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  1. So wait, does that mean it doesn't matter if the plastic touches the pot itself? Or did you fail to mention some sorta strainer at the bottom of the pot :P
  2. I guess the better question now is how long do I want to keep them boiling? I wouldn't want the model to get deformed either.
  3. Okay, it seems like boiling is my best bet (also seems like I need a new pot, didn't think about contamination...). Now do I just leave them in there, or do I have to hold them so that they're suspended in the water and not touching the pot itself? I'm also wary of just pulling out the parts, pulling off glued parts never goes well for me. Besides, my minis could use a nice bath seeing that they're so bent out of shape (hue hue hue).
  4. Once upon a time at PAX, when Bones were still new I asked about having miniatures come in separate pieces as that would make them easier to paint, but the answer I got was they wanted the consumer to be able to take it straight out of the package and onto the playmat. Which, fair enough, that made sense, and it's not like it was that hard to get around. I've been sitting on a pile of KS miniatures from the first two Kickstarters (as well as impulse buying a few other Bones along the way), but having taken a look at them it seemed like they weren't gonna be an issue to paint years later when I finally got around to that. That is until today (er, yesterday now...). Last night I went to the FLGS (one of many in my area) 'cause they were having an everything sale, and I impulse bought Seltyiel after making sure I didn't already get him in a Kickstarter. I did not, and I couldn't resist buying an entirely new miniature at $1.25, so I got him. Then when I finally opened him I noticed his arm was attached in a way that made it so his sword was basically pushing up against his leg, and I'd have to bend his arm everytime I needed to paint his leg or sword. I felt a little annoyed (though slightly vindicated), and thought I needed to fix this before I even wash him. I thought maybe I could chop off his arm and glue it back on later, but I also thought in the 3-4 years that Bones have been out someone else would have had this issue. Unfortunately I'm not even sure how to search this one, so I made my own thread instead. What I did find is someone saying that boiling the miniature would undo the glue, but I also read in one of the sticky threads that the glue is basically superglue, and I'm a little skeptical that the bond would become undone just 'cause I put it in boiling water. SO I guess I'm asking if there's a way to separate glued pieces for the sake of making painting easier. Or am I gonna have to chop off poor Seltyiel's arm off and hope I can get it back on in a good position?
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