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  1. So I finally got my Bones 4 pledge today and Baba Yaga's hut won't stand. The legs are so short and deformed and it's super top heavy. Suggestions on fixing it? Anyone else have this problem? Should I use the hair dryer or boiling method?
  2. Thanks guys. I can't wait to post the Gorgoloth? I can't remember how to spell the squid thing. Anyway I'm waiting for the custom base I made to dry out then I have to do some more flocking and painting on it.
  3. This is actually my second paint job for the Bones 2 line but the other two are still WIP until I can finish bases and all that. So I give you my first fully completed Bones II, the Burrowing Horror! I used quite a few paints in this and I don't remember them all but basically: Tanned Leather (Base) Black wash Dirty Bone Yellowed Bone Bathalian Chitin Oiled Leather (Brown highlights around the bone plates) Sun yellow (additional highlights and eyes) Blazing Orange (eyes) Maggot white (teeth) A different leather on the belly, I can't remember the name!) Devlan Mud wash for the final wash I may still attach some sand or grass between the bone plates but I'm not sure yet.
  4. I don't know why, but that's what I see when I think of Cthulhu! A green slimy alien creature. lol
  5. The hightlights can be seen better in person, but they're there. I think I may enhance them a little though. A little dry bushing wouldn't hurt. :)
  6. So now comes the inevitable question. Anyone want to buy a painted Cthulhu? lol (Kidding by the way!)
  7. By the way all, I added some pictures of the later changes. I dry brushed his feet and the area around his feet with Alien Goo to make them look a little messy. I even made a footprint-like area on the stone. I think it adds a little flavor to the scene.
  8. Looks like $39.99 from the preview gallery. http://www.reapermini.com/Miniatures/previews/latest/77194 Nice job and I may never paint mine now because I have no clue where I would even begin. I guess the first step is to actually finish L2PK1 and then go on to the next until I feel I am ready for the challenge. It really isn't that hard. Just start with a color. In my case, Peacock Green. Build from there. I Got the large areas painted with one coat before I started even looking at the others. I.E. Wings, Armored Spots, Spines, Etc. Take it slow. I powered through mine because I somehow found inspiration and time to get it done. I've taken longer to finish models smaller than my pinkie finger. It's honestly easier when you can see the details so clearly. I almost didn't need my magnifying headgear. lol
  9. No sir, you can never have enough Cthulhu. lol Someone offered me cash for Cthulhu already. Anyone know how much the model will cost or if it's going to be sold in the store?
  10. Thank you, I worked hard to get him top notch quality! :) As far as the tentacles I will admit they were a pain the first try but I am not afraid to get a little paint on my hands. I used a technique I have had to do before on semi-flexible surfaces that involves running my finger along it in front of the brush to stabilize it and at some points just holding it. Once you get to the base of the tentacles it's not so hard and until then just put a finger on it to keep it semi-steady. When I was dry brushing them it actually worked in my favor to make them look messy.
  11. Fine brush, did the same for the wings. I brushed the metacarpals and veins individually by hand. Along with all the runes and fine details.
  12. Finished, I posted a better explanation of colors/etc in the Show Off section. Cthulhu in HD Showing Off
  13. Close Shot: Full Shot: The rest are in the folder.
  14. He's finally done, I can move my WIP to completed. Primary Color: Peacock Green, drybrushed Grass Green and IMEF Olive Highlights: Alien Goo Claws & Spines: Tanned Leather, Oiled Leather, Muddy Brown, Yellowed Bone Armored Skin: Tanned Leather, Brain Pink, Oiled Leather Beach: Yellowed Bone, Tanned Leather, Brain Pink Stone: Stone Grey, Alien Skin, Fresh Blood, Gore Read, Neon Pink, Alien Goo Face: The rest as the body with Sun Yellow and Alien Goo Wings: Peacock Green for the Metacarpals and Phalanx, Brain Pink, Tanned Leather, Oiled Leather, Tanned Leather & Fresh Blood for the veins. So my final thoughts on this model are this; I don't like the pastel version on the box. Honestly I view Cthulhu as a slimy green otherworldly entity. His primary colors should be darker but the pastel version shows off the details of the model more. That's most-likely why they painted him that way on the box. He wasn't a bad model to paint but those freaking wings were terrible, I lost some serious sanity doing those. Anyway, thoughts? Suggestions? Sanity loss? Cthulhu in HD EDIT: Honestly, looking at the pictures you can't see the variations on my last skin dry brush. I may mix some Grass Green and Alien Goo and give him another light dusting.
  15. Almost the final product! I still have a few plans. I may dry brush splatters of alien goo and more blood on the sand where he's walking. I try and take as high quality pictures I can so that I can find the small imperfections that need to be fixed. Always in natural light as well. Your models look different in natural light. Cthulhu in HD
  16. Obviously peacock green is the primary color for the initial skin wash.
  17. Paint list: Peacock green Grass green Imef olive Brain pink Alien goo Tanned leather Oiled leather Muddy brown Stone grey Alien skin Yellowed bone Fresh blood Gore red Neon pink Sun yellow
  18. Cthulhu in progress. No glue yet, those wings are a PIA! Lol
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