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  1. And now they're here! Delivered on time, as promised. I should have printed myself a checklist.
  2. Wow! Wasn't expecting mine today. Thought we had a lot more Vampire +7s to go through... Hi there! We're shipping out your Kickstarter stuff! You're getting: Golems x1 Spider Centaurs x1 We Be Goblins x1 Undead Giant x1 Clockwork Dragon x1 Undead Horde x1 Figure Case x1 Orcapocalypse x1 vampire x1 Upstate NY
  3. While those might work at home, they don't look terribly portable (the linked buckets-on-a-wall, not the pictured boxes.) I plan on trying out one (or probably more) of these: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B004EHY9RA/ for my bones. I have one I'm not using right now, and with the dividers, they are very customisable.
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