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  1. I beg to differ. That is not the old-timey art, but rather the middle-ages art. These are the genuine old-timey art and the characters from the version of Talisman we have. They predate the three-dimensional figures. I don't know about later editions of Talisman, but ours made no secret of the fact that it was set in the Warhammer and Warhammer 40K universe. Actually there were 3-D minis for the images you posted. They weren't in the game itself but were sold separate in blisters and a boxed set. Not the greatest of sculpts but Citadel did make them. Link: http://www.collecting-citadel-miniatures.com/wiki/index.php/Talisman William
  2. The elf is a Warhammer Fantasy fig. It's a Wood Elf Wardancer. At the time was considered a really cool fig. Thanks Garden; didnt know that. That is the reason for this thread; learning little bits of cool tidbits YW. I'm just an old guy who actually remembers seeing alot of those figs on the shelf. William
  3. Just an FYI, The Partha "Space Marines" were a licensed product for Steve Jackson Games called Space Knights. They were supposed to be for a miniatures game called Hot Lead that would have generic rules sort of like GURPS and then have setting books for it. The first book was to be Space Knights and their cyber-undead enemies. The game never materialized and SJGames won't comment on why not. So those failed Space Marines actually represent SJGames failure not Ral Partha's. William
  4. "There's no pawns in the game of life, just those little cars" This was seriously said once in response to someone quoting Mongo. After the shock wore off we laughed our tails off. To this day I don't think the person who said it knows why we laughed. William
  5. Might also look at the APAC TAG from Rezolution. Link below http://store.aberrantgames.com/abg3009.html William
  6. Okay, now Reaper is just being mean. The Cyber-Troll shows up as released but the buy it now button won't work. Please release this fig as soon as possible but not so soon as to rush the quality. William
  7. Just wondering if anyone could give me a rough date on when the linked mini will be available? I can not wait for this one. I would love to see some "not-shadowrun" Chronoscope figures. Thanks, William Link http://www.reapermini.com/Miniatures/previews/latest/50287
  8. Just wanted to say that I am having my first experience with Reaper customer support and so far I have no complaints. It involves a mini missing from a boxed set and although I don't have mini in hand yet ( I only contacted them Sunday evening, so they haven't had time to get it to me yet) I have recieved multiple emails telling me the status of my issue. So far I have to give the folks at Reaper a thumbs up. Also Reaper staff and especially Bryan are active on the forums and seem to address any issues rapidly. I'd suggest to the OP to give Reaper a chance and consider the time difference and hopefully things can be worked out to everyones satisfaction. Everyone is human. William
  9. How about Hawk the Slayer? Without a doubt a B movie, but very enjoyable. William
  10. Very true. The Specialist games are the best GW does and Blood Bowl is the best of the best. William
  11. It isn't her tongue, it's a cigar. The mini is suppossed to be a female rendition of Clint Eastwood's "Man with no Name" character. FYI, William
  12. All these points are spot on. Rez is a really cool game, well worth a look. William
  13. Okay, This isn't a dig at anyone at all because I'm the guiltiest of all of being so. Nowhere in the rules for building troops is race mentioned. Goblins can lead bull orcs, elves can lead half-elves, Lupines can lead crossbowmen and so on. Many of us, my self included get themes into our heads and overlook the rules. Not that themes are bad, they give the game great flavor. William
  14. Okay, this may sound really bad considering the subject but I'm going to ask anyway. Of all the factions that have been expanded past the rulebook, ie. Necropolis, Crusaders, Nefsofar, Reven and Overlords, the Reven and Necropolis have only one alternate Warlord while all the others were given two. Like I said, the other factions may ask what I'm complaining about considering they only have one warlord choice, while I at least have two but I was just wondering if there were any current plans to give the Reven or Necropolis an additional Warlord. William
  15. Criminal Minds is the show and it is good. Boston Legal is also excellent. William Shatner and James Spader make the show. It's about not so crusading white-knight lawyers. Very funny and dramatic. William
  16. okay, I've got something. I am just getting into Razig and was going over the datacards and noticed that Razig and Baron Le Bone have Fearless as well as Undead. What is the reasoning behind this considering undead has fearless as default? William
  17. I think that was really exactly what they were going for. As cheesy as the Back to the Future trilogy was, it did well and was memorable. I can think of many lesser trilogies or films to emulate. BTW Captain Jack was once again awesome. Johnny Depp really makes this character. William
  18. I rarely do myself. I just don't care for doing it very much and it usually ends up being a gimmick army that doesn't work if your opposition changes his army a bit. I like to have a good balanced army that relies on it's own strengths rather than trying to exploit my opponent's weaknesses. William
  19. Sadly, I am about to face that myself. I have a dark gunmetal color that I mixed from about 3 different paints and inks and it is about to be used up. William
  20. Those look great. Now I really like them. Very nice work on the snake skin patterns. It's very realistic. William
  21. This is true. Are you going to be playing yourself or are you getting someone else into wargames? Have you looked at any particular armies or group of figures? Like has been said before, the number of figures depends on the army and even then the style of army you are playing. Empire for instance can be lots of infantry or even fewer knights. If you could please, let us know a bit more. William
  22. Give them all miniatures to paint and make sure that it is a fun miniature to paint. Not too much detail that it will intimidate them. Also don't give them something too off the wall. Think basics. A knight or armored warrior type or maybe a wizard to paint maybe. William
  23. I don't paint mine 100% to the box or card pics but generally close. In the end, if you own the figs paint them to make you happy. William
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