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  1. It's a funny old thread ... I often see something I want to reply to then look at the page numbering and realise I'm 5 or 10 pages behind so give up if I think the moment has passed.
  2. I'm browsing on my phone in bed at 5.30 am - I plead laziness to not edit out giant text blocks in the phone UI. Besides I always feel like I need to post in a hurry or this thread will have moved on past the conversation I'm trying to chip in on.
  3. Whip sour cream so it is fluffy for the whip cream on top and add a cherry tomato for the cherry. It will look like a sundae, especially when served in something like this: OOOOOO. that is a fantastic idea! totally doing that. I'm thinking about a desert that looks like a dinner now. I don't have anything in my repetoire though. I am thinking about taking sweetened condensed milk, thickening it a little and using that to make a little puddle on a chilled plate and then making a little ball of lemon custard to make a yolk. the custard will melt down a bit as it warms some and it will be just like a fried egg, I hope. Thinking about it I could top it with crushed rock sugar to look like salt and a slight dusting of cocoa powder to look like pepper. This is an excellent plan. I approve. I know I've seen pictures of deserts engineered to look like entrees, but I have no recipes that would work. (At least, not off the top of my head.) Yeah, that is my problem too. I can't think of anything. the closest I can come is this egg. Initially I was thinking about doing this to make something that looks like an egg and then so something with an egg that looks like something else. If you aren't aware of him already, look into Heston Blumenthal - he's a brilliant maker of these sorts of unusual takes on food. His tv shows like Heston's Fantastical Feasts do all sorts of crazy things that mess with how people perceive their food (like savoury looking desserts and mini vegetable gardens that are edible chocolate dirt and so on).
  4. Someone suggested using one of those syringe-type things for dispensing medicine to small children. Worked like a charm to move my P3 metallics over to dropper bottles. (If you search for "medication syringe" or "monoject" you'll probably get the right item. Or just ask nicely at a pharmacy.) I also like to add a clear glass bead agitator. Cheap plastic pipettes that you can buy in bulk would do the trick too
  5. Is that a multiple choice question? Do we need a poll to choose the answers?
  6. Are you sure he wasn't talking about Obelix's friend? It was an insurance company ad where they were proudly claiming that their offer has no 'asterix' with legal small print. I'm familiar with the comic which is why it jars in my ears. Other similar ones: Saying 'aks' instead of ask Incorrect use of apostrophes (it's becoming so common; I weep for younger generations) I've also noticed people referring (in text) to 'trolling' shopping websites etc instead of trawling.
  7. Pet peeve for today: hearing an ad on the radio this morning where the announcer said 'asterix' instead of asterisk.
  8. I had Castle Grayskull and Snake Mountain as a kid so... still a kid! I still have them...... * currently stored at my parents' house, but I'm going to collect them sometime for my son to have and play with - I get to enjoy them all over again!
  9. Application of goblin math may help here - at all times there are no more than 20 people. I tend to find groups/large crowds overwhelming too - I generally find it easier if I'm there with people I already know (family or friends). They help provide a bit of a buffer against feeling like I'm stuck on my own in the mass and it gives me someone to talk to that I'm already comfortable talking with.
  10. Random idea for a role playing group: Rather than rolling dice, the player has to pass the stat test (strength, dex etc) based on a real world test. For instance: Someone's character has to do a strength test - the DM assigns a difficulty level and the player has to (for example) stand and hold x amount of weight out sideways for y minutes (where x and y are values set by DM based on the difficulty required). Intelligence test - have to solve a word/maths problem within x minutes (difficulty of problem varying by dice roll required) Dexterity test - have to throw a paper ball through a target x distance away, or balance something on your head for x minutes Constitution test - have to consume a particularly unsavoury item (odd combination of foods, super hot chilli sauce etc) - level of intensity/disgusting decided by DM. Not quite sure on Wisdom/Charisma tests. I just thought if it was done in a good-humoured group who know each other pretty well and can have a laugh it could make for an interesting variation and might also provide some amusing stories alongside the actual adventure.
  11. wouldn't that be a normal ice cube tray? =P Possibly but not big enough to represent a proper dessert especially with internal victims. What got me thinking of this initially was looking at the green Erroneous Cube Bryan showed us, and thinking to myself "y'know if you turned that upside down and filled it with jelly, it would make an awesome themed bowl to eat out of"
  12. It would be interesting to have a version of the gelatinous cube that you could use as an actual jelly (Jell-O for the USanians) mould. Gelatinous cube just ate your party? Now you can have your revenge! Pull these single-serve moulds out of the fridge brimming with the jelly of your choice. For added fun throw in a chocolate frog or other similar candy-creature for the experience of eating its last victim!
