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  1. I know, right? Their minis will be unrecognizable by the time they get there! To say nothing of how space will treat their paints...
  2. I had that same problem a while back. This is what solved it for me: https://www.myminifactory.com/object/3d-print-ettercap-60969 I'd rather have had a spiffy Reaper one, but needs must...
  3. That makes sense, both for starting and stopping. But I did find them really inspirational. I only started hanging out on this forum at all because the challenges were such a compelling concept. It also gave me a great excuse to paint DDS; not only did I have much more fun doing it with the constraints than I would have otherwise, it actually got done instead of sitting half-finished for years. It also got me in the habit of painting for a good long time, which meant that much more than just the challenge piece got finished. So, not arguing with anything you said, but I
  4. What is going on with those bases?! They're gorgeous.
  5. Here's one solution: http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/78100-my-dragons-dont-share/&tab=comments#comment-1656311 I got busy and haven't tried it, but it sounds good.
  6. Huh. That seems surprisingly easy for such a good result. It looks great!
  7. Very nice. I'm a fan of mohawks for bald minis. How did you get the hair texture?
  8. That's just outstanding. Death is especially jaw-dropping, but they're all fantastic.
  9. I'm always inspired by the the minis posted here. People who are skilled are an inspiration to improve; people who are just starting out are an inspiration to try things in the first place ("if she can make something that good, maybe I could make something !"). People who show off different paint techniques, or bashing techniques, or basing, or whatever are a constant nudge to go try new things. I hope everyone keeps showing off because of that. Regardless of how good you think it is, I'm always glad to see what folks are making. So in the spirit of trying to give that back, here's
  10. Alright. I finished this up. Didn't put a lot of additional care into it, but I think it's still an improvement. Finishing touches were adding the teeth, adding a paler belly (drow skin highlight), stripes+ridges, clearcoat, and basing. No progress pictures because my phone was upstairs and I was too lazy to go get it. The stripes were the only interesting part. I used an ancient bottle of nightmare purple (which is somehow still good!) to paint the ridges. Then I mixed the nightmare purple with drow skin, and put a stripe centered on each ridge. Just a rough triangle coming down o
  11. Congratulations and well done!! Overall, it looks great, but there are a few elements that especially stand out to me: The armors all look real good. I think it's the way you washed them, but the leathers and the metals both look great. The terrain is great. I know it's just weathered rock, but it's hard to do that well so it doesn't look bad and also doesn't draw focus. Also, I doubt that anytone who hasn't tried this challenge will realize just how hard that is to do with a size zero. Color schemes. I like how each hero has their own color, but it still looks
  12. Looking good! From where you are now, it looks like you just need to stay on the rails and this thing will be easy-peasy. Nice work, and finish strong!
  13. Dang, nice work! Remember, they have to be done, not pretty. Once you get the painting mostly done crudely, you can think of everything past that as improvements, not tasks standing between you and completion. (it worked that way for me anyway...) You've done the hard part already, you can definitely finish this out! One more day!
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