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  1. I have a miscellaneous thread but here's my WIP on Cthulhu. https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.484237558318752.1073741827.340881609321015&type=1&l=d09f563978
  2. So here is a progress report of me painting Cthulhu. He's much bigger than I expected, even from the comparison pictures. I'm still not done so I'll be updating as I go along. Painting Cthulhu Paints used so far: Peacock Green Alien Goo Stone Grey Alien Skin Tanned Leather Tanned Flesh Oiled Leather Grass Green IMEF Olive Brain Pink Sun Yellow Muddy Brown
  3. Thanks for the help, I went with the spreadsheet method. Took me two hours solo. lol
  4. So I just got my Bones Kickstarter in. I was going to begin inventorying miniatures immediately but I realized that I hadn't really thought through HOW I was going to do so. Of everyone who's done the inventory, what's the fastest and/or most efficient way? I found http://greg.botch.com/bones/ mentioned in several posts. Is the only way to eyeball each one individually and compare it then check them off?
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