  13. I presume that at the end of the auction there's likely a bunch of people with handfuls of Reaperbucks left over (either they didn't need them to win something, or didn't have enough to outbid other users). Since I live far, far away (but not quite Star Wars far, far away) I won't really get to participate so my suggestion below is with limited knowledge of how it all works. Could I propose that there be a some smallish additional prizes that are handled as a raffle rather than a straight auction - each person puts their name on the back of the Reaperbuck and hands it in - each Reaperbuck piece of paper is an entry ticket, so if you have say 20 left at the end, that can be 20 entries. Then once the room has put in their entries, the Reaper peeps do the prize draw for as many prizes as are available. I realise this isn't an auction and don't want to derail the thread but it just occurs to me that this type of "mop up" raffle draw would be a good fair chance for everyone to get something, and those who happened to accumulate more bucks by taking part in lots of events are still favoured by having more chances in the draw. Would make for some nice final excitement for the event.
  14. Curiously enough, this is a good question considering that some minis can make nice aquarium pieces.I'm not concerned out fouling so much as fish safety - they tend to be sensitive to chemicals especially in the closed environment of an aquarium. I keep threatening to paint Cthulhu, seal him with polyurethane, plumb him for oxygen release ideally near his tentacles and gift him to a Lovecraft obsessed friend but I dunno if the Bones plastic can be considered aquarium safe or not. I don't want to find out the hard way when all her fishies succumb to the malign indifference of an Elder Good and start floating upside down. Sounds like a sensitive but inexpensive fish in a small tank with a bones model or two is an experiment that needs to happen. I wonder how products at Petsmart® are tested? ETA: This is a really good read: http://www.bettafish.com/showthread.php?t=96441 You'd think stone and rock would be pretty safe.. ..it seems not so much. The Bones plastic feels a lot like the plastic used for fake fish tank plants ... But I'd be willing to bet there are aquarium enthusiasts inclined to tell you those are not safe. I remember a thread on this topic a while back - found it via search: http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/48805-aquarium-safe/?fromsearch=1
  15. Yep i see the face too - bit like a tiki mask golem or something
  16. As with the other sham they continue to make 'models' that were not part of the actual promised KS rewards instead of the main obligations. It's like they are just making random (bad) stuff and throwing it out there instead of focussing on the actual ones detailed in the project. This KS had very clearly written on the project page that it had a money back guarantee. I think that could make it easier for unhappy backers disputing at least.
  17. Theoretically 1000 pages then it is locked for posterity (well it could happen!) and the next one comes along. Although if this one is still going on Oct 31st, I wouldn't put it past the mods to play a little 'trick' on us and close it early...
  18. I put in a request for a picture of Sophie riding an Australian animal (artist choice). Curious to see what animal they choose (if they happen to see the request and are in a position to draw something).
  19. Very sorry to hear of your loss; sympathies to you and your family.
  20. They look really good for something that was essentially an off the cuff creation. They actually remind me of the Counterblast minis that recently went through Kickstarter (from Bombshell Miniatures) - I guess the Edofleini in particular but also just because that game is all about exploration of alien planets etc. Perhaps you could get these into someone's product line as an interesting alien creature? Heck there's even the retro Sci-Fi theme for next year's ReaperCon, and Sophie's gotta have something to deal with on her space explorations. Also reminds me a little bit of these guys:
  21. Alternate/future versions of common RPG character class tropes. Maybe split into a couple of reality types (tech/future, steampunk, weird west) Some random examples off the top of my head: Rogue - hi-tech espionage/thief, weird west steampunk cat burglar Wizard - technomage, cyber-illusionist, weird west native American-inspired shamanist with clockwork fetish (in the magical object sense) Ranger - weird west plainsman (maybe with animal companion), Cleric - futuristic combat medic (with cyber-hammer), weird west frontier priest with steampunk enhancements In each case there'd need to be a styling/equipment theme that harkens back to the 'standard' fantasy trope to make the link. And for a Weird West Paladin, this is what got me thinking in the first place: While similar models for some of these can be found in sci fi lines already, what I'd love to see is a coherent set, where you would have the fantasy verison, steampunk/weird west version and future/scifi versions all essentially interrelated theme wise (so the rogue in weird west might have similarish pose and gear to the other version rogues for a running theme).
  22. Placed an order just now - after sifting through the old Reaper models plus the new releases I ended up with almost enough for two full orders (and at international shipping threshold that's a lot!) So I ended up tweaking the order via a spreadsheet to get the combination of models that is closest to the threshold without going under, and I'll save the rest for my next order. Which is either going to be another Halloween one, or I have to decide if I'm going to wait for the 12 days of Reaper. Decisions decisions. Oh and I also put in a note requesting a Sophie drawing - I've never requested something before, I usually just offer thanks and good wishes to the Reaper crew so I'll see what comes of it.
  23. Hold in hand. Move hand. Make buzzing noises and high pitched gnomic 'wheeee' sounds.
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