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  1. Hello guys, I haven't been active here for quite some time now, but now I'm back again :) I'm currently working on a Deathkorps of Krieg army for WH40K (among other things at the moment the first Leman Russ Vanquisher is nearing its completion and I would love som opinions on it... thanks ps. anyone knows how to post links to albums made in Google+ Picasa?
  2. Hi guys, anyone knows of some good online tutorials or guides on how to paint weathering on tanks and other large minis... I'm asking because I just bought an Air Brush, to make painting of tanks more easy... Thanks
  3. wow... and dammit!!! because Jolie have been sitting on my desk fr quite a while now, can't seem to get her just right... and with a paint job this cool it have not become any easier...
  4. I have to finish my Tau army, that i started last year on top of that I've just bought a Bretonnian battalion and I'm starting an Imperial Guard as well... oh and just because I seem to enjoy giving myself an enormous pile of things to do, I have stripped a hole bunch of old mini's...
  5. I'm starting a diorama project, where I'm going to have a dryad sitting by a lake shore and I bought the water effect from "Ziterdes" guess i works just like PVA glue more or less... anyone have any experience working with these water effects??? anything I need to be aware of before I start pouring?
  6. dammit, you are right, didn't actually think about the way flames act in real life... don't know if I should change it or leave it be, whats you oppinion???
  7. mounted knight for my WH fantasy army been working on this one for a while now, hope to complete him soon the effect I'm going for is to make it look like the ruinous powers of chaos is burning from inside his steed, schorching the earth
  8. nekk


    it do have a macro function... thinking about it, i think the main problem with the pic's are the lighting... try to shoot some with a day-light lamp i have... and maybe if I set up the background properly...
  9. nekk


    Hi guys... did this one some time ago, but haven't had a proper camera to shoot with... now i have one, just need to get to know it, so sorry 'bout the pic's they seem a bit dark, and the colors aren't quite true... let me know what you think... thx
  10. Fantastic! I really love the pirates!
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