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  1. Morning all, I'm in the midst of trying to condense my gaming collection a bit and I was about to put up some Warlord figs on ebay when my wife said: "Why are you going to sell all of those? Don't you need them all to play the game?" By the way, have I mentioned how much I love my wife for comments like this! Anyway, I do have too many figs of random factions, so I guess I still need to purge a bit, but here's my proposal: Is there anyone here who might be in the same boat as I am? Anyone interested in trading figs? I have the following, all opened and primed in Armory Gray, but otherwise unpainted. 2x Beastmen Woodcutters 1x Beastmen Boghul 1x Leisynn, Chaos Wizard 1x Eredain, Dark Wizard 1x Lupine Rager 1x Lupine Shaman I'd be willing to trade any or all of these to a good home. What I'd like in return would be any of the Following: Dwarf Piercers Dwarf Shiledmaidens Dwarf Halberdiers 1x Fulumbar Ironhammer Elf Vale Archers Elf Vale Warriors Elf Deathseekers If anyone would be interested, please send me an email to [email protected] Thanks, Dethstrike lurker extraordinaire
  2. Figures I'd be away on my anniversary vacation while you're doing this!!! I swear one of the days I'll catch up with ya to get this down, although it might be at Gen Con by the look of my calendar lately!
  3. Sorry, answered my own question...it seems the descriptions for Gen Con events catalog get cut off in the Excel view but not in the CSV view...interesting...
  4. Are the other events listed teaching events? Or if not...then what?
  5. Dwarves are alive and well in the Capital District, NY area... In Taltos, that's the "Bloody Strip" side note: anyone want to share a good 1000pt list...I need to get a bit of a better idea of how many more grunts I might need.
  6. You obviously never attended Catholic School! I'm a survivor of "The Killer Nuns of Death"... 1st, 4th and 5th grades were particularly nasty. Also, while I'm delurking, the Battle Nuns look too sweet, they should be more like Klocke's female dwarves...only taller...some of them...um...yeah!
  7. I'm going INSANE reading all this stuff! I want my rulebook! WHHAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!! heh...ok I feel better now, sorry! Any word on the book's status coming from the printers? How loing once they arrive to get the distribution chain going to our FLGS's?
  8. SK, I'm looking for a black one large enough for a Duke Gerard shield. Could you email me if you can help? Thanks!
  9. I'm trying to find a place that has lion decals for my Living Greyhawk character. My freehand skills are nowhere near ready to do a lion rampart yet, so I'd like to find a decal. Can anyone point me in the proper direction? Here's a link to Keoland, my character's home region. It's got the heraldry on the front page: Keoland - Living Greyhawk
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