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    I play guitar, bass, ukulele, etc. I received two degrees in Graphic Arts, and Web Design. I love to read, draw, watch movies. I also like to paint miniatures, and if a decent game comes along, even play a game with them.<br>

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  1. I'd really love to see some more luchador miniatures. There is one in the Chronoscope line, El Diablo, but he's really more of a Big Van Vader type guy. I'd really like to see some that resemble actual Mexican luchadores like Blue Demon, El Santo enmascarado de plata, Mil Máscaras, and Tinieblas. Right now thinking of converting Captain Griffon into a luchador. Will have to sand off the hair and fill the ear to fake a mask.
  2. After rereading Princess of Mars, I must say Reaper needs to jump on some Barsoom miniatures! Seriously, the first five books in the Barsoom series are public domain!
  3. Yeah, I actually bought some of those several years ago. While they are decent, they just aren't at quality standard, they are also closer to 25mm than "Heroic 28mm". These guys have integrated pewter bases too, so I glued them on a plastic base and rounded the pewter base to it with some putty. It gets the mini to stand at the correct height without really noticing the "clever basing technique" to give him height.
  4. I haven't really seen any Nosferatu miniatures out there, I'd love to see that. Count Orlock!
  5. Really? I'll have to check them out. I have a couple board games that I really don't touch. Descent: Journeys in the Dark and Axis and Allies D-Day.
  6. I just picked up Legends of the High Seas. I'll definitely be buying some pirate crew from Reaper's line. I also play Legends of the Old West, I was really glad Reaper has some western minis in their Chronoscope line.
  7. Has anyone mentioned Bull Fighter yet? Matadores and Toreros would be great.
  8. So I headed to my local game shop with a big box full of about 20+ old rpg books that I haven't touched in years, most I bought 10-15 years ago. I received $90 in store credit and bought Legends of The High Seas, Legends of the Old West: The Alamo/Victory or Death, a Reaper brush, and the Native American Reaper miniature that was just released. I'm pretty thrilled with all this, considering I cleared some major shelf space and obtained some new games.
  9. I had it about a month ago. I work at a hospital and got it from one of my lovely patients who rolled into the er with wearing the mandatory mask required if any flu symptoms are apparent. It wasn't as bad as everyone made it out to be, and I was a little worried too because I have really bad asthma. I just took my tamiflu, stayed in bed, watched movies, and took cough syrup before bed. It was over in a week.
  10. Lemax is great for cannibalizing pieces from. They make some nice tombstones and gargoyles for their SpookyTown series, which is marked down for clearance at the Michael's Arts & Crafts stores, and the Christmas town stuff is always on sale.
  11. Black Scorpion Miniatures is actually a perfect fit with Reaper's minis, I was pretty thrilled about this when I received my package of Black Scorpion miniatures and lined them up with Reaper.
  12. Here's the miniatures that I've found online and ordered, not too bad of prices: http://www.artizandesigns.com/list.php?man=3&page=1 http://www.conquestminiatures.com/500nations.htm http://www.boothillminiatures.co.uk/page4.htm http://www.blackscorpionminiatures.com/ran...?the_range=TOMB
  13. I'm just curious if there are any spray paint cans at either a hardware store or Michaels that is acrylic and will work with miniatures? I'd love to get some base colors in a can to use for my miniatures, but GW has ridiculous prices on their cans of paint, and I don't believe Reaper has cans of paint, and my local store doesn't carry Reaper paints these days(or else they relocated them in the shop).
  14. I use Reaper for just about everything: Warhammer Quest Hero Quest Talisman 2nd Edition Legends of The Old West I may be purchasing Legends of the High Seas Necromunda Mordheim Blood Bowl If the game has miniatures, I'm probably customizing it with Reaper miniatures and conversions.
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