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  1. Printable Scenery Late Pledge for Shadowfey Ending Monday No links and not a cheap one but I thought it might be of interest to the crowd.
  2. Thankfully the supports levle was hit. I would've hated to have to cancel an early bird but supports are kinda important for me as I'm lazy. I want slice and go.
  3. SO if you want minis, is it better to just order the specific packs of minis or are there exclusives or better deals in ordering a terrain set and swaping out some for minis?
  4. and well, that restock ain't necessarily going at full speed either eh? Some of those ogres from the Bones III I want to say Kickstarter have been out of stock for a month or more since I started trying to order them.
  5. Oh I didn't just mean TO MMF but them doing subs for companies instead of just being the delivery system for the subs. Like why have company X use Patreon at all when they could sell directly through MMF?
  6. Anyone think that MMF will start doing their own subscription service? There's little point in being the delivery system if they can also be the subscription system.
  7. I wonder how long until MMF challenges Patreon as a source of subscriptions? Can't be long I'm thinking.
  8. Some of these Patron's need to be a lot better about what's coming down the pipe. Like even if they dont' have the preview models ready, I'd at least like to know the theme.
  9. Reaper uses a 'heroic' scale which means the proportions are larger to make for easier painting, handling, etc... Tre uses 'true; 28mm so a figure may be 28mm at the head but the size of the limbs aren't exaggerated. Next to a 25mm heroic, it would fit in but that's because well, the 25 heroic isn't really 25 eh? If you have any Hasselfree or Frostgrave/Northstar miniatures, there's similiar if a touch smaller.
  10. Well that just decided it against for me. No more saving throws required.
  11. I really should start doing that but then it the FOMO issue of "Well, one model will probably cost half the pledge..."
  12. piggyback10 is supposed to get you 10% off your pledges. Found out through a FB group as opposed to the early notification method that gives you 5% off. That was just bad marketing IMO.
  13. And they're doing a GREAT job but it's not for me. Saves me a few bones again. I find that if I'm subbing I'll usually just stick with it but they did dwarves and I was like, "No, way too many dwarves regardless of how awesome they look."
  14. The great news is who knows what the market is going to look like in six months eh?16K on a printer that size? Something else? Slicers need to catch up to the hardware.
  15. And in thanks to the 48 hour reminder.
  16. I wouldn'tbe surprised if we get a 'Kindle Unlimited' or 'Amazon Music Unlimited' type all you can download while you have the sub soon. Might not have everyone on board it but if it has enogh it'll get subscribers. heck, there's that 'sample' Pateon already out there now and I think another one has started up.
  17. Shame. I enjoyed many of the ieces even though the scale wasn't compatible with Reaper. A unique style.
  18. https://www.reapermini.com/search/29039 Does this one come with a water trap? The description is a bit brief.
  19. Okay? I am certainly not the expert in terms of where the different values fall.
  20. ant at their price? $4 a month? Man, that's some stiff competition if oldhammer is your thing.
  21. anyone on phrozen mailing list? 8K they're going to be previewing eh?
  22. So they're not using a MMF/Gumroad, you know, their own actual store to host files for later download? Just a get it before it's gone dinnerbell going?
  23. Is Heroes infinite still doing the "well, we're waiting on the market to change before we decide to do anything with our file delivery system because things are rapidly changing! But in the meantime try, just try to download your files." Took me hours for the Greek one. Great prices for what you get but if it takes me hours to download, those prices aren't suddenly as attractive.
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