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  1. Glad I could help....wait..they have a kickstarter going on...I'll be back in a bit. P.S. Now it's your fault for making my wallet cry
  2. I am calling this one done. I have repainted enough parts of this one that I am leaving well enough alone. This is my first time painting one of the Impact Miniatures chibi models and I am happy with how it turned out. Thanks to everyone who gave suggestions for colors and improvements in the WIP thread.
  3. Thanks for the comments everyone. They were a fun set to paint. I will give mixing the powder with paint/glue a try when I paint the other two from the set. After seeing your barbarian I may try to throw some cork/rocks on there too. It looks much better than the plain base.
  4. Excuse me, I have to pick my jaw up off the floor. Those blues look amazing. Great job.
  5. Finished 5 for the month: 1 Ice Golem and 3 Ice Gamin - http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/60784-wyrd-miniatures-ice-golem-and-ice-gamin/ Chibi Wizard - http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/60829-impact-miniatures-chibi-wizard/
  6. I finished of the Ice Golem and Ice Gamin from the Malifaux Children of December Crew. I still have to tackle Rasputina and the Wendigo. I am pretty happy with the paint except for a few spots where the wash dried funny on the Golem. The snowy basing material I used didn't turn out the way I had hoped. It seems a little thin and grainy to me. It also gets EVERYWHERE. I tried to keep it off the rim of the bases for the pics but it was a losing battle. Maybe next time I will put some fine ballast on before applying the snow, or just use the ballast and paint it. Anyone have any suggestio
  7. Looks awesome. Great job on the metals.
  8. Thanks everyone. The golem is the reason I bought the set. I saw the set on the shelf at the FLGS and thought the golem looked awesome and would fun to paint. I have been meaning to start playing Malifaux ever since I bought these. We moved across town shortly after I got them and they stayed packed in a box. I had forgotten about them until recently when I reorganized all the boxes of my miniatures.
  9. I had originally started painting a chibi wizard for the Resolutionary Painting challenge. He is turning out better than I expected so I want to spend extra time on him and do some extra shading and highlighting. Due to the month being super effeicient at taking up my free time I don't think I will be able to finish him and 3 others to keep up with the challenge so I am going to put him off for a while. Instead I am going to paint up the Ice Golem and Ice Gamins from the Children of December crew I bought a couple years ago. They should be easier (famous last words!) to finish by the end o
  10. Ewww. And I mean that in the best possible way. Seriously creepy looking. Great job.
  11. Thanks for the color suggestions everyone. I ended up mixing some blood red and imperial purple together. I think the color turned out pretty well. I also tried to line the eyes. Looks much better now. Still have to do some cleanup on parts but I am liking how it is turning out.
  12. Thanks for the suggestions. I'll throw a reddish purple into photoshop and see how it looks/see if I can match the color in paint. I may give lining the eye a try, not sure if I can be that precise but what is the worst that can happen? Repaint the eye? Already done it once already.
  13. Getting started a little late this month on my resolutionary challege figures due to illness and a vacation. So because of that I am going to try to do what I think will be be easier minis. First up is the Chibi Wizard from Impact miniatures. I was a little nervous about the paint sticking after hear some of the stories about the resin that Impact uses. I cleaned it with Dawn dish soap and thankfully I didn't run into any issues. I want to break out of my usual blue/grey/white color schemes that I tend to use for wizards so I am going with green robes. Still haven't decided on a good
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