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  1. Wow my order is simple compared to you guys. I guess I'm not going to be last Vampire x 1 1 each of all the dragons NOVA x 1 Demons x 1 Jabberwock x 1 ~ S ~
  2. I hear that there will be another Kickstarter when this one is completely done. This it totally unconfirmed but keep an eye on Kickstarter/Reaper after this craziness is over. I know I will. ~ S ~
  3. Well I got one my friend had shipped to my house. I have not opened it though... Maybe it's filled with green army men. ~ S ~
  4. Love you guys! Maybe I'll take a peek, I can always seal the box back up, besides he's cool and would not care.
  5. Last night a box of Bones from the Kickstarter arrived at my door, I was so excited until I read who it was addressed to. It turns out a friend of mine sent his Bones to me because he was moving to Russia. So now I have this box sitting on a table that I can't open. My orders has a bunch of extras, I guess his didn't, that's why I got his first. Who knows when mine will show.... so tempting... ~ S ~
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