cleaning alcohol starting to smell? I'm using some waster washable resin (in theory right) that I give a quick dip in a pickle jar of 99% proof alcohol and over the last week it's started to emit a powerful odor. LIke even when closed. Anyone else experience this?
  14. So anyone seen any grumbling that the guys who make the hardware for several 3-D printers are going to try and 'lock' users into ChitBox Pro? Could be problematic as it's a yearly sub as opposed to a once and own and it's like three times the annual price of lychee.
  15. My bad, James Wappel. He's fairly well known on Youtube/Twich, his his own video series that he kickstarted years ago on DVD and at that time was known for his love of the Reaper liners and clears from Reaper.
  16. Damn I don't need any of those but some of those are fun. Have you already printed Artisian Guild models? How are you scaling them? They tend to be quick large by default. Great Grimoire is doing them too. And there's one doing dock, not necessarily pirate. I forget the name of 'em off the top of my head though.
  17. James is pretty well known for using oil paints. Anyone else using them? Have any particular recommendations. I see AK has their own brand.
  18. I kicked my pledge up to the all in. I'll still have to add duplicates of the animals or I won't have any as my g/f will steal mine.
  19. So is this the sub-forum where you'd ask about Reaper making new paint lines? Like James Wappel has been doing some incredible stuff with oils for a long time and I see AK has their own range of oils. Scale 75 has a few lines including that 'artists' line of tube paints and their version of contrast paints. Games Workshop has contrast paints and we've seen a few people like Scale 75 do their own version of it. So we've got oil, 'artist', and contrast stylings. Do we know if Reaper is going to do anything like those in the future?
  20. Thanks for the quick review. My old one has just about had it so this was something I was going to look into. Think after the swag con with it's gift certificates arrives I'll use those to get that next.
  21. Yeah, the majority of the shipping hasn't even started.
  22. I like DCC and I like Dying Earth. Got in for an EB. Like Lankhimar, I may never palky it, but I'll have it.
  23. Has Heroes Unlimited figured out a distribution system yet? I dropped because it was taking hours to download the files. Great Grimoire JUN 27, 2021 AT 12:45 PM Pirates of Grim Waters - announcement of July release. Dear friends! We’re excited to announce our theme for July! Heave the anchor and join us on a sea rover with the new theme for the next month – Pirates of Grim Waters. Next month Great Grimoire is celebrating its 1 Year Anniversary! Thank you all for making it possible! We wouldn’t be here without your support! Shiver me timbers! Exactly one year ago we launched our Patreon with the Dark Sea Legends theme! That’s why next month we’re making a comeback and are inviting you on board to meet a new band of dashing Pirates and to dive deep down into the Grim Waters to take a peek at the horrifying monsters lurking beneath. As part of the celebration we’re planning to run a lot of special events such as contests and giveaways as well as adding an exclusive bonus model as a birthday gift from Great Grimoire! We’re also hoping to reach our Patreon goal of 600 subscribers soon and have already started working on the Second Horseman of the Apocalypse miniature! We will be streaming our progress on Twitch starting this Sunday (we will be streaming in Spanish together with Mikifriki, but feel free to join us, we'll be answering all the questions in English) Follow Great Grimoire on Instagram and you won’t miss the live stream announcement! The release will consist of a few new handsome Pirates, the wicked Sirens of the Sea, Sea Monsters (yes, we heard you!), a special bonus model to celebrate our birthday and hopefully the Second Horseman of the Apocalypse! Expect wips of the July models soon! P.S. All of the characters in this pack will be brand new! There won't be any repeats from the last year release. All hands on deck! Great Grimoire team.
  24. You might want to ask if these files can also be sent as one file or with smaller breaks as the printers get bigger and bigger. Not sure how open the creators would be to this though as that would possibly require more supports.
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