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  1. I'm so hoping for some good news but I'm also prepared to have to wait. I do not stress over this sort of thing... I just get excited. Yay Reaper! ~ S ~
  2. Well now, if someone wants to get a refund for their DDS I'd be happy to buy it. It's the one thing I really regret not getting ~ S ~
  3. I have 2 sets of the Vampire KS1 and almost all of the options. I think I have painted, maybe, a dozen or so minis. Do I worry about all that white plastic, nope, not at all. I'm in no hurry, I have no agenda. I paint stuff when I feel like it, besides I still have a few hundred unpainted metal minis laying around. My biggest problem will be finding shelf space for the new minis. ~ S ~
  4. I check once or twice a day. I can hardly remember what I ordered. Let's see... I know I'm getting the paints but I'm not getting DDS , could not afford it at the time. Too bad, it would have been fun to paint. I'm getting the giant squidling and a few other thingies but I didn't go crazy like I did with Bones KS I. At this point I don't think I'm even going to review what I ordered. It'll be more like Christmas that way. ~ I'm such a child when it comes to this sort of thing. ~ S ~
  5. Happy New Year! Hiyas, I have not posted in a while. I have read over a bunch of the posts here trying to get an idea of when I should (maybe) expect to see the Bones II KS. Based on what I have read it seems that late this month (January) is best case. Please correct me if I'm wrong.
  6. Horses (No riders) Riding with Saddle No Saddle With Pack for Adventuring War, with Armor Other Animals Pig Cow Mule Cat Dogs, Attack Dogs, Pets Props Cars (I cant find any the right scale) Trucks Wagon (medieval) Beds Tents (2 and 4 man)
  7. Of my two Vampires and a multitude of add-ons there were ZERO errors. Thanks Reaper! A bunch of them had to be straightened in hot water but that was easy. ~ S ~
  8. Let my start off by saying that most of the Bones miniatures are fine. The problem seems to be with large miniatures that have narrow/thin supporting legs or what have you. The Bones with the biggest problem seems to be Jabberwock and one of the dragons (I think the Red Dragon). Both have sagged to the point where their front legs now touch the ground. Does anyone have a suggestion on how this can be addressed? I love these two miniatures but I’m not sure what I can do with them to fix the problem. Thanks, ~ S ~
  9. OMG, thank you so much! This is just too cool, perfect! ~ S ~
  10. I expect my vampire plus others to be delivered today. What's the best place (site/link) for a list of what should be in my vamp box? I know this has been asked before, I even saw a link, I'm just clueless and have no idea where it ran off to. ~ S ~
  11. I'd love to see pictures too as I doubt I'll see mine anytime soon. Plus any assembly advice is always a good thing. As it is it sounds like I need three beers… Do you think a glass or three of wine would work? ~ S ~
  12. Yay! Sorry for taking so long to post this, I could not get on this site late last week. Hi there! We're shipping out your Kickstarter stuff! You're getting: Forces of Nature x1 Frost Giants x1 Fire Giants x1 vampire x1 Your shipment was postmarked on 06-19-2013 and is being shipped UPS Ground. Going to California, USA ~ S ~
  13. I got two vampires so I traded in one Sophie. I also got the Force of Nature but I don't feel bad at all about the price (adding sales tax where I live would bump the cost over $15 anyway), I ordered plenty of other add-ons that more than make up for any possible loss. I'm just happy that we should be getting our stuff soon. ~ S ~
  14. Got my 2nd one over the weekend. All is well. I'm hoping the shipments start soon. I do like the fact they sent this email out. As I see it it does two things: It lets us know they are very close to shipping It lets us confirm our addresses in a quick clean way ~ S ~
  15. I have two separate Vampires under two different names. One is complex (large) the other is simple. I received the "Last systems check before we ship your Bones stuff!" for the complex vampire but nothing for the simple one. I have no idea what's going on. ~ S ~
  16. I would love to get an idea of when I may get my order so if any of you get a shipping confirmation I would love it if you would post here and include the contents. Please only post if you are the actual party who received the confirmation. Something like this would be awesome: *** EXAMPLE ONLY (I have not received a confirmation at this time) *** Confirmation received 06/15/2013: Vampire x1 $100 Fire Giants x1 $10 Frost Giants x1 $10 Spider Centaurs x1 $10 Fire Giant Warriors x1 $10 Storm Giants x1 $10 Hydra x1 $15 *** END EXAMPLE *** Thanks in advance, ~ S ~
  17. I agree, I would like to see a weekly status report. Even if it tells us that there is no change from the previous week at least we would know there is no change, much better than guessing. ~ S ~
  18. I like the slime idea but lets add some little bones in the center of the green slime, some could even poke out. Now that would be a cool mini. ~ S ~
  19. Even though I may not get my simple little order in time for my game it sure was nice to hear an update. I'm happy with just that. Thank you Reaper ~ S ~
  20. My second Vampire (yes I ordered under two names) is simple: Vampire x1 $100 Fire Giants x1 $10 Frost Giants x1 $10 Forces Of Nature x1 $15 I would think this one should not be too much longer
  21. I did two seperate Bones kickstarters. The simple one only has: Vampire x1 $100 Fire Giants x1 $10 Frost Giants x1 $10 Forces Of Nature x1 $15 I have not gotten an email for this as of yet. I will post here when I do. ~ S ~
  22. I was not going to send and email as I figured I was in the queue and I didn't want to bug them. I was just hoping someone had some information that I somehow missed. I'll just keep my fingers crossed and an eye on the Message Boards. Thanks, ~ S ~
  23. I have a game that I'm going to on the 17th this month. I have to drive for over two hours to get to the location so having a few durable Bones for the journey would be perfect. I did two separate Kickstarters. One is Vampire plus one of every dragon and then some. I hold little hope for this making it to my door in time. The 2nd one is a lot smaller; Vampire and a bunch of giants and elementals as add-ons (no large dragons). I’m hoping the 2nd one will make it. Does anyone have a clue where things are at? Is there even a small hope for me? ~ S ~
  24. I hope they do sell them, I would buy a few sets. I regret not getting any paints from the Kickstarter, silly me. ~ S ~
  25. I found my email from reaper... Vampire x1 $100 There Be Dragons x1 $15 Demons x1 $15 Deathsleet x1 $10 Clockwork Dragon x1 $15 Red Dragon x1 $10 Nethyrmaul x1 $25 Kaladrax Reborn x1 $10 Jabberwock x1 $10 NOVA x1 $5 Am I doomed like the rest of you?
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