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  1. I would leave the point on it to add a bit of 'realsm' to the mini BTW, great looking paint job there
  2. That is a sweeeet looking paint case you made for yourself. Awesome job. BTW, have you thought about making one for minis? That would rock
  3. I think this is funny because I have friends, and family, who say the same thing about me painting my 'little men'. To each their own, I always say. Concerning the sawblade, what does that have to do with minis? With this petty nitpik aside, that's a awesome piece of work. Can we please have a close up pic so we can see some detail?
  4. Thats what I thought as well. Maybe we should sue the great Jester for false thread topic For compensation, a couple free painted minis would be nice Seriously, those are some well painted 'ladies' but they are not up to par with what I'm use to seeing from you. This is just my opinion and no offense is meant
  5. Although that is a very ugly sculpt, to manly looking in my opinion, you gave it a great paint job. I especially like the blues
  6. I Bet you your wife hates doing your laundry
  7. I find the Vallejo colors, both game and model, rock but I prefer Reaper metallic paint. I usually buy them from FRP Games out of California for around $2.39 a bottle For those who continue to use the GW paints but are having trouble with the stupid lids, here is a great tip on popping them open with no trouble at all. Go to your local department or hardware store and pick up a pair of Grip Wrenches, which are basically plastic handles with a rubber strap running through it, which costs between $9.00 to $14.00 for a set of two. Apply one wrench to the bottle and one wrench to the lid and very gently twist in opposite directions. I went through a batch of 25 through 30 pots of stuck GW lids in less then 15 minutes, with 5 or six minutes learning how to use the dang things. I consider the Grip Wrenches the best tools I bought in a long time BTW, these make awesome presents to your wives as well as to the elderly people in your lives
  8. There are a couple of videos, available on both dvd and vhs, called The Painting Wizard's Workshop. If you are a newbie painter, you might find them useful. If you're not a newbie, you might be wasting your money. Here is a thread from a couple months ago discussing them http://www.reapermini.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=5710&hl=
  9. Man, I would love to see that as a mini. That would be friggin' awesome
  10. WH is a great game, in my opinion, but it's not for everyone. For one thing, it's a dang addicting as well as expensive hobby. What I suggest is try out a few Warhammer in a Flash games, to see what armies you might like. WHIAF is a new thing in the WH crowd, so I don't think it has really caught on yet, where each player builds up a 500 point army as opposed to the more expensive 1500 to 3000 armies which is more common. Because of the convenience, I wish these rules become the norm. You can also try a few WH Skirmish games to test out the rules. Either way you go, have fun.
  11. I bought mine from RPGGames for 18.50 each. They rock when it comes to service in my experience. Being somewhat of a noob, less then a year of painting experience, I bought the DVDs to see if they can teach me anything new. I am somewhat happy with them except for the short length of the discs. 40 minutes on each disk seems like a waste to me. I would rather see it released as a single 90 minute disk with a few video montages of various minis added. As they stand now, I don't think the videos deserve a 'Deluxe' tag
  12. Hello people. I was floating over at the yahoo reaper board last night and I read something last night, message #38, which I thought was strange. This guy, I can't recall his name at this time, said that he primed his minis with krylon crystal clear gloss sealer instead of regular primer. He went on to say that it gives the mini a smoother surface which made blending a lot easier and made the metallics really shine. Will this actually work and has anybody tried it? If it helps, I'll be using my new vallejo as well as my citadel paints. Thanks for any help given.
  13. All the advice given will be followed and thank you for your time. Now is there any other advice anyone can give before I start using them?
  14. All the advice given will be followed and thank you for your time. Now is there any other advice anyone can give before I start using them
  15. Hello people. I just got my first batch of Vallejo paints and I'm going to ask what may be a stupid question. Will it harm the paints if I thin them in the bottle or should I thin them on the palette as I paint? And are their any tips on using them? Thanks in advance for any help
  16. Any tips or suggestions, people? And if anyone has advice on flesh tones with other brands of paints, can you please provide a other to vallejo translation, if there is any? Thank you in advance for any help
  17. Good tips, people. Any more to pass on to us newbies?
  18. Thanks for the reply, Froschmeister. Any other comments, people?
  19. Rather then going the expensive GW route, I went to the local Walmart and Benjamin Franklin craft store to see what they had in the way of primer. All they had was krylon primer in shades of white, grey brown and black. Are they any good for mini work, especially the grey primer since the white were out of stock at Walmart?
  20. Hello people. This may be a stupid question but here it goes. When brushing on primer, does it have to be a special paint or can your regular paint do? Being a WH and WH40K player, I usually use GW's spray primer on my armies. I don't want to waste the spray when I'm working on only two or three minis at a time.
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