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  1. Honestly, Dragons are something that you can count on somewhere in the KS. So many people want dragons that Reaper always provides some
  2. I always loved that story: http://www.netfunny.com/rhf/jokes/98/Jul/gazebo.html
  3. Apparently the Chronoscope expansion doesn't unlock until $595K. $795K is the second part of the expansion.
  4. MS Edge Browser ... There are plenty of sites that have problems with it. I know that Roll20 is one of them.
  5. I'm backer 389 but it looks like it's less important for those of us outside the USA this time.
  6. And so many of us are crawling out of the woodwork again...
  7. Re: Tracking to the UK. The UPS number doesn't work on the Parcelforce site and, as people have found, the UPS tracker is patchy and slow to update. Once I got my letter to pay the fees, there was a Parcelforce number in the letter and I could track from then on and also get a much more detailed view of the previous travels of my Bones. The good news for UK backers is that once the letter arrives, delivery is next working day if you pay the fees online.
  8. What are those two lunch packages on the right? Cookies? My bases came packed in brown paper lunch bags. Yes, they are the product of Thomas - Bases, loads of bases.
  9. I got Bones! Thanks Blake for packing. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/ezsmktsw2odslp5/AAC7EGInZPnqz9dSp2kiNlF6a?dl=0 More pictures when I get time. (Wave 1, UK for those that are interested)
  10. Wave 1 UK here: I got my snail mail letter from the Royal Mail today. £96 in duty, VAT and fees on my $520 pledge (minor ouch). Most of that is 20% VAT (£72) but that is a little duty (£16) . I could argue that most of the bones are "non human plastic figurines" which don't attract duty in the UK as opposed to "human plastic figurines" which do but then we get into the arguments of "that one isn't human, she has pointy ears so is an elf."
  11. Reaper Bryan won't know what to do with himself :D
  12. looks like Lynn, MA was the last Edit or maybe it's Houma, LA No, Colorado Springs
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