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  1. Layers, layers and more layers! Actually, here's a little trick. Say you're painting something white over a black primer. Instead of going right to white and thinning it down, instead go to grey. Maybe two or three shades of grey in 2-3 layers each before the white. That way, you're using the black primer as your shading and everything is highlight on top of it. The same can be said of any color, i.e. red, blue, green and so on. Just start with a darker shade than what you want it highlighted up to. Depending on if white will be the actual color or you want to re-base said area white to make another color, say red, more vibrant will determine just how much you should cover with each successive coat.... Edited for clarity.....
  2. It should..... If the figs are pure metal give them a soak, at least a few hours if not a day or two, and see what happens. Use an old toothbrush to scrub them off and aid the stripping process.
  3. Yes, starting Friday late afternoon thru Sunday I think.
  4. And if persuading doesn't work, just throw an almighty tantrum to end all tantrums
  5. Tempest


    Thank you. But I give all credit to the sculpt. I too am a suffering Klocke-aholic.... His new stuff just gets better and better.
  6. So......I don't have any injuries like this to add. Does that mean I'm due one? Is the first one the worst and the rest don't bother as much? Should I be afraid to go into my painting room?????
  7. And what brand/color would that be you find more valuable than gold?
  8. Nice job Mike. Like Zaphod said, very nice purples!
  9. You can mix silver and gold to lighten it up. Or look at other brighter yellow metallics like brass for highlights to gold...
  10. Try a darker shade of red. Keep it thin, almost transparent like a wash so that two or three coats(or more) are necessary to cover the underlying color. And try not to cover too much of an area. Either a splatter pattern from one side or thin rivulets on an edge should do the trick. Good luck!
  11. First off, welcome to the boards. If anyone can help, the collective mind here can. Second, we need to know where you are in painting to be able to help. Do you brybrush? Ink? Wash? Wet blend? And so on. The more information you can tell us about how you paint the better. Pictures are also a large help, but I know that's not always possible. Don't worry, noone here will make fun or criticize your efforts; very friendly helpful people here.
  12. Yes. Pretty much what you said, roll it out on a hard surface you can peel it off of when done. Or use something flat and heavy and squash it as flat as you want it. You will have to wait a little bit after getting it flat to peel it though so it can set up(just a little) and come off in one piece. Otherwise you're just trying to peel taffy.... Make sure the surface of whatever you're using to flatten it is a little moist so the greenstuff doesn't stick to it when flattening.
  13. I've always paid more. Online or ordering from the local office/art supply store. Looks like that will change now.
  14. Yeah, but you didn't mention the lower prices! All other factors being equal(service, shipping, etc.), I'll go where the price is better. Capitalism at it's best....
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