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  1. OKAY, here we go. have a new guy that apparently likes scifi but we cant do anything about it because Reaper doesnt sell scifi. boom! customer lost.
  2. 5 years later... Oooh LOOK! AICOM is about to be released! YIPEE! GLEE!
  3. i know i am not the only scifi gamer out there that does not like fantasy...
  4. trying to... dont get me wrong, i like CAV and all it just iritates me that no one tries to appease the hundreds of scifi gamers out there...
  5. hundreds? that is a VAST overstatement. CAV is concidered dead in almost everywhere you go. which is sad because it is a good system. It has been overcrowded by all the other mecha systems. Hundreds is a vast overstatement. try a handful...
  6. I'm actually doing this to see just how much of a "gamer's" company this is. to see if i do get heard... never know what can happen until you try.
  7. now here is something that is nice. no rules system but it is out there anyways...
  8. I was told that CAV2 should be wrapped up by summer 05 and that the playtest would start there after. either way, its still another year or two and this "gamer's" company still wont appeal to all those like ChairmanAeon, myself, and all the rest of the scifi gamers out there if they dont put scifi out. THAT is the bottom line... appealing to the scifi crowd (which is ever growning). Do that and then i will believe that this truly is a "gamer's" company...
  9. actually when i came here i was told it was starting production and playtesting Early Summer 05. thats why i have been patient...
  10. Aside from AICOM, why not a GENERIC scifi line? Stop hiding behind the "no market" BS... If you want i can name ALL the games that do not have mini's that need them or need standin or Proxies. OR i can name ALL the companies that have released scifi mini's without a rules system that make it very well out there. I mean Reaper is only appealing to about half the hobby, if even. Now with historical and Scifi on the rise and Fantasy on somewhat of a decline, why not appeal to even more of the hobbiest? With rules systems like Stargrunt, Urban War, 40k, VOID, VOR, Defiance, Savage Worlds systems, Aetherverse, 1999, any Cell Enterainment, and RPGs like any and most of the D20 systems, Gurps, etc. Why would there not be a market? Especially now that people are looking for more reasonably priced mini's of a whole lot of generic scifi subjects. Remember scifi games and miniatures are not "joined at the hip", you do not have to have one to have the other. so... are us scifi gamers, Reaper's red-headed step children? i mean not all gamers like fantasy whatsoever. why not cater to our needs? i'm just curious... and i want an OFFICIAL answer from one of the Reaper Head Honchos if i can get one. Thank You.
  11. At least they would have something out. to hell with it they can screw me over (as they boarderline do as is). at least i will have something to use in other systems.
  12. i dont either. even the Mecha market is dying...
  13. Then why the heck did they even sculpt mini's for it? why publisize it in CW? why post greens of it if it will only bee years away? why bother? why wont they get in the game for 28mm Scifi?
  14. But my thing is time. If you have seen mini's a year or too ago and they STILL arent released interest will drop. And as it seems it will be another year before it is released (Summer 06) last i heard. If you have the mini's and demand is as high as i know it is, then why not release them? Right now 40K proxying is all the rage (my alluding to GW's Price Hike earlier) and general Scifi is has been taken up a notch. with Dr. Who and everything else in the UK, everyone i know is hellbent on getting some scifi on them. now, why would Reaper start to publisize AICOM in CW if they arent to deliver the goods for quite a while? Its shooting yourself in the foot. People would get tired of waiting. Happens time and time again. Why not be the "Gamer's" company and appease the masses. No market for it? BS. Largest pile of it i have heard in a while. Again, proxying and standins are all the rage and are used in a buttload of systems (Stargrunt II, 40K, VOID, Urban War(especially), VOR, Savage World sys, Defiance, etc etc etc...) to name a SMALL few that is going on right now. So if this is a "gamer's" company then why wont they listen to the scifi crowd? i mean they listen to the Fantasy community...why not us? are we the red-headed stepchilds or what?
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