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  1. if you're using the PaintWork kits, you won't need to prime the models, but you should always clean them of the mold release with dish soap and warm water first. the resin is technically top rack dishwasher safe, so if you get one of those mesh bags for dishwashers, you could put a bunch of the less delicate pieces in there and use dishwasher detergent. just don't wash any dishes at the same time ;)
  2. i don't know how to get the people in charge to make this decision, but this time around - i don't want ANY of the bones to come pre-glued. the people that do it at the factory are so apathetic in their work. i'd rather glue it myself and do it right than have the "convenience" of a poorly assembled figure that is a huge pain to disassemble in order to fix.
  3. you can indeed! You can indeed! I had an old Revell blackhawk that I never got around to putting together and the pieces I tested PaintWorks on had no issue adhering to the plastic without the use of a primer.
  4. Aged Wood with Rusted Iron and Black Wash
  5. i did a sci-fi piece to show off the metallics and let me tell you... getting the colors to show up correctly when there's some metallic reflection really throws off the camera. i must have taken over 50 shots of the piece from different angles, different lighting, flash on, flash off, backlighting, more ambient light, etc etc etc. i eventually had to borrow a camera and i got a little closer in getting a good picture. the colors are pretty close to the real thing, but picture still doesn't do it justice. the whole piece is based with the Gothic Stone kit and dry brushed with t
  6. The Molten Lava stretch goal has been reached! A total of 67 out of 145 backers participated in the vote. Final Vote Tally For Round 1 Red Brickwork 21 Arctic Glacier 17 Slimy Swamp 8 Sandstone 5 City Block 3 Deep Jungle 3 Rich Earth 3 Mountain Lake 2 Cinder Soot 1 Evergreen 1 Golden Sands 1 Pacific Ocean 1 Well Water 1 Atlantic Sea 0 Leafy Green 0 Red Brickwork is the winner and I'll be releasing it with the "red" version instead of the "brown" unless everyone actually wants the brown version as well. I can certainly offer both if there is demand for it. Due to the popula
  7. Seriously... I love playing with the Molten Lava kit :D
  8. a little sample of the Molten Lava and the Arctic Glacier
  9. 1) the color ranges will indeed be expanding 2) i don't know what the shipping costs will be, but the new website will have a shipping calculator tied into USPS, UPS, and FedEx so you can get the best deal for where you live :)
  10. new samples of the recently unlocked Aged Wood kit
  11. that's a pretty epic deal you found there! it's also cheaper to brew your own beer, but not everyone has the time, patience, or skill to do it and prefer to just go to the store to get what they want when they know it will taste like it should. don't get me wrong, i'm not faulting your style. i've always said that if you don't think PaintWorks is for you, then it's probably not. use what you like and PaintWorks will be here if you want to try something new ;)
  12. Willypold Green! LOL! I would totally do Willypold's sci-fi theme, but I don't have that kit already made and it would take time and resources to get it right, so it's not going to be available for voting on. If someone backed at the "create your own kit" level for it, I'd add it to the voting line-up if I can get the color scheme together in time.
  13. HURRAY! We are funded! Thank you everyone! Since stretch goals are next - what is the general consensus on the Molten Lava kit? Would everyone like to keep that as the stretch goal after the Aged Wood or does everyone want something else instead?
  14. They do indeed! I know I'm the creator and proud of my product, but the paints really are quite exceptional. I have a tutorial video being edited right now that shows how easy it really is and that anyone can get the same results with little to no experience as a painter.
  15. LOL thanks for the offer, but I wanted the molds too and now I had an excuse They came in the mail last night, I'll be casting them today, and new pictures of Aged Wood painted examples will follow tomorrow.
  16. more Aged Wood examples to follow when I get my new Inn Accessory and Floor molds from Hirst Arts this week :)
  17. Here's an example of the Aged Wood kit that is available at the $5k stretch goal mark.
  18. using PaintWork's Gothic Stone and Field Stone kits to reproduce Itar's Workshop's dungeon color scheme
  19. I was interviewed by Destination RPG and answered questions about the PaintWorks Kickstarter. Give it a read if you'd like to learn more about me and how PaintWorks came to be :) http://destinationrpg.com/game-decor-paintworks-terrainpaint/
  20. Itar's Workshop swears by PaintWorks Taken from their latest update: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/554948184/itars-workshop-dungeon-terrain/posts/585208
  21. according to the online USPS calculator, i can ship to canada for about $10 at first class rate. your other option is to drive to alaska and pick it up ;)
  22. the reason i don't offer the colors individually, is because they all work together and build off of each other to create a finished look. the color tint added to the casting material can vary with each production run. the base coat of PaintWorks ensures that there is uniformity in the look and feel of the finished piece. the main benefit from the casting material being tinted is if the paint job gets damaged or if the piece itself chips, the damage itself won't be as noticeable if it was a pure white casting underneath.
  23. absolutely. when the pledge manager goes out, you'll be able to specify how your pledge amount is spent.
  24. it's understandable to be skeptical. there's nothing wrong with that ;) but yes, it actually was "specially designed" for use with terrain. to the best of my ability with assistance from a friend of the family in the paint industry, i was able to have a paint formula created that took as much of what i considered the best aspects of everything on the market and none of what i disliked about them, turned it into one super awesome uber paint product actually that's not entirely true. i wasn't able to get the mix as thin as i wanted without compromising on being able to do the "one coat"
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