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  1. Yeah it's a video game that's bases on a RPG system.
  2. New Kickstarter, Seven Dragon Saga. SDS or Seven Dragon Saga is going to be not only a game but it's a Roleplaying Game system and in my opinion it's currently the best RPG system out to date. I have been playing SDS with the designers for over a year and I love the system. This has been a work in progress for many years before I got involved so it's had time to be refined into pretty nice gaming system. In my opinion the rule system alone is worth investing in. fyi I've played the following systems and SDS is better than any of them: D&D D&D 4 D&D 5 Runequest Hero System (a bunch of em) GURPS And a bunch of others that I only played once or twice https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/537511454/seven-dragon-saga-by-tactical-simulations-interact
  3. I paid on 12/18/13, was that early or late?
  4. I'm guessing they'll hit around 900 today. That's pretty good considering the size of some of the orders I've seen.
  5. I'd be really curious as to the size of the largest order Reaper has. I bet it's huge. I mean really huge. I only added about 7 or 8 thingies to my order, so mine is probably pretty pathetic when compared to the real massive orders. ~ S ~
  6. 2001 Early Bird pledges. I think the 1 is an accident. Ahhh, ok then, makes sense. Was getting worried the tracking was not working. I guess wave two should start sometime tomorrow then.
  7. How are they still on wave 1? I thought wave 1 only had 1000 entries. 700+ yesterday + 653 so far today is way over 1000. ~ S ~
  8. UPS by default for domestic US orders. It will automatically convert to USPS if:A) you used a PO Box address B) you have an APO or FPO address (if you do not know what this means, you do not meet this condition) C) you are not in the US. OMG, Go get some sleep, it's way late. ~ S ~
  9. I would not be surprised if the earlier waves have larger over all orders on average. As I see it the more die-hard Reaper/Bones fans probably jumped on the band wagon earlier and they ordered tons of extras. Thus I think the tracker will accelerate over time for two reasons. One; the orders (on average) are smaller and two; Reaper will become more efficient at processing as time goes by. Just my thoughts, ~ S ~
  10. Me too. I wish I could make the FT a bit smaller though. I'm being picky here, please don't go spending a bunch of time addressing this. ~ S ~
  11. I think I'll paint the animals first, very useful for gaming. Or maybe the giants, you have to like big minis. ~ S ~
  12. I would like to have an idea when each wave is starting to ship so... Please post here when you get a confirmation email that says your Bones has shipped. Do post the wave you are in and the date you received your confirmation Please do not post any personal info (address etc) If you want let us know what goodies you are going to be getting, by all means list them Please only post if you are the one that actually received the confirmation, don't post for others please I'm so excited! ~ S ~ [MOD]Please read this section if you have any issues with your delivery![/MOD] General reminder: when emailing Reaper, remember the following information:
  13. OMG, OMG... Yay! You guys at Reaper must be relieved. ~ S ~
  14. I'd love to see a picture or ten of all the Bones boxes piled up when you guys get the last container. It was done for KS1, I'm hoping we'll get to see the madness you guys have to deal with . I don't know how you guys react to the monumental task of sorting and shipping but I know if I worked there and saw what I had to deal with I'd be like "Oh crap" and then I'd run screaming. ~ S ~
  15. Okay, I just want to understand how the whole wave/order number comes into play. If I understand this correctly Reaper will simply sort (order) by wave 1st and order number 2nd. Thus, just because you have a high order number does not mean you'll be be way at the end of those to receive their Bones. In other words Wave trumps Order Number. Please correct me if I am wrong. P.S. Like I said in a different post, I am perfectly happy no matter where I end up in the shipping list. ~ S ~
  16. Wave 2 ~ 14k but no biggie, I waited this long so what's another week or so. I'll be excited just to hear that others are getting their Bones. ~ S ~
  17. I should be good to go. Address is correct and it says I paid. Now, about that container or containers. Reaperbryan, please slip a DDS in my order when it comes up
